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this is a Happy tree friend, My little pony crossover. each chapter will have a new tree friend appearing and starring. most chapter are centered around Flippy though.

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>happy tree friends crossover
>not rated mature
>no gore tag


Comment posted by Scourgefan deleted Dec 25th, 2012

1850943 i decided not to make it gorey, might change that later though, i mean it IS happy tree friends:twilightsheepish:

“you're insane.” Twilight told him.
“quite.” Flippy agreed nodding his head.

No one know anymore of these crossovers

1855404 people know them, just, not everyone. i think even if you do know what HTF is, you might not laugh, it's my first attempt at a comedy(and longest fanfic i ever wrote)

You're stories are going great :twilightsmile: Keep it up :eeyup:

“never, you killed my sandwich, I only took one bite.” Flippy said darkly


happy tree friends reading is hilarious better than real thing also this is hilarious:rainbowlaugh:also NOT MY SANDWICH U KILLED MMY SANDWICH

Lumpy vs the stupid guy who thinks he's a hero.

Eh, I can see it working either way, whatever.

Wow!! Derpy Stopped Flippy Killing Anyone Not Sure If I'm Happy Or Sad About That

Tree Friend Plays Games With You? Make Him Live In The Attic:trollestia: Trollestia Is Proud :trollestia:

That's A Lot Of Apples *Grabs Lead Pipe*Don't Even Think About It Vegita. IT'S OVER NINE *Bonk* Screw You Vegita

I told myself if they had actually made any FiM Fictions involving HTF, I would kick myself. I saw this. I got up. I kicked myself in the ass.

Sup bros, my name is PEWWDIEPIEE
and you just read that in his voice

I became a fan of Happy Tree Friends months before I became a fan of MLP, and a crossover is something I have wanted to see for a long time. However, after reading through this, I have a hard time believing you have ever seen an HTF episode before. Whenever I read HTF fanfiction, I visualize their dialogue as jibirished as possible, but with how much unnecessary sophistication you put into the HTF's dialogue, that became almost impossible for me, to an extent that I had to skip through much of it. There was also a level of sarcasm and irony that shouldn't be that present in the HTF's personality, usually when they are arguing. Lastly, with how much you break the fourth wall (especially when they are arguing about Youtubers, which is about as far from the HTF formula I have come to cherish), It ruins what little belief I have in this story. Unfortunately, since their aren't any other HTF/MLP fanfics, I have no choice but to continue watching yours. So please, have mercy on us, and try to be a little more faithful to Happy Tree Friends.

P.S. Anyone with half a brain knows that Smosh is #1 on YouTube.


I had this idea for a story once, where Fluttershy ends up in the Happy Tree world, and accidently causes the death of each character, one at a time. Which causes her to slowly go insane. My big problem is that I have trouble putting ideas into a readable story.

The only thing I came up with is Fluttershy is in the forest, she's got a bag of food. Cuddles shows up, Fluttershy gives him some food, but he eats too much and starts to cough. Fluttershy lightly pats him on the back, he keeps coughing. Fluttershy gives one hard pat on the back... which causes Cuddles to literally cough up a lung.


and you just read that in his voice


2697294 I dunno, I guess I'm psychic or something.

Feels weird having the htf gang talk with words rather then mumbling and using body language to explain whats going on.

I don't even know who crazy is so im going to give the benefit of the doubt. My main beef with lets players in general is just the fact there is usually nothing more then absent minded screaming and I really don't think game commentators count so Spike and Barley is out. The only lets player who I can really stand personally is Markiplier mainly because all the money he gets from his YouTube goes into charity for a number of diseases.

But hey different strokes for different folks.

i love pewds and toby! ive been a bro since his first happy wheels episode!


and now Flippy,

Rarity, you have no right to being owning Flippy!
Flippy, I'm sorry you got owned.

I normally don't like Family Guy cataways but this one and the one from Slice of Life are absolutely hilarious!

"Take as much as you need. We have over 9000."

:facehoof:Ohh my god why...

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