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Hmm... Title seems familiar... :unsuresweetie:

...bah. That one was Antro. That makes THIS one better by default. :trollestia:

>erotic mating book
All of the gusta :moustache:

Wait... Are you saying the old one is gone? :rainbowhuh:

Unfortunately it was taken down because it contain underage sex; :unsuresweetie:which is silly because the story "Snips, Snails, Sugar and Spice" is still on here. I'm not hating on the story by the way, just making a point.:twilightsheepish:
But anyway, you want the original, go here: http://explicit.ponyfictionarchive.net/viewuser.php?uid=2902 and enjoy!:pinkiehappy:

Commence re-read.

Now to await the next parts.

1854949this one don't count as underage sex does it :rainbowhuh:

1855075 Only human underage is illegal. All this is, as far as the law is concerned, is just two or more animals mating.:twistnerd:


“Hmph, fine,” pouted Apple Bloom as she stood to the side and crossed her arms.

Seems like some "human" part of your story has still survived, better get rid of it before people think your ponies are mutants :trollestia:

Whee. A clopfic on hiatus before the clopping begins. Well, at least the premise is believable, to an extent.

I've never heard of a clopfic on hiatus before. I'm reminded of this:

I like this so far. I'm a little perplexed by the idea that Spike finds Apple Bloom annoying. Where does that come from?

The premise itself is interesting and plausible, especially given Apple Bloom's curiosity.

I don't understand why Apple Bloom was wearing that outfit.

Blueballs my ancient enemy. We meet again.

I like it, Narrative needs work.


Unfortunately it was taken down because it contain underage sex; :unsuresweetie:which is silly because the story "Snips, Snails, Sugar and Spice" is still on here. I'm not hating on the story by the way, just making a point

Uh, who told you that it was taken down because of that?
Sleepless in Rarity - Explicit filly Sweetie Bell.
Forbidden Feelings - Explicit filly Scootaloo.
A Fancy Sweet - Explicit filly Sweetie Bell.
Walk Softly - Explicit foal aged Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon and Snails.
Incest of the Ages - Explicit filly Sweetie Bell.
Two Peas in a Pod - Explicit foal aged Twilight and Shining Armor.
After School Special - Explicit foal aged SB, Pip, DT, SS, Spike and others.
And a hell of a lot more.
Not sure what happened to yours, but if it was taken down, I don't think it was because of underage material. Heck, the 39th highest rating 'Mature/Sex' fic is Valuable Lesson, involving a foal aged Rumble.

You're right; it was because it was underage human sex... which is completely different. But still, the story that I mention is still on here. But I over it now.:fluttercry:

I started drinking redbull when I was 9...:scootangel::raritystarry:

The question I want to know is this going to be continue or stop completely.
You have one week to reply.lol

Oh, :ajsmug:it's continuing; it's just that since I started over doing a revision of it, I'm holding off of it until I finish my crossover story... in which I'm almost close to finishing. Afterwards, I will continue it. Also, if you didn't see it, look in the description box to see a link to my original humanized version of the story; that to I will continue when I finish my crossover.:pinkiehappy:

1921980 thank you angelshy also u have the original one at least right that's cool.:pinkiehappy:

This chap made me go Da'www.
Its pretty obvious whats gonna happen next, being wrong never felt so good!

:moustache::moustache:so much swag

:moustache: Our little Swagon his gonna score.

Commence read.

Hereditary roping skills. Cool.

nice story so far - poor spikes gonna get it now xD :scootangel:

Here is a shovel, Spike.
It's best you dig your own grave.

1964945 I'll think Granny Smith will handle the shotgun part of that, and I can think of where they'll be!:pinkiecrazy:

Commence read.

Apple Bloom wants all the kids. :facehoof:

Commence read.

This time it was the overalls. Not that there would have been anything otherwise, considering the change. Now to await Twilight's reaction. Also what of the other CMC?

"Spike sure did a smashing job cleaning my mess."
First thing that popped into my mind:

Twilight visited celestia? Recognized the smell... Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

1965112 A Winny chester (equestria for winchester).

Oh my god!:rainbowlaugh:
Why didn't I see that coming?

You can find out now in the first chapter of my original.:pinkiehappy:
The link is in the description.
If not, you can just wait and see the slightly different chapter on this version.

1966653 I'll wait for now... :scootangel:

I regret nothing. :moustache:

Ohhh so close, Spike:facehoof:. Nice try, but it guess it doesn't help that Twilight is smart, clops herself, and has known you your whole life so I'm sure she knows the sighs of sex play when she sees and smells it, lol.:moustache::twilightblush:

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