• Published 15th Jan 2012
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I'm Coming Home - Haileyshy

The Cutie Mark Crusaders go on a quest to find Scootaloo's parents.

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Chapter One: Finding Scootaloo

Scootaloo sat in her desk at Ponyville Elementary School and smiled while she listened to Granny Smith tell the class about how the town was founded. It fascinated her, she never knew that her friend was part of such an important family. She looked around at the other ponies in her class and remembered the other presentations throughout the week and a feeling grew in the pit of her stomach that she knew all too well; she felt lonely. Glancing at the clock that hung on the wall she realized that in a few minutes, everypony would be going home to tell their parents about their day and making plans with their families for the weekend. She would be going to the Cutie Mark Crusader’s club house. Scootaloo snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Miss Cheerilee.

“Alright my little ponies! Pack up your things, the bell is about to ring.” The ponies bustled around and packed their notebooks into their bags and excitedly chatted with the others. Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara were giggling about something, Snips and Snails were joyfully asking Granny Smith all kinds of questions while Apple Bloom beamed with pride beside her grandmother. Scootaloo jumped when she heard Sweetie Belle behind her.

“Hi, Scootaloo!” Sweetie Belle chimed. “Wow, did you have any idea that Granny Smith founded Ponyville? Apple Bloom must be so happy!”

“No, I didn’t know. Yeah, she must be real happy.” Scootaloo hid the sadness in her voice but didn’t have to when she remembered that it was Friday. Her ears perked up, “We’re still going to Sugar Cube Corner, right? I’m really in the mood for a cupcake.” The Cutie Mark Crusaders always went to Sugar Cube Corner on Fridays to talk about what new adventures they were going to go on the next week. Scootaloo really looked forward to it; she loved spending time with the other girls.

“Duh! We have to, it’s Friday! Are you ready to go?” The white pony smiled widely.

“Sure am!” Scootaloo smiled back, “Let’s go get Apple Bloom.” The orange filly tossed her back across her back and walked with Sweetie Belle over to Applebloom who seemed to love the attention everypony was giving her and Granny Smith.
“Hey Applebloom, you ready to go to Sugar Cube Corner?” She called over the small crowd of ponies.

Apple Bloom glanced at her grandmother then back at her friends, “Ah think A’m gonna walk home with Granny Smith, if that’s alright with you?” She smiled at the two girls. “Ah promise that A’ll come next week!”

Sweetie Belle saw that Scootaloo was disappointed and nudged her gently with her hoof almost if to say ‘it’ll be okay’. This made her feel a little bit better; at least she’d still be with Sweetie Belle. “Okay!” The two waved to their friend and made their way out the door.

Trotting their way around the school to Scootaloo’s scooter, Sweetie Belle began to brainstorm ideas for the week. “We could go on a treasure hunt! Maybe one of our super special talents is finding things! I know I’m really good at helping Rarity find her fabrics.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Scootaloo said and held out a helmet for her friend. She tilted her head away, sure to not let her see the hurt in her eyes. More than anything she wished she was good at finding things. Not things, but one thing in particular; her family. Sweetie Belle took it and hopped into the wagon attached to the back of the scooter and Scootaloo dropped her bag beside her. “Hang on.” She warned, and began to flutter her wings and the scooter and wagon zipped off down the road.

The trip to Sugar Cube Corner was pretty quiet because they were going to fast that it was hard for Scootaloo to call back to Sweetie Belle. Normally the two fillies in the wagon would giggle and brainstorm together. When the sign for the pastry shop came into view, Scootaloo gripped her handles and the scooter slowed down. A smoke of dirt formed as they slid down the road, coming to a stop right at the door.

“Scootaloo, that was awesome!” A happy Sweetie Belle shouted and jumped out of the wagon, “We were going so fast!”

Scootaloo was pleased she was able to entertain her friend and was flattered by her excitement. “Come on, let’s get planning.”

The fillies playfully raced to the counter where a bouncy Pinkie Pie met them. “Girls! You’re late, I was beginning to get worried that you wouldn’t come today. I would have missed you soo much, I love chatting and planning your adventures with you! Where’s Apple Bloom?” Pinkie gasped, “Is she okay? Did she get hurt on your way here? Where is she, where is she?!” The pink pony was jumping, anxious for answers.

“Hi, Pinkie.” Scootaloo greeted, “Yes, Apple Bloom got hurt. She fell off my scooter.” She joked.

Pinkie jumped and ran to the door, “Oh no! We have to help her! Where is she now? Was she hurt badly? Oh my gosh, poor Apple Bloom!” She rambled on, worried for the little yellow pony.

Scootaloo snickered quietly watching Pinkie race franticly around the shop. “Pinkie Pie!” Sweetie Belle shouted loud enough to catch her attention. “Scootaloo’s just joking. Apple Bloom just went home with Granny Smith today.”

She frowned, “That wasn’t a very nice joke, Scooty.” Pinkie sat on the floor, embarrassed of how she over reacted.

“I know, I’m sorry Pinkie. Don’t be sad, with Apple Bloom missing we need your help a lot more.” Scootaloo made her way over to her, “Can we get our usual?”

Pinkie brightened up at the mention of cupcakes. “Oh, of course! I’ll be right back!” She got to her hooves and hopped to the kitchen.

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo sat down at a table and waited for Pinkie to join them. The white filly spoke up, “I think we should go with the treasure hunt idea. The thing is we don’t have a treasure to hunt.”

Scootaloo thought about asking if they could look for her family, but she couldn’t bring herself to ask such a big thing of her friends. It would be a lot on them, seeing as they don’t even know she doesn’t have a home. For the past few months she’s been sleeping in the club house and wandering the streets of Ponyville, most of the time looking for Rainbow Dash. Rainbow was the only pegasus she knew that actually lived in Cloudsdale, and she had a hunch that was where her parents were.

“Three cupcakes! One for you, one for you, and one for me!” Pinkie Pie returned and gave both of the girls a cupcake. She happily sat down and the three got to work.


The sun had begun to set and Scootaloo was slowly making her way to the club house. They didn’t come up with an adventure this week, but they chatted, had some fun and for a few moments made Scootaloo feel like she was right where she was supposed to be. That feeling crashed the second Rarity showed up and took Sweetie Belle home. She was supposed to have an early supper with her parents and sister but she forgot.

Scootaloo arrived at the club house and parked her scooter near the tree. It was almost dark by the time she got there, and she was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to curl up and go to sleep. Once inside, she went over to the large pillow they kept in the corner and curled up to keep warm. ‘We need a blanket in here.’ Thought Scootaloo. She closed her eyes and hoped to drift off to sleep, but her thoughts interrupted her. ‘All the blankets are probably inside, keeping them warm in their beds.’ What Scootaloo first thought was anger flushed through her, she realized that it was envy the more she felt it. She couldn’t be angry with anypony for having a bed or a home. Her train of thought was broken by a voice near the door.

“What the hay is going on? Scootaloo? Sugercube, is that you?” Apple Jack slowly entered the club house, “What are yuh doing here?”