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Ah, love. When a colt loves a mare. Or a mare loves a colt. It is such a delicate matter. Like a fragile egg balancing perfectly on the tip of a blade. One wrong move and the egg will fall. The love will shatter and break with the egg. If Spike makes a wrong move. His and Rainbow Dash's egg of love could shatter. Spike can not let that happen.

Yeah! First romance fic EVER written by me! Sapphire-Ace!

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Yes! The first story produced for my challenge! SpikeDash is an amazing ship!!! :) Well done, my friend! I'll be sure to give a full review after I read it! :) Thanks for writing this!

Not bad. Nice to see that Malla's challenge is producing results.

Awesome i love this shipping keep it up i would love to read more of this story it's really amazing

I would love to read about their date and the growth of their relationship. I just notice something noone ever writes about a married Spike and Dash or them having kids. Those kids would be the best flyer in history lol. :moustache::rainbowlaugh:

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