• Published 15th Jan 2012
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I'm Coming Home - Haileyshy

The Cutie Mark Crusaders go on a quest to find Scootaloo's parents.

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Chapter Three: A Story Best Told Short

“Scootaloo? Are yah awake?”

“Yeah, I’m awake. Are you awake?” Scootaloo responded, rolling over to face Apple Bloom. The two were sharing a bed because the family didn’t have a spare bedroom. Applejack kept apologizing for the inconvenience but to her it didn’t change a thing. For the first time in months, since the Cutie Mark Crusaders had a sleepover at Fluttershy’s cottage, Scootaloo was in a real bed, in a real home, with a real family. It may not be hers, but it was for sure the next best thing.

“Ah can’t sleep. Ah’m happy yer here and all, but you never told me why. Ah heard Applejack tellin’ Granny Smith you’ll be stayin’ for a little while. Is there somethin’ goin’ on?”

Scootaloo wanted to drop the issue and go to sleep. She had already gone through the pain of telling somepony her story once today and didn’t feel like going through that again; at least not until morning. “Um, Apple Bloom, can I…” Scootaloo began, but then remembered that earlier she had promised to tell Apple Bloom what she was doing at her house later. Now was later and as good a time as any. “Apple Bloom, can you keep a secret?”

“Uh course Ah can, Scoot, yah know Ah can. You can trust me.” Apple Bloom shot the pegasus a smile and added, “Ah promise not to tell nopony. Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!” She mimicked the pink pony they loved and both girls giggled, lightening in mood.

Scootaloo placed faith in her friend and opened herself up – something she thought she’d never have the courage to do but she also never broke a promise. “Well, the reason I’m here is because I don’t have anywhere else to go. I’ve never had anywhere to go, ever since before I met you or Sweetie Belle. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you any sooner, it’s just something I’m kind of ashamed of.” The orange filly tried to keep her head up and look at Apple Bloom, to come off as strong to her friends. She always tried to be a pony everypony would one day look up to. Leaving out the part about her staying in the club house, Scootaloo filled Apple Bloom in on the rest of the details of her life before the crusaders. About how she had a home once upon a time; and how she can’t remember anything about her parents but that she somehow knows that they’re in Cloudsdale. “Oh, and Apple Bloom, please don’t tell Sweetie Belle. You know how she reacts to big news like this and it’d hurt her coming from anypony but me.” A giggle was building up in Scootaloo, “You know, you’d make a good Pinkie Pie.” She said, changing the subject and praying to Celestia that Apple Bloom wouldn’t go through the comforting stage that Applejack already took her through.

Sensing how Scootaloo was feeling, Apple Bloom went along with it. Even though she dropped the subject now she wasn’t letting it go. She needs somepony she can open up and vent to, much like how she vents to Applejack. “Yeah, Ah tried that once. Turns out Ah’m not fit to bake like Pinkie.” She mustered a laugh remembering the time she tried getting a cupcake-eating cutiemark.

The two ponies finally drifted asleep, giggling and remembering fun adventures the crusaders had together.


“Hi, Sweetie Belle!” It was Monday afternoon and everypony was just heading home from school. Apple Bloom ran up to the ivory filly, happy to have the three girls back together, “What’d yah do this weekend, Sweetie Belle?”

“Hey! I spent the weekend with my sister, I helped her fill a big order she had for somepony in Canterlot!” She said, also happy.

With Sweetie Belle going on about Rarity and her, Scootaloo started to feel how she felt the past Friday. Apple Bloom must have realized what was going on and quickly shook her head to stop Sweetie Belle from continuing.

“What’s going on with Scoot?” Sweetie whispered once she saw what her friend was referring to.

“She’s just feelin’ a bit down today.” She replied, not entirely lying. Scootaloo was upset, that part was true but there was a reason to it. That didn’t make her a bad friend, did it?

“Ohh, I gotcha.” Her green eyes winked and a smile spread across her face. “We should all do something this afternoon!”

Listening in on the conversation, Scootaloo spoke up, “Yeah! We should go to the club house. We never did figure out on what kind of adventure we’re going to go on this week.” The truth was, she didn’t really care about any adventure, the club house would be a good place to tell Sweetie Belle her secret and that’s what she intended to do. It was now or never, and she knew that there might not be another chance anytime soon.

“Ah’m sorry I couldn’t make it to Sugar Cube Corner on Friday, but this way we have all our stuff at the club house to use!” Beginning to get excited, Apple Bloom thought about all their maps and papers they had and how they’ll help them find something to do. Maybe they needed to start holding meetings there.

The three smiled at one another and began to walk back to Sweet Apple Acres. Scootaloo watched the town pass by and braced herself to yet again, have the conversation she truly didn’t want to have.

*Sorry everypony for it being so short, but I've been busy with school and end of semester assignments and what not. I promise once exams are done, I'll write more!*