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The Vanu Sovereignty has found an ancient alien complex beneath the surface of Auraxis. The data they extracted from this object contains information about the highly advanced civilization that once populated Auraxis, the very same civilization that was directly responsible for the creation of the Sovereignty, and many of its technological advances. The High Priestess, the leader of the Vanu, takes this discovery and the information to be a sign. A sign that if the population of Auraxis is to survive, they must leave the planet and take to the stars.

The fascist Terran Republic is hot on the Sovereignty's heels. They want what the Vanu have, and they will stop at nothing to get it. Some have speculated that the Vanu may have finally found the coordinates of the lost home world of the human race; Earth.

The New Conglomerate, a collection of megarich corporations and capitalist enterprises, is willing to fund and assist the Vanu Sovereignty after the Vanu trick them into thinking that they have the coordinates to Earth. A half-truth, but, in the Sovereignty's eyes, the only way to walk the Path; the Path to the Stars. The Vanu do indeed have the coordinates of Earth, and they've had them since their founding. Only when one of the best infiltrators in the NC military dissapears through an alien portal do the New Conglomerate leaders suspect treachery.

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I was wondering when something like this would happen. :rainbowlaugh:

*rages some more*

I'll be following this.
I also second Nataniel's notion: Terran Republic is supreme!

If i remeber the PS lore right, TR is prety much legit government with some overboard opression, NC are corporates-turned-rebellous-criminals, and VS are some freaked scientis-religious-zealots (if religion and fanatic scientists are not bad separately) just want to force everyone to connect to xenotech. IMO all sides are assholes, but at least tr and nc doesnt want to xenobrainwash you.

That's about right. I decided that the Vanu'll have their equivalent of Cerberus from Mass Effect once the ponies' planet is visited, and they'll be the ones trying to integrate people into xenotech, not the Vanu government. I also have a comment to make on the Vanu's ideology.

I'm Major Jemima of the Terran Republic and this is the newest story on my watch list.

1853968 The Republic thanks you for your half-support.

Engineer is credit to team by fixing stuff, dispensing ammo and occasionaly shooting his t5 amc.

Heavy is credit to enemy tanks, rocket launcher to face making enemies EXPLODE! (sorry, had to express the awesomeness there.)

Comment posted by Dr. Vodka deleted Dec 27th, 2012

I've been wondering when Planetside 2 crossovers would start popping up. This is the first one that I've seen, and I'm enjoying it a lot!

If any of you guys have constructive criticism, I'd like to hear it in the comments section. Remember, be constructive, and don't call out other people whose ideas you may not like. If you want to say something, say something nice, or not at all.

That said, if you thumbs down my work, you should give your reason in the comments section so that I can correct it in the future. Same rules apply; be civil and courteous to other readers, or I will delete your post.

Thanks, and have a good read!

P.S: I may remove the sex tag, but... you never know. :pinkiecrazy:

I made several references, and if you're clever enough to find them, I may just give you a...

P.S: I hate that fanfiction, really, I do. :flutterrage:

But what's a comments section without a reference to Cupcakes?


P.P.P.S: Shut up, Pinkie.

never read cupcakes
not planning to do it ever

it's that easy, eeyup.


Trust me when I say that fic should be burned in the fires of hell. :twilightsmile:


oh, i pretty much know what is that fic about. Pinkie goes Pinkamena, satches ponies in her basement, cutie mark patch dress, horn necklaces, cupcakes with meat, i guess.

All in favor, indicate it by saying "I"

Nice, the first PS2 crossover on the site. Congrats for that.

I'm actually working on a PS2 fic in the making as well. I don't want to give away too much, but if you see that floating green bar above my name, it might give a hint or two. :raritywink:

I'll be back to leave an extensive review of this either tomorrow, or Tuesday. But if I disapear, just quote me somewhere and I'll scoot back over here to do it. :twilightsmile:

Once again, good job on the PlanetSide 2 crossover. Just remember that soon, yours won't be the only one out there. :rainbowdetermined2:


A critical review would be much appreciated!

CRAP!:raritycry: I was hoping i could be the forerunner and make the first Planetside 2 fanfic, but oh well... at least my idea has not yet been stolen :ajsleepy: only thing original about my idea is that.... well, lets just say it wouldnt belong on fimfiction.

Because the lack of NC followers here is pretty void right now, I only have one thing to say...

Live free in the NC. Shotguns on anything and everything.

On the other side note, I really like where this fanfic is going, but lacks the NC obsession over shotguns. Needs moar :pinkiecrazy: chapters.
-SoCaliWaffles/CaliWaffles of the New Conglomerate in Helios/Waterson.

Indeed, fellow freedom fighter! I really hope for more representation from the other factions. I can imagine several of the ponies joining the factions for their own reasons/ideals.

-A fellow freedom fighter of the New Conglomerate in Connery.

So this is why VS and NC always team up against us on my server.:ajbemused:

Its gotten to the point were we just call the VS, the purple NC.

i may read this at some point also why the hate for the VS?


There really is no hate, the Terrans haven't even got started on them yet...

Well, they do have the most accurate weapons.

2706843 this is true on another note i called bull crap on the no bullet drop for vs weapons it it was true then i could headshot someone by aiming at there head from more then just 200m away sniper rifle wise anyway =) also tell me if you agree with this for infiltrater's in general having a distance meter on the sniper scopes so you can tell how far away your target is i cant tell you how many times i have missed a headshot because i was more then 200m and not knowing it lol though in general i am just a bad shot but a really sneaky bad shot :twilightsmile:

Moar! Also, NC Engineer is best class!

I've been playing medic more than engineer lately. On the subject of moar: Yeah, I don't know when that's going to happen.

To be fair, the TR in Planetside 2 is more socialist than fascist. Hell, their speech makes fun of fascism and elitism.

MOAR! In the name of spandex! And even though I'm NC, I love this story.
Rebels and spandex working together, who'd a' thunk it?


The spandex aren't really working with them, they're just using them as a means to an end. :pinkiecrazy:

4960815 Is there still a chance of any future updates?:rainbowhuh:

I haven't really been working on this story at all for the past... forever. Perhaps I should start again. I dunno, I never really expected to get many views or anything, since this was posted on a whim.

So, definitely a 'maybe.' :applejackunsure:


All hail Vanu! All hail the High priestess! All hail Spandex!

Hey, Xzeron, I found it! :P
You should update it sometime. I should write my own fanfiction (not about this) sometime so you can read it too.

For the rest of you guys that read this, I found this a long time ago, but never followed it.
Then guess what, while talking to a buddy at school, it turns out that he wrote this.

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