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I just hope to entertain people with my fancy horse words. I always appreciate criticism.

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Great so far. :)

It's funny how these kind of fan-fictions are becoming more prominent than the actual Gary Stus we hate.

Hmmm I'm interested on seeing how this story will pan out but more interested on how everypony will behave once the curse is gotten rid off on how they will interect with emeris compared to the other story

i see this ending in one of two ways, either Emeris curse is broken and he manages to find a home and live his life though probably with years of counselling though seeing how the ponies react when its broken would be interesting. the other way is that eventually the curse proves to much and emeris decides to end it, though i hope that doesnt happen

Well, isn't this all sweetness and light?

Hm. I'd love to see the reaction to the typical comeback for "Go to hell"

Emeris looked at the sobbing mare with eyes just as rimmed with tears. "I'm already there."

As said above, if he manages to get the curse broken again, it would be most interesting seeing as how the others would react to him and how they'd interact with him.

Though this does have Tragedy tagged. . .

fantastic, as usual

Interesting. Good to see a different take on this concept.

So how's this for a dark ending:

Emeris tries to kill himself (or get Celestia to do it) due to all the devastation he keeps inadvertently causing, but his power renders him unable to die. This leads to either:

A) He ends up being imprisoned / exiled far away from Equestria where he cannot do any more damage.
B) He gets his powers stripped as per the original story, and while everyone feels horrible for their treatment of him (inverting his treatment in the main story) he is unable to cope with the trauma and guilt.
C) You cut the poor guy some slack!


I know, evolving "meta-game" I guess. I just hope this one's worth the look :twilightsmile:



I do try to warn you :twilightblush:

... I have got to find an opportunity to work that in.


Happy to provide! :pinkiehappy:



So how's this for a dark ending:
Emeris tries to kill himself (or get Celestia to do it) due to all the devastation he keeps inadvertently causing, but his power renders him unable to die. This leads to either:

Entirely possible!

A) He ends up being imprisoned / exiled far away from Equestria where he cannot do any more damage.

Also possible!

B) He gets his powers stripped as per the original story, and while everyone feels horrible for their treatment of him (inverting his treatment in the main story) he is unable to cope with the trauma and guilt.


C) You cut the poor guy some slack!

And why the fuck would I do that? :pinkiehappy:

Well, what the hell. Bring it on!

Though, you did ask permission to use the character, right?


Yes, I checked with myself, it went a bit something like this:

Andoriol: Hey, me, can I use this character for this plot bunny?

Andoriol: I don't know me, it's kinda dark.

Andoriol: But it could be totally awesome and poignant and cool!

Andoriol: Again, very dark.

Andoriol: We haven't flexed our writing muscles much y'know, and writing creepypasta/horror isn't something we've tried before.

Andoriol: True, but still, do we really want to torture him like that?

Andoriol: Duh?

Andoriol: Touche. But what would be the point of it? We shouldn't just torture the character just to torture him.

Andoriol: I have an awesome idea, see?

Andoriol: Hmm, true, that could be rather heart-wrenching... Alright me, you can use him.

Andoriol: :yay:


Man, you also took his user name? I do not want to know the conversation on that! :raritywink:

Awww, so in this story Celestia adopt Emeris as his son, that explain the whole prince thing, that is a very nobel gesture from her, I can't wait to see how this will continue and how did she will get rip of the curse

So when they remove his curse the reception the general population's reaction would probably be the opposite from the other story?

I can't figure out the comment that started mind clearing it up a bit I'm a bit confused :applejackconfused:
also DEPRESSING AS :yay:! but really brilliant

I'd prefer it to be lighter, but it is still interesting.
However for me personally Emeris's interactions with other ponies after curse is lifted (if you plan any not dark ending of course) is much more interesting.

Launched into the earth's core, enjoy your eternal hellfire emo kid~!

