• Published 27th Dec 2012
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The MMDW: A symbiote in Equestria - Comet Burst

Venom comes to Equestria and meets his new enemy, the Mysterious Mare Do Well.

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Broken Reflection

It took me several seconds to bring my attention back to the shattered crate. Try as I might, that face stayed at the foremost of my thoughts. What kind of demented creature was that? Is it even from this world? Finally, a question drifted into my mind as I stood looking at the remains of the crate. Why didn't it attack me? Some creatures scare bigger ones, like snakes, but even they will bite when you get that close. Something odd with the crate finally pulled at my attention.

Rocks. There was nothing but rocks strewn about the crate pieces. If it was a live animal, why lock it inside of a crate filled with rocks? This wasn't a rock farm delivery, this was a drug shipment. How did the thing live inside a container full of rocks? That's when the second realization hit me. "Where's the pegasus?" I asked aloud. His body was nowhere near here. I had thought that maybe the creature had thrown his body when it busted the crate, but it was nowhere to be seen. I looked up at the building facades and wondered. That thing had a huge mouth, so did it eat him?

I had heard of dragons eating ponies in one bite, but that sure as hell was no dragon. Dragons were large and scaly, that thing was roughly my size and looked like it was made of ink. That is when, without realizing it, I found myself standing in a pile of black goo. I jumped back, but it held my right front hoof. I pulled at it and it slowly peeled off, like some form of superglue. I stared at it, half expecting it to move when I heard hoofs and shouts from around the building. I could tell it was the Royal Guard, so I grabbed some of the goo and teleported myself onto the roof of the warehouse facing the boat when about forty guards stormed in from each direction.

I found it hard to move with this stuff stuck to my forehoof, but I eventually made it back to my base. It was my apartment in Manehatten, but the bell tower atop the building led down into a trick door in my room. It made it easy to get out in my costume, but this goo wanted to stick to the walls and floor, making it exhausting to get into my home. Once inside, I found a jar, scraped it in with much effort and sealed it with magic. It sat lifelessly at the bottom of the jar and I breathed a sigh of relief. At least it wasn't another one of that monster.

I trotted over to my room and opened another trick door near my closet. I had installed this one myself and inside was a cramped room with pictures, maps and newspapers. A bare ponyquin stood at the far end and I reached up to remove my hat. I walked over to the ponyquin and glanced at one of the newspapers. 'Mysterious Mare Do Well saves Neville!' it read, showing a picture of her. She wore a purple wide brimmed hat, a dark blue mask with bright blue eyes, a purple cape and outfit with blue boots. I smiled to myself and began to take off my costume. Soon, I was staring at the Mysterious Mare Do Well herself, standing as rigid as a ponyquin.

I turned to leave and paused at a mirror hanging on the wall. It would been a magnificent mirror, but the shattered glass definitely took away from it. I had no idea how it broke, but I didn't use it merely to check my appearance. My similarly shattered reflection stared back at me with a sad look. Her bright blue coat with an even lighter blue mane shined brilliantly against the dark wall, but her purple eyes stared sadly back into mine from the mirrors world. I knew that mare, her name was Trixie. My name was Trixie, not Mare Do Well.

I headed to bed after I closed the door on my second life. The apartment was empty and silent, something I had become used to. Still, I could faintly hear the sound of a filly and a colt wishing their father goodnight as a foal nestled next to me. I could hear him approaching the room, walking steadily as he came to me and the foal. I opened my eyes to see him, but found myself staring at an empty doorway. The foal was gone as well and the soft giggling of the colt and the filly faded away. I felt like I had a huge decaying spot in my chest as I sighed. I wanted a normal life, but all I had was my costume and my day job.

My sleep was filled with black figures and teeth that night.

When I woke, I found my eyelids unusually heavy. I hadn't been up that late, probably only until one in the morning or so. Still, I had bits to earn, so I pulled myself out of bed and began my day. It took me only forty five minutes to clean myself up and don my usual purple cape and wizards hat when I paused. Why was I still tired? I had been the Mysterious Mare Do Well for almost a year now, after my second trip to Ponyville where everypony lost any respect for me. I had heard of her before and when I found out my rival Twilight Sparkle and her friends each used the persona, I felt myself strangely drawn to it. I was upset with myself and wanted to do good, but something else called me to the costume. Maybe it was to lose myself in a fantasy, maybe it was a ploy to become famous again, or maybe it was me trying to redeem myself.

I left my apartment and trotted over to the theater where I performed when I noticed a large group of ponies gathering near an alleyway not far from it. The Royal Guard were stationed all around it and I could faintly make out a white shroud on the ground. I instinctively walked over to it and heard random bits of other ponies conversations.

"Did you see it? He had bite marks on him!"

"I heard he was strangled."

"No way. Did you see him before the guard got here? He was wrapped in a cocoon."

I was puzzled, but I pushed forward into the crowd. I wanted to see it since I had stopped most of the murders here. It most likely wasn't gang related, so it was probably the result of a mugging. The guard stopped me from coming any closer, but one of them lifted thrown shroud partway to examine the body. My stomach clenched as I saw it. The pony was indigo in color and had long threads of inky black goo holding the body to the pavement.

My throat tightened and I backed away. I had found my missing pegasus, eaten and spit out by that monster. It didn't take long for the question to burn into my mind as I walked to work. Where is the monster now?