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This story is a sequel to Titanomachy

Old wounds crack open and bleed as the world changes following the events of Titanomachy. A child with a rare but unwanted talent becomes a witness to evils committed eons ago. Can the ultimate sin be forgiven with enough time? If so, should it?

This story takes place sometime between "Too Many Pinky Pies" and "Keep Calm and Flutter On."

Chapters (12)
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Welcome back to the Titano-verse. This story picks up a couple of months after the events of Titanomachy and will focus on Apple Bloom while featuring the Apple family, Twilight, Luna, and a character from G1 that folks here seemed to like the last time I wrote about him. I'm not planning on having a rotating POV order like in my last story but if it happens, it happens. Well, that's enough out of me. I'll get out of the way now for the first-ers and inb4-ers.

Pony on, my friends.:twilightsmile:

May or may not read. will cheek back in in about 10 hours. I have high hopes for you.

Hmmm... An interesting start. Now I just want to see where this is going.

hearing massive amounts of cicadas at the same time is a real treat, i've never been somewhere that's famous or renown for their cicadas but still.

in what way will this feature twilight and luna exactly? (im noticing that it lacks a romance tag)
when you say that you will not be rotating POV, do you mean that you won't be switching POV at all or simply that you'll not be doing what you did with the previous story?
does this continue on the previous story in any way or this entirely new? (you know, besides being in the same universe)
i really loved titanomachy, but the way you wrote that comment makes me worried about exactly how much twi and luna this story will have.

I'm still working out how much Twiluna I'm going to include. Chapter two is starting from Twilight's POV and from how it turned out I need to add the romance tag back in. I'll be changing POVs but I'm not going to be treating it like a straight-jacket like I did the last time. As for the story, it does build off of some of the themes and plots rolled out in Titanomachy, I don't want to give away too much too soon but I hope this answers at least a couple of your questions.

Welcome back!


Grogar, Grogar, GROGAR!

It is Grogar you're talking about, right?

Interesting start, I'm tracking this for more since I enjoyed your first story. Interested in what you have planned for this and how it will play out but great to see more from this verse.

Well, so much for being coy. Yes, I plan on dragging Grogar into this story. I don't plan these things out in a detailed manner this early so I don't know how much of him there'll be but I can promise he'll have a role to play.

Cicada's in a normal year don't bother me, in a particularly bad year they are quite loud and irritating.

Interesting start... Appleboom is an interesting choice. I look forward to seeing her take on a lot of things.

Looking forward to more good sir!

As long as they don't perma break up I am good. I like twiluna.

thanks for answering! and yes, it does calm my mind a bit:twilightsmile:

don't let it end!:fluttercry:

great chapter!:pinkiehappy: nice to see AB going to twi immediately!


I'm a terrible person. I read Titanomachy, and I've kept it bookmarked for two weeks meaning to give a big analysis of it and why I loved it so much. I have got to read this, no doubt about it.

And glad to hear TwiLuna romance is included, it was really sweet to see them together, and they are my favorite grouping of ponies.

Confused Cicadas are very confused, and somewhat lost as well.:rainbowderp:

Well that's not creepy at all. I wonder what that mark means exactly?

1876622 Duh; That she likes to eat leaves!:trollestia:

1876663 No no, it means she is undead! and will be trapped in the forest! forever guiding lost fillies out of the not so dangerous forest to safety and then vanishing without thanks or welcome. FOREVER! :pinkiegasp:

Personally, I look forward to seeing what happens when someone other than Celestia notices the change to Twilight's shadow (from Titanomachy).

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing that it doesn't mean Apple Bloom has X-ray vision.

1876715 - Indeed, I want to see more about her shadow, unless it was temporary, or only when in proximity to one of the Princesses. You'd think it would be at least passingly noticeable if she's walking around.

I too am curious what her now cutie mark means. I don't think she's going to be happy to have a dead apple-leaf for a cutie mark. What could it possibly suggest other than some sort of relationship with death? Is she undead? Marked in some way by her experiences? Many questions...

Cutie mark for seeing spirits and the undead?