Well, way I see it, when (or if) they get to the curse removal it'll either remove the curse and leave him as an Earth Pegasus (as opposed to an Earth Unicorn) or, and this one's more likely in my opinion, since the Element's of Harmony were needed to remove the curse in the original story they'll only make things worse. Think about it, when they were first used on Nightmare Moon, they banished her to the moon for 1000 years instead of turning her back to Luna. Here, not only is Emeris/Nega-Gary (what I'm calling him) a source of chaos, but the mane six get all, well...:ajbemused::flutterrage::pinkiecrazy::twilightangry2::rainbowdetermined2::duck:(no angry Rarity icon sadly). The results won't be pretty. I'm putting money on what 2003340 said and he'll be banished to the core and burn! And of course, being the Elements of Harmony, they'd make it as painful as possible. When/If he gets out, he'd be insane!

...shit, I just gave you an idea didn't I?

1822565 1861510
No comment~ Spoilerz.

Sadly, this is supposed to be a bit depressing. But what are you confused about? I'll try to help :twilightsmile:

Glad you like it, hope you'll enjoy what I do with it once I get to that point :pinkiehappy:

Ya gotta admit though, he's got better reasons to be emo than most :rainbowlaugh:

That said, he shouldn't come across as whiny, sad and a little emo (in the negative connotation of the word)? Yes. But not whiny. If he has, please tell me.

No comment~ Spoilerz :pinkiehappy:

it's not too bad, I was just getting in on the action :pinkiecrazy:

Looking forward to see it. :)
Although I hope work with Twisted reflections will not delay one of my favorite fics (I mean Consequences of course) too much.

2124758 the comment which inspired this

...why doesn't he just off himself? :rainbowhuh:

Well, okay, then there'd be no story, but I can imagine it'd be a solution that would cross most people's minds and there's just no mention of it in his dialogue as to why he didn't do it.

I wonder if I'm just seeing (reading) things, but Rainbow Dash and Twilight don't seem to hate him *quite* as much as the other ponies. They still insult him and give him hateful glares, but they don't throw rocks at him or attack him. Makes me wonder if the curse, here, brings out everypony's inner evil to the surface to direct it at "Gary". Celestia has none, so she's not affected, Luna less (having been purified recently), and the mane 6, being Elements of Harmony, have less inner evil than the average pony, so they're *slightly* less affected.

Knew there as something I was forgetting to address. And he doesn't off himself because it's against his own code. Suicide just isn't an option in his mind.

Cool theory! But how would that explain ponies actions in the original story? How would the curse work in that case?


I'd reply that in the actual story (which I love, BTW) the curse brought out everypony's instinctual want to love and be loved, and ups it to eleven. That's how Fluttershy and Twilight act so out of character under the original story's GSE - their want to love and be loved is perhaps greater than anypony else's.

The one thing that doesn't make sense from this explanation is Luna's resistance, since she definitely wants to be loved... (so does Celestia, but one could argue she already is adored and worshipped by a whole country, so it'd make sense for her not to want any more love). ... I think I'll just go with your in-story explanation that princesses are naturally more resistant to the curse :twilightsmile:

Oh gawd please let this story have a depressing ending. No compassion beyond stuff with Celestia is allowed:flutterrage:

Do me a flavah and make Emeris suffer:heart:


No offense, but I couldn't disagree more. I just read Background Pony, :pinkiesad2: I've had my share of sad endings for the next 8 years.

Please make it no worse than bittersweet, Andoriol. :applecry:

I see where you're coming from, there are a lot of well written sad stories:twilightsmile:
But I say there isn't enough:pinkiecrazy:

Oh well, lets see what Andoriol does:twilightblush:

Ahh, now while I found the concept of Consequences to be interesting it did not truly draw me in, even when I went to read all presently uploaded chapters, fair assessment and all that. This on the other hand presents a more interesting scenario, and the characters draw me in far more easily.
In the original story, despite the logic behind Emeris' suffering I could rarely find myself sympathizing with him, perhaps because the suffering and awkwardness was only mentioned in passing. Here on the other hand not only it is far easier to understand his pain, his upset is described in the kind of detail that allows one to experience it far more fully than "Rainbow wouldn't stop coming on to me". The dead children, the jeers of the regular folk, it strikes a far more effective cord. Though it could be a matter of personal perspective.
Of course, what draws me to desire to see more, rather than being satisfied if the story ended at chapter one as with Consequences is the idea that one blast of the Elements will not undo all the problems. While in the original it merely took some time and an embarrassing incident with a merging spell to undo any damage to the relationship between Emeris and the main sextet. Here on the other hand, the hate is far more easily justified, we see monsters spawning and murdering in gruesome detail, people suffering in ways that inspire loathing and retribution without a curse for such a thing in place. While in the original all the destruction and death all took place off-screen and Emeris at most suffered from some ostracisation. Here dear Emeris can expect the ponies to hate him regardless, the mother of that foal is not going to be able to look at him and simply walk by regardless of whether or not it was his fault, the pain is real and so is the need to lash out.
The populace as a whole can celebrate the loss of his curse, but I sincerely doubt that everyone who suffered as a result of it and his presence will be able to simply move on, and it is that suffering that intrigues me. I wish to see how a person such as Emeris would endure such things and how the main sextet would deal him despite their own feelings over what his presence caused and in turn their own curse brought hate.

Awaiting the next chapter.

"This story will have an ending"

Considering that it's gone 14 months without an update, and the original fic has gone nine... I'm going to say no, no it won't.

Ya know, if Celestia went full on Magnificent Manipulator she could probably still convince the girls to use the ritual in this universe. She'd just need to dress it up as a spell to ultimately destroy Emeris.

I'd love to hear what the cast actually thinks about this version of "Gary".


4984535 An intriguing concept.


Twilight: "If he wants to end the curse, why doesn't he just do us all a favor and kill himself?"

Celestia: "He has tried. Many times."

That's a wonderful line that I wish I could use! But part of Emeris personality is his absolute refusal to attempt suicide (a result of a more encompassing personality trait and promises he's made).

Beautiful line though! :rainbowdetermined2:

5164741 Thank you. I'll try to come up with another one which takes into account his refusal to just simply lay down and die, so you can use it. :pinkiehappy:

I can see a few paths this story could take, many of them good, with varying degrees of darkness. For example, if his innate "ability" to cause these disasters is somehow removed, it might be interesting to see how society's hostility to him changes, if it does.

For example, you might have the Mane Six now trying to be more friendly to him, only to quickly learn he has literally no desire to deal with them and would be perfectly happy if he never saw their faces again for the very long remainder of his life.

I know how I'm going to end it, I'm just struggling to get it all written. It's going to be bittersweet, especially when contrasted to the results in the primary story.

That said, I might elaborate on the idea of him losing the FUCK EVERYTHING aspects of his nature but not the power. Could be interesting :eeyup: / :moustache:

5164813 Good to know. If you need some help, maybe I can do something?

I would like to see that played out, if done well. I also find the idea of him retaining his alicorn form but losing his innate ability to cause mayhem, and seeing how Equestria reacts intriguing.

I... well... hmm...
Normally I don't care for these kind of Dark stories, you know the "over-the-top" dark stories like this.
But despite that I find myself interested and I can't wait for more.
Also on the thing about suicide? What if Emeris went through a particularly horribly dark period where he tried to end his life, only to find that he couldn't?
That'd allow you to use the lines from The Common Tater provided.
Well that and I can imagine Celestia's expression when Twilight says that!

So any particular timeline here when its going to get another chapter?

5213449 I can't imagine Celestia reacting very well to such coldness from her student, and I can see such a horrible suggestion making her angry.

I also like the idea of her manipulating the Mane Six into helping him while believing they are out to destroy him. They deserved to be messed with.

It's not marked as complete. I'm holding out hope for more.

And now it is. :raritycry:

OK, the ending was depressive but strangely fitting for this story. Thank you.

Damn. Just...damn.

I hope Twilight and the others have an epiphany from this. All he ever wanted was peace, and all they ever gave him...was hate.

What a sad ending.
I will be carrying this for a while.

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