• Published 27th Dec 2012
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The MMDW: A symbiote in Equestria - Comet Burst

Venom comes to Equestria and meets his new enemy, the Mysterious Mare Do Well.

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Afraid of the Dark

My body reacted before my mind did. I was still staring into his eyes when my previously numb hindleg hit him squarely in the jaw, snapping his mouth together and breaking several teeth. His face shot upwards and, while my mind was still paralyzed with fear, I spun and whipped my cape in his face before delivering another nasty kick to his throat. He gagged horribly and green saliva shot from his mouth, spraying the brim of my hat. As my mind was catching up, my body hurled itself at him, tackling him into the desk. Amazingly, he still hadn't reacted as I pushed away and landed near the door. By the time my balance was established, though, he leaped towards me, teeth bared and eyes focused on mine. I managed to dodge his teeth yet again, but his bulky frame had caught me.

Together, we crashed through the door and into the warehouse, startling all the guards. The two of us wrestled on the ground for a bit, giving and taking kicks and jabs. I had finally gotten on top of him when his powerful rear legs delivered a kick to my chest, throwing me off. I was fairly sure I heard a crack, but I didn't feel anything. I landed hard on my back against some wooden crates, feeling my breath get knocked out and my vision go blurry. He was so powerful even after taking such a beating. I let out a frustrated cry and leaped to my hooves and saw him already at his. He threw his head back and gave an unequestrian scream, chilling my bones. If he really was an alien, he was proving it now. We locked eyes and circled each other, looking like two angry wolves ready to tear each other apart. He had the strength to defeat me, but I had my magic.

Realizing that, I continued to circle him and felt the magical pull in my stomach. We both heard it, but he made the mistake of looking at the noise to simply have a sheet of steel smash into his face. He left an impression on the metal of his face, but he reacted incredibly quickly as I charged. He grabbed the sheet with his tendrils and spun it towards me, causing me to smash my own muzzle into it. I recoiled back as he threw the metal away and I tasted copper. A dark red liquid flowed from my nose, staining and dripping through my mask, but I didn't miss a step. He tried to grab me with his tendrils, but I was able to expertly dodge them thanks to my previous fighting experience, but as I closed in, he got one around my leg. It tightened uncomfortably and yanked me into the air. I felt myself hit several crates hard and glimpsed the few guards of Blademanes that had stuck around for one reason or another.

I spun several times in the air, feeling my stomach churn before Venom finally threw me to the ground. I landed forcefully on my left shoulder and thought I heard another crack, but I was able to get back to my hooves. He had already charged me and I had just enough time to brace myself before he hit me like a train. I tumbled backwards with him and narrowly missed his teeth again. I kicked at him and smashed one of my forehooves in his face, but he bit my cape and spun me around, smashing me into the wall of the warehouse. I fell to the floor and suddenly realized my body wouldn't react. All I could do was look up as he brought his forehooves down on my face and the copper taste was renewed. He reared back for another and delivered it. I fell onto my side and started to curl up.

That's when I heard him. He stopped his onslaught and a slow amused laugh began to echo in the warehouse. I was shivering from the amount of pain and terror I was in, as well as some adrenaline withdrawl. He walked over to me and gave another nasty kick to my side, making me wheeze due to the lack of air in my lungs. My eyes weakly flicked towards him and I saw his cutie mark. It at first dumbfounded me that he had one, but I began to wonder what it meant. It was a white spider with very pronounced fangs and a large abdomen. Its eight legs were pinned four on each side closely together. Did his cutie mark mean something? Did mine even mean something? I suddenly found myself questioning just what cutie marks meant when his forehooves pushed me into a sitting position.

"You fight well." he said "You are indeed the host I need. I can supply you with abilities far beyond your imagination and all you have to do is live normally for the rest of your life. Deal?" I looked up into his grinning face and lowered my head, giving no indication of an answer. I raised unsteadily to my hooves, trying to run away, but I only managed to go three feet from the wall before collapsing into a heap. I had never felt so weak and defenseless as I did right there, and I knew there was a monster here waiting to eat me. I thought back to my lessons with Princess Luna and tried to work up some courage, but all I could think of was her face when she found out I was dead. I could feel death getting close, so I pushed myself up into a sitting position.

You know what happened next.

I had resigned myself to death by this horrid creature when I heard a voice. It was both familiar and commanding. "Put her down now, foul beast!" it shouted. I felt my head turn to see who it was when I was given the image of Princess Luna glaring angrily at me. I heard Venom give an angry hiss, but he had yet to bond to me. Luna, for some reason, gave a kick to a metal crate and its high pitched ring caused me, I mean Venom, to scream in pain. The noise was nothing but pure agony for him and Luna kicked it again. He screamed even louder and I felt him slowly peel away from me. Weakly, I held out a hoof and felt another grab it. Another high pitched noise rang and I felt the hoof tug me free.

I landed in a heap on the floor, curling up into a foal position and felt my vision fade. The last image I saw was of Luna scooping me up onto her back.