• Published 27th Dec 2012
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The MMDW: A symbiote in Equestria - Comet Burst

Venom comes to Equestria and meets his new enemy, the Mysterious Mare Do Well.

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My Enemy's Enemy

It took me until eleven in the morning to wake the next day. My body ached in ways I couldn't imagine, telling me I had sustained injuries far worse than I had thought. My eyes hurt terribly and I found out why when I opened them. At first I thought I had gone blind, but I then realized my muzzle was being pushed into an uncomfortable position, meaning my mask was on. I reached up to pull it off and wound up pulling a pillow off first. A little flustered I had it on top of my face, I threw it against the wall and sat up on my haunches. My leg ached something fierce, but I pulled off my mask.

Looking around my room, you would assume I had fought the monster here. My head swam something horrible and I went to check myself for bruises. I looked down to find myself still in my costume and a crumpled up piece of paper on the floor. I was curious, so I picked it up and tried to smooth it. My handwriting filled the paper, shaky and hastily written. I couldn't believe it, but it was a suicide note. Apparently I blacked out when I got back, convinced somepony was coming to kill me. Wearing my mask and a pillow above my head was no accident.

I sighed heavily and threw the note away. I had problems, I knew that much. When I first took on the persona of the Mysterious Mare Do Well, I believed it would be fun. I had a coltfriend then, friends and a life. My misadventures in Ponyville was the start of it all. My friends stopped talking to me, my coltfriend left me for a pegasus and my social life utterly collapsed. Nopony wanted to be my friend or even talk to me. I had never felt so alone and miserable, so I hid in my alter ego. Mare Do Well was my only comfort, knowing that I could take out all my frustrations on criminals with hardly any backlash. I had never felt more alive than when I was her, but the thought of taking that away made me sick to my stomach. It was easy now for me to understand the reason for the note.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning my apartment. Work was off today and I really couldn't make myself go anyway if I tried. My depressive mood permeated the air of the apartment, leaving me sitting in my hidden room staring at my broken mirror. I was thinking about Venom and what he had said. I knew hosts were needed for things that couldn't manifest a physical form, but how did an inky black muscular creature need a host? I reflected on all I knew about him when I suddenly had an idea. The indigo pegasus had been pulled into a box of rocks by black tendrils and his body was recovered covered in the same material. I had also nearly been choked to death by those tendrils, as the bruises on my neck proved. What if Venom was made entirely of black tendrils like those?

I shook my head and scolded myself. How could such a muscular creature be comprised of octopus tentacles? Plus, his face and mouth certainly could not be formed from that. The small voice in the back of my head argued, though, saying it is the only logical reason. I shook my head again. There was no such thing in existence here in Equestria. That's when the indigo pegasus's words rang in my ears. "According to the boss, it's a bunch of rocks recovered from the meteor shower." When I remembered that, a horrible thought hit me. Was Venom an alien? Was he from another world? His words to me echoed as well.

"In my other life, I was known as Venom." He had specified it was his other life. The thought that he was an alien became more and more plausible and I decided there was only one way to be sure. I had to meet Blademane. As I waited for night to fall, I spent the day patching myself up and treating my unstable mentality. I was no professional by far, but I did my best. I forced myself to take a two hour bubble bath to soothe my body while repeating to myself good things. I went over the good deeds I had done as Mare Do Well, stopping Gang Green's drug trade as well as saving several mares from a prostitution ring. I had also destroyed the current Deadhoof trade for now as well as trying to fix my life as Trixie. I rubbed various herbal mixtures on my bruises and many of them decreased in size. The only prominent one I had was the marks around my neck, but hopefully my mane and cloak would cover it up. Dusk was setting in as I repaired and cleaned my costume, patching the tears on my neck part as well as my cape. When night fell, I donned my clean costume and left through the bell tower and headed off to find Blademane.

After interrogating several thugs, two gave me similar directions to find Blademane. I followed their directions to a dark warehouse. Guards patrolled the perimeter, so I knew this was the right spot. Infiltrating was easy since the guards were not to intelligent or tough, so I was able to dispatch the only three that saw me with ease. Blademane's office was easy to get in to, and I found the orange stallion with a black spiked mane sitting behind a desk. He froze when he saw me due to my magical grip and his eyes went wide.

"You! You're that pesky hero ruining my trade!" he shouted to me in a grating voice. I narrowed my eyes at him and said "I don't have time for your damn drugs. Where is Venom?" He looked at me stupidly and said "Who the hell is Venom?" I slammed him into his desk and applied pressure to his neck and back, making him wince in pain. "I don't have time for your stupidity either, Blademane. Now where is Venom?"

"Not here obviously." he spat back at me. "Then what do you know?" I asked in my nasty voice "Why was that meteor shower so important? I saw the shipment. Why were you so interested in it. He sighed and said "That was no ordinary meteor shower. Celestia broke up an asteroid and its pieces fell to Equestria. The asteroid itself was not ordinary either. It changed course in space to come here, like it was being steered by someone or something. Why wouldn't I be interested?" I narrowed my eyes and said "How did you know about that?"

Before he could answer, a pony opened his office door. I simply reacted, kicking him in the stomach and hurtling him out the door. I shut it with my magic and I heard him say "If you want to know how I know..." I felt a powerful hoof slam me into the wall of his office and the voice changed into one creepily familiar "It's because I was there." I opened my eyes and saw the familiar toothy grin and long tongue of Venom staring me in the face. "Blademane has been dead for hours now, but his knowledge filled in the gaps for me."

I stared into the horrible white eyes and suddenly realized my legs were numb. For the first time as Mare Do Well, I felt fear.