I do believe a visit to Zecora is in order. If anypony knows the straight dope on ghosts its her.

Just because you want to get all technical with definitions doesn't mean she can't raise the dead.
Why you gotta ruin her expectations?

Also: Grogar, Grogar, GROGAR!

Get what I'm saying?

I have to say, the CMC were the best part of this chapter.

Ohh, now that is an interesting talent!

I wonder if she will have options like the Necroscope books deal with? I see a lot of potential in being able to communicate with the dead.

Really liking this story, keep it up good sir! :moustache:


This chapter ends awkwardly. They're talking, and then suddenly there are no more words.

well, when one can talk with the dead, they should be able to summon spirits (like calling out to them, knowing their name or something), and whether or not they can interact with the physical world doesn't really matter (although some of them must be able to, right?) as they can communicate with AB and help through that. what i want to know is how you could potentially bend this into something that benefit farming, maybe she can talk to other spirits as well, like nature spirits or alike.

What do you think if I ended it with the CMC scene instead?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Grogar a necromancer as well?

"That means she nearly died that night. She could of been taken by one of those things! Twilight, this is dangerous. Its a curse not a talent, we've got to do something about it."

I think the applejack needs to be careful and rethink apple blooms story about the blanks, because didn't that whole tragedy start because ponies thought a cutie mark was a curse?

Also, I believe this chapter needs to be expanded, to flesh it out a little and a more rounded cut off point found, but otherwise good and I eagerly await the next installment.


That might work. It does have a more natural ending line.

AB without a construction cutie mark? Blesphemer!
Just Kidding! the cutie mark idea is the most unique i have seen on fim fic.
keep up the awesome work :pinkiehappy:

it may be my lack of sleep but what was twilight going to say i cant think of any curse insult or pout that would destroy innoncences that starts with bugg

it doesn't really destroy innocence, but it's a swearword, and she doesn't want to swear with such a young filly nearby. what she was going to say was "bugger".

Yet another chapter! Awesome job keeping the updating cycle fast :twilightsmile:
However, I would like if there was an in-story explanation of the whole 'blank' incident, as I'm not interested in reading Titanomarchy just to understand that.

It's not from titanomarchy, it's from a seperate fic called story of the blanks, it's a good read, but probly not necessary for this.

and a video game

and a comic version too.

Reading Titanomachy would explain the incessant chanting for more Grogar. (does that count as cowbell?)

On a side note, I am curious as to what you guys think of the changes I made to Technical Difficulties in version 2. I think I addressed the main problems identified by commenters.


V2 is better.

This version has a much better flow, and ends naturally, good work.

See, I like the previous version better.

What did you like better about it?
Any pointers so I can make future chapters better?

this version was better, although i didn't have many problems with the previous version. i see you removed the "how do we fix her part", that's good, felt a little too shortsighted for being AJ, she might be a conservatistic farmer, but she's not an insensitive jerk, i even like to think of her as pretty smart (mathematics not included:ajbemused:).

about the comments though, would be good if the previous comments stayed in some form.

edit: one thing you could do is separate the scenes in some way, they go from the kitchen with twilight and the rest of the apples to Sweetie and scoots knocking at AB's door. it's different from the transition of twi and AB walking, to twi and the apples talking, that was smooth and consistent (no real change in perspective), whereas the transition from twi and the apples to the three fillies was a bit of a fast cut; hence the need for some kind of separation. i only noticed this as i was skimming over the chapter a second time (after the first read), so it's not something big, i just thought i should mention it.

First edition keeps up tension a lot better. The second edition focuses on the characters and their emotions, yes, but after the last chapter, which was all like "oooooohhhh shiiiiiiiiiiit!!", this edition takes the fizz out of the soda, whereas the previous edition keeps the bubbles. Now, I finish the chapter and go "oh look, the CMC are being adorable!" rather than focusing on the issue at hand, which is that Applebloom can SEE GHOSTS. That's the whole conflict of the story, and this chapter turns away from that.

I laughed very loudly at the name kneecaps. Thanks for that.

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