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Ever since the beginning of time, the gods have watched over all of life. The caretakers of the universe, they keep everything in balance. However, before they can claim such a demanding position, they must pass a test. Some must slay monsters, find lost heirlooms, or even avert a war. This is where Chauild, a juvenile god, comes in. Jehovah, a member of the Elder Council, gives him his task: He must find a renegade god who escaped to another world and hid himself there. As with many things in life, there's a catch: To avoid detection, he gets transformed into a pony. What the gods didn't realize, is that being an alicorn is far from stealthy. How will Chauild complete his task when everypony is suspicious of him? Will he be able to fit in when he doesn't know right from left in this new world? Only time will tell.

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>His mane and tail matched perfectly, being platinum grey with red highlights. Red eyes matched the crimson in his mane perfectly

It sounds like a super generic shit oc
but the story is good so far

You have no idea how long I spent pondering on the color choice. Every time I had something I considered good, I realized another canon pony had the same colors. It's a tough world out there, man. :pinkiesick:
In the end, I just said, "Screw it all!" and just went with the two colors off the tops of my head, gray and red. I guess you're right though, super common color choices. :raritycry:

1850104 Nah, a super generic OC is Black and red.

On a separate note.


This may be a stupid question but are Luna and Celestia gods in this world or just really powerful mortals?

That's not stupid in the slightest! I consider them to be really, really powerful mortals. They have long lifespans and powerful magic so that they can defend Equestria from any threats. However, they will eventually die. At least, that's how I look at it. :ajsmug:

1850656 thank you for answering my question.:twilightsmile:

Don't worry too much about it man, you got an awesome story so far, you just gotta prove that it wont be sucky because of the grey and black color scheam will get some people turned off, when i was reading the description i was thinking "oh god please dont let him have reptile eyes as well" because it was really good so far
It's just that color combo is used by a majority of bad writers.

Very very good!


Very GOOD!

아주 좋아!

:fluttershysad:: um, actually, its grey and red.
Sorry, I had to! But yeah, point taken. :pinkiesmile:

당신의 메시지를 읽기 위해 Google 번역을 사용하지 않았어

perfect a guy without plan this is gona be hilarius


Welp, this was rather humorous, I think the best part was him accepting the name Aurora. I foresee you using and abusing this poor god before the story is over in some humor filled situations.

Got my thumbs up as well.

Abuse him? Oh my, of course not! I wouldn't do anything like that... heh heh heh... nope. :trollestia:

Nice chapter, I look forward to more hopefully soon. :P

yes more of the awesome that is this story.:yay:

Hehe they really should have given him a crash course in names of Equis among other things before sending him off... Just sayin... :twilightsheepish:
Anyway nice chapter... I eagerly await the next... Eagerly... :pinkiecrazy:

Being sent to a world in a severely weakened form, with so little intel that it could count as nothing.

Alright, place your bets on how long until he dies.
Standard bet is just correctly calling the time of death, with bonuses for predicting the manner in which he dies which increase with degree of precision.

Dude needs to pull on his big boy pants and stop getting mopey about lying.
Seriously, little girls are tougher than this pantywaist godling.
Also, "I don't know?"
Dude, make up a fake name, a fake reason, a fake anything!. This godling's pretty uncreative for something going to be in charge of overseeing an entire world.

To be fair, they gave him all the intel they had. Besides, if the test was too easy, it'd be pointless. Even more so when you're a god, and you have access to so much more power. It's meant to be hard! :derpytongue2:

And as for this, agreed. He was acting rather wimpy. Being a recluse doesn't make you too skilled in the social areas, so he's a terrible liar. Also, he feels guilty because he's lying to the people he'll basically be protecting. He's never had to lie before, so it makes him feel horrible. We all have different morals, some have morals stricter than others'. :twilightsheepish:

But, don't let him hear you say that, or you might find yourself on the wrong end of a divine lightning bolt! :pinkiecrazy:

There a difference between holding back information in order to test someone's ability and not having the information to not mistake dogs for the dominant species because we keep them as pets. They're freaking gods, go to your scrying pool and take five minutes to check out the people your going to be trying to play off as.

"What's your name"
*oh shit, think man, think!*
"ummm.....BOB! Bob's my name."
"Yes, Bob."
*shrugs* "...whatever."

Indeed, his unpreparedness and ignorance will play a large role in the story. However, some people gods are just really, really bad liars. While you and I could easily come up with an excuse or fake name at the drop of a hat, they would have to sit down and ponder it, obviously something one can't do in the middle of a conversation. I see your point, and agree 100%, but that's just his personality, as irritating as it may be.

I know, and it's not a criticism of the writing, just me yelling at the character to stop being stupid.
Like with horror movies.

But of course! I just like to play the role of the devil's advocate. :scootangel:

a feminine name will make this more confusing

Confusion is always fun! Or at least, that's what my deranged neighbor always told me.

NinjaText agrees!

1893364 im really worried about male characters having feminine names in a shipfic

and the fact its hard to visualized anyother characters referring to him as such

but the story is good so far:twilightsmile:

MOAR :flutterrage: please :fluttercry: i can't stand the waiting.:twilightangry2:

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