• Published 27th Dec 2012
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The MMDW: A symbiote in Equestria - Comet Burst

Venom comes to Equestria and meets his new enemy, the Mysterious Mare Do Well.

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Fear, Chaos and Pain

Ice cold tar. I hate that feeling. Sticky black liquid ooze freezing your body and refusing to come off. I felt that not too long ago as he wrapped me into himself. I hated him, but I had welcome my fate. I knew, deep down and far away, that he would kill me. Ever since that night a week ago, I knew. I think he knew it too, otherwise why would he keep doing this? He had tried to kill me three times and failed each one. Why? Because it wasn't like this. When he absorbed me and sucked me dry. That was my fate, to be his meal. I don't know why we - I mean I fought it.

I felt his tendrils pull me in as I fell to the ground. My whole body flopped behind me, numb and weak. I was probably paralyzed, but it didn't dawn on me. I felt his cold embrace again. The evil tar wrapping me in a cocoon of darkness. I didn't fight back again, I just let him pull me in. It didn't take long for him to reveal his anger at me either. I felt his grip on me tighten in ways that made my already useless limbs burn in agony. I concentrated on that feeling, determined not to give in to him. Fear of death, my mind in chaos and the unsurpassable amount of pain I was in made it all too easy for him. I felt him move my legs, raise my head and try to control my thoughts. I then felt a new sensation of pain, not from my limbs, but from my head. To be precise, just below my skull.

I had a sudden clarity in my mind. All of my panicked thoughts retreated as I felt an entity brush against my mind. I tried to be scared, but a firm and growling voice said "Be afraid when you're about to die, dumbass." I felt a weird sense of bewilderment and I suddenly found myself standing on a large platform. All around me black clouds rose into the space surrounding this platform, giving it a creepy feel. I looked down at myself and realized I was just Trixie without my costume. "Where did it go?" came an extremely loud version of my voice. I looked around in a hurry, but there was nopony around. "Your costume? What the hell gives you the right to own me?" came the nasty voice again. I spun in place and blinked twice. Across from me, my Mare Do Well costume stood upright and away from me.

"Who?" was all I managed to say before she answered. "Who do you think, dumbass?! It's you!" She spun to face me and she glared. "Do you like this place? This is where you suppressed me for two years!" she shouted. I recoiled at her voice and she kept on. "All those memories, all the emotion, all of your problems! You dumped me here with them you bitch! You banished me into the darkest recess of your mind and left me to rot! You are no better than he is!" At her words, the familiar face of Strattos emerged from the black clouds and shouted insults. Mare Do Well raised her hoof and he stopped talking, face frozen in anger. I fell to the ground and curled up, tears streaming from my eyes. I didn't understand why, but Mare Do Well stood over me and growled. "That is what you really are, Trixie. A cowering foal who runs from every problem she's ever had. You think you fight your battles? Don't make me laugh."

I looked up at her in fear and she glared back at me. "But, why?" I asked weakly. "Why are you here? Because I've had enough!" she shouted. I flinched and she kept yelling. "I fight all of your problems, I keep the memories and emotions at bay, and you quit on me when I need you most! I fought Venom for you, but when I need you, you feed me to him! You feed me to that horrid darkness because you can't deal with problems. Well guess what? You can deal with all the one I have held back!" She stepped back and Strattos's face moved again. As he spoke, several more heads popped up. Twilight Sparkle, the indigo pegasus, Gang Green all appeared and shouted at me. Their voices mixed into one disjointed chorus and I tried to cover my ears. No matter what I did, though, the voices wouldn't stop.

I screamed loudly and the voices stopped abruptly. I didn't know why, but I was sad, depressed and angry at the same time. Mare Do Well slowly backed away and turned to face the other way. I stayed on the ground, shaking and fearful. "Just because you can banish them doesn't mean a thing." she growled "You've been banishing them for years." She lowered her head and the brim of her hat touched the platform. "I thought we were allies, you and I. I helped you for years, but you never helped me. You locked me here to deal with these memories." She turned her head to look at me. "What kind of friend does that?!" It took me a bit, but I finally responded. "A terrible one." I whispered.

I was unsure why, but I finally had the courage to stand up again. "Am I dead?" I asked and Mare Do Well snorted. "No, you are not. This is what your mind looks like to Venom." she replied. My eyes widened and she continued. "Don't ask me how I know, but he's trying to control your thoughts by making you feel at terror. I've been fighting his presence from this place, but I can't win alone. I had to pull you from the chaos of your own side to save us." I stared at her, dumbfounded. "My own side?" I mouthed. "Yes, your own side. When the event happened with Strattos, our mind broke. You wanted to get rid of the pain and memories and I wanted to fight. I took the memories from you and fought them back. You never noticed it, but you dumped more and more stuff here. Anger, sadness, your two failed suicide attempts."

"But I only tried once!" I said in a panic. Mare Do Well laughed and said "When Strattos left, you tried to do it." Suddenly, a vague memory appeared from the black clouds and I saw myself levitating a bottle of sleeping tablets and a bottle of wine. The memory faded and I remembered. That was the closest brush with death I ever had. "I have used my strength to keep these things at bay, but I cannot stop Venom as well. I need your help, Trixie. I need you to release me from here." she said. I looked at her oddly and she said "You are no match for Venom. Your mind cannot take the stress he puts on you and if you stay in power, we both will die. Let me take control of our body, and we can win."

I stared at her for a good minute before I started to open my mouth. As I did, though, I heard another voice shout "No, Trixie! Don't give in!" Mare Do Well hissed and a bright yellow light formed in front of me. It blinded me for a second, but when my eyesight returned, I saw Princess Luna and another Mare Do Well standing between me and the first as she continued to hiss. The two were outlined in yellow and Mare Do Well charged her doppleganger and they both wrestled. Luna turned to me and said "This is not your mind, but a place Venom constructed to control you! He's using your memories to torment you!"

Bewildered, I frantically looked around to the figures, unsure of what to do. Luna looked at me with worry in her eyes and said "Trixie, please believe me." I stared back and suddenly knew. I had heard of her entering dreams, but I was told she never showed herself to those dreaming. "Luna?" I whispered. She nodded and tears formed in her eyes. "Yes, my dear student. It's me, but you have to wake up. Venom put you in a trance to subdue you as he did to me, but you can fight him. Please wake up. You're the only one who can stop him now." She held out her hoof and I stared at it, unsure of what to do. I looked back and watched the Mare Do Wells fight and looked back to Luna. This could all be part of the dream, but I saw the familiar twinkle of Luna's eyes. That was something no dream could ever replicate. I took her hoof and the entire place melted into a yellow light.

I screamed so bad, I felt my throat tear. I felt like I was suffocating. Light struck one of my eyes and I felt the suffocating darkness peel back. I was staring at a puddle and saw a horrible reflection. It was half my face and half of Venom's.

Author's Note:

Oh god, just one chapter left! I'm excited that it has reached this far, but I'm sad it will soon be over.