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Is it wrong that I have favorited it before reading it…? :derpytongue2:

Well that was fast. :rainbowwild:

Get this added to Xenophilia HQ ASAP, archonix. It's too good to not be as wide-spread as possible.


A what? That doesn't mean lighting your freakin' uterus on fire, does it?

Nothing wrong with favoriteing before reading; I do that often when I don't have the time to read an interesting concept but I want to both encourage the author and bookmark the fic. That said, I read this one before clicking the star, and It absolutely earned it. Great concept and well written :-)

another good addition to the xenophilia universe


I greatly enjoy the Xenophilia universe. And Archonix writes decent stuff. I didn't want to have to scroll back up at the end.

1863167 DECENT?!


Will read.
At least before the end of time.

This looks very promising. Though, so far it seems to imply that Star Sparkle is borderline psychopathic, and Twilight is taking after that. Also, so many questions, I want a picture presentation of the whole Sparkle family now.

archonix is subtly trying to explain why Twilight is as unhinged as she is. It's genetic! :twilightsheepish:

It's always wet and hot.:rainbowderp:

I bet Twilight loves it: :twilightblush:

I hate to go against the flow, but I find Star Sparkle intensely irritating.

People- er sorry, ponies like that make we want to put a .75 through their heads.

And so, Xenophilia falls into my bucket of overused tropes and insta-features. Fuck you all, and goodnight.

This is already shaping up to be excellent. I can't wait to see where this goes. I did love the portrayal of Twilight's parent's in the guide, Lero's attempted interview being priceless. Looks like we are in for a wild ride here. :twilightsmile:

The chapter is built out of 50% flashbacks some of which are inside of other flashbacks. This is bad.

The actual meat of the chapter appears to be Star being abrasive and/or abusive to everyone she encounters. I want to highlight that this would not appear adorable, to a mostly male audience, in the same context if gender was reversed.

The wordage is sound and enjoyable on a whole. Excellent work.

Has she actually meet Lero yet?
Anyway, Twilight's mom seems fun.

Another teen rendition of a story that should always be kept mature. I already know you authors are going to drag Xenophilia out until you kill it.


You got it right. Even this teen stuff is bullshit. The original was perfect, now everyone is just killing it and selling the organs for features.

I jumped in thinking this was a continued side story to the actual story.

Instead, I got a story playing a story, disguised as another story.

Does this mean that I get to look forward to a plethora of expanded universe stories, only vaguely associated with the original, a-la Fallout:Equestria?

If so, then I pass on it.

I absolutely loved the original Xenophilia, it will always be my favorite fic in this fandom. But this bullshit? Feature whoring the story? Probably shouldn't be allowed.

1864403 But it is, and it happens. Sad, though.

Hmm. Well, it should certainly be interesting seeing the spousal interactions amidst the herd, and it's certainly a underrepresented perspective in this universe. I look forward to more.

Crap reasons are best reasons. *nods*

Nope, I did the same thing.

Star is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters you have written. (Or at least I have seen you written.)

Does my mind betray me, or is the extraction of sunlight from cucumbers a Gulliver's Travels reference?

Twilight has an air elemental in her basement? Should we count this as part of the Winningverse as well?

Interesting summary for the story, definitely a read it later as I have other stories to read. I'll be looking forward to give it read since its focuses on a mother of one who is, by the viewer of a pony, is marring to an ape. It'll be good to see from a point of view of a character that's have an unfavorable position on the situation, Hope you execute the story well under your image as well as play with your readers well with toying with their emotions. Good Luck, and I shall read it soon on the coming days :pinkiehappy:

Going onto the read later list, for perusal when I am less tired. Immediate fav and upvote from me though!

Loving it so far, everything about it. The persona you have created for Star and her relationship with Twilight is pure gold. Kudos as well for continuing the expansion of the Xenophilia universe. Your story Xenophile's guide was very good and i can't wait to see more from you. Congrats are in order for giving me another reason to stalk you.:pinkiehappy:

Before I forget I feel the need to comment on the brief shout out you gave to the Winningverse. Yes I saw what you did there, and it was great. If anyone didn't quite catch it shame on you! I'm telling Ponibus that you aren't reading his work.:trollestia:

1863005 Only in the sense that a scathing comment burns.

1863271 Not quite, more... intensely cynical. Think House, with a little more ability to get people on her side.

1863167 That's probably the best compliment I've ever had. :twilightblush:

1864403 Hey. Feature whoring? All I did was promote it to my readers, I never expected it to hit the feature box. I never even expected it to be all that popular given the premise and the characters involved. It's a story I wanted to tell, simple as that.

1864086 She is not a nice pony, this is true. I'm curious why you'd say there were flashbacks within flashbacks. There's scene-setting in the past section but I don't see how any of it could be interpreted as a flashbackception in any way. Could you explain?

1865111 1865416 I've developed a tendency to drop winningverse refs, it's a very bad habit and I should be terribly ashamed, but it's just such a fun 'verse I can't resist stealing bits of it.

Thank you everyone, so far. Even you naughty, naughty disagreeing types. I can't feel happy if everyone praises me all the time.

" Do you still have that delightful air elemental warded down there? He was such a charmer!"


Great start so far, I'm loving Twilights mom so far and the potential fubar behind the whole wedding deal looks very promising. :pinkiehappy:

1865047 I'm sorry, I missed responding to you. All I'll say is... :raritywink:

1864919 She's inredible fun to write, that's for sure. :pinkiehappy:

"Hey, yula pully round sah, heddy lodge way so."

I wasn't aware that a story that could induce spontaneous orgasm could possibly be rated 'Teen'. :rainbowwild:

This is strangely fucking interesting! Another.gif

1866067 :pinkiegasp:

That reminds me, I need to go and read more of your blogs.

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