• Published 27th Dec 2012
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The MMDW: A symbiote in Equestria - Comet Burst

Venom comes to Equestria and meets his new enemy, the Mysterious Mare Do Well.

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They say you never know where life will take you. What surprises it will give you. Cutie marks are supposed to help us determine who we are, but do they tell the whole truth? Do they tell us what we will be like years down the road? I don't think so, not since I saw the Blackout. I saw the bodies, mutilated, sucked dry and left pale like a watermelon when you suck the juice from it. Some called it a vampire pony, others said it was punishment from Celestia and Luna. Nobody really knew the truth, nobody but me.

Who am I? That's the question I'm trying to figure out now. Before he eats me, like he ate the others. I can feel his hushed panting, the warm breath on the back of my neck. I can sense his tongue itching to lick me as it had to the dead. He wants me, wants me to be his next host. The pony he inhabits is already long dead, so he needs a new host to feed on. He's going to do it slowly, savoring my taste, the flavor of me. Without feeling it, he's going to suck me dry until I stop breathing. He's going to enjoy it.

My name is not the one you think you know. To the world, I'm the great and powerful Trixie, but to him and the other half of the world, I'm the Mysterious Mare Do Well. That's all he knows, but he's quickly going to find out who I really am. I finally lost to him and now I'm gonna pay for it. I can feel his tongue on the back of my neck. It feels like a horny snake. It wants to rip my mask off, it wants to see me be fearful. His breath has picked up as well, leaving the mask on my neck moist. He is trying to be patient so he can hear me scream, but he's hungry as well. It doesn't take long until his face reaches mine. Pitch black and featureless, save for the eyes and mouth. He's grinning at me, like a stallion in heat. Slowly he begins to peel himself from the former host, pushing the corpse out like waste.

It flops lifelessly to the floor. It's the body of a orange stallion, paled like the watermelon. Several puncture wounds are on the back of its head, just below the skull. That's where he feeds. I turned my attention back to him. He's now a web of black sinewy material, spread out like an epilepic spiders web. His face is still there though, staring straight into my eyes. I feel the web begin to crawl up my hoofs, slowly and deliberately. It feels like tar, ice cold tar. It moved up my flank and is now reaching my forehooves. This must be what it feels like to be mummified, wrapped up for death when you're still alive. My gaze never wavers from his, even as his face comes closer. He smells horrible as the icy tar reaches my neck.

His grin is chilling me more than anything. He has waited for this for a long time. His tongue reaches out and caresses my face as if he cares. The saliva leaves a trail across my face, sticking it against my cheek, up my temple and to my forehead. That's when it hits me.

He wants me.

He needs me.

He loves me.

This is his way of telling me. Telling me he can't live without me. Telling me that no matter how many times he's tried to kill me, to eat me, to destroy me, he cannot. Without me, there is no him. His tongue has wrapped around my neck and is now beginning to peel my mask off. I don't struggle or move. He has won and fighting him will get me nowhere. He will see my face and he will remember it. He pulls it up to my chin and pauses. This is not a moment to be rushed by him. This is one to be savored.

Finally, he unwraps his tongue from my neck. He pulls it back and examines where the mask is placed. My neck is showing and I can tell he wants to feed. His animal instinct is hard to ignore, but he knows this isn't an ordinary feeding. This is one he's waited for, planned out and executed in his mind. Everything has to go right. His tongue slides out again and gently lifts the mask over my muzzle. My mouth and nose are exposed and he stops. He doesn't want to see my eyes or my whole face. He wants to just see that. He withdraws his tongue again and leans in. He is going to show he loves me.

He stops short and his white eyes stare into my masks blue ones. He wants me to know and he wants me to finish. He wants me to submit. He is the dominant one and I am his prisoner. He wants me to prove I love him. Without hesitation, I finish it. His mouth meets mine and we kiss. His teeth are sharp, but the pain is welcome. It's something I'm going to feel until I die. I can feel his tongue slip into my mouth, greeting my tongue in a lovers embrace. It slowly wraps around mine and I feel the icy tar travel up my head. He is bonding to me now and it is not comfortable. His face begins to wrap around mine and I feel an odd sense of weightlessness. My vision goes black and the tar tightens around my body, constricting me into him. I can't fight back.

I love him too.