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Nov 7th "Maybe"


This story is a sequel to Maybe is all I...

This is the 9th part to the Maybe series; this part takes place right after the last story. I suggest to not read this one first, seeing as how it is the final part it would make no sense for new readers to try and read this part first you would not understand the story.

To those who have read the others I feel you will enjoy how this part is put together. With that said old readers if you get confused along the way just keep reading everything gets explained. I hope you enjoy the twist and turns in this story. This is the final to the series but not the final to the story...at least I hope not.

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A pony?


Comment posted by Bumfire deleted Dec 28th, 2012


Did you read everything up to this or you just wanted to post a comment?

:applejackunsure: i am happy to see the series finished, i do agree that there wouldn't be much nonsense after all of the stuff that has been going on but i do also wish for the series to continue. I have not yet written a story of my own but i will be finished with it on my birth day as a present for my self, Jan 4th.
if this due date is not met i will post on Jan 5th no matter what. thank you for the story!

1873221 THAT SCARED THE FUCKING SHIT OUT OF ME. i was pressing a button on and off on my raspberry pi, and then suddenly I SHIT MY PANTS because all i hear is like a trucker horn coming from my head phones at full blast when you commented.

Can't wait till the next part good work so far.

I can't help but like your series! It shows everything that I wanted to see in a series. I absolutely love it!

My rating for this series is....



Glad you liked it hope you will continue reading the new series.

ouch what a nightmare:pinkiecrazy:

God Dammit.The devil finally got me.

Slenderman.........Yep i'm in hell now.

every time I think I know what will happen next,BANG! It's completly different.
So...what will happen next?Discord breaking free again? King Sombras' return?Us eating meat?!


lol, you'll find out. Happy to see you made it this far. :twilightsmile:

Chrysalis is a bigger bitch than Diamond Tiara

Um is spike yelling at him to get out of the room or the house.:rainbowhuh:

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