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Trixie, freezing, isolated, and increasingly desperate, decides to take a risk one night in the Everfree forest. If it doesn't succeed, it's going to be another unforgiving Hearth's Warming Eve.

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Poor Trixie. I'm glad she has a second chance.

I've finished it on a massive cliff hanger. I wonder If anypony really needs a sequel?

1846723 Please Sir. What are these format problems and how do I quell them? *hey. PM me for your google docs so I can let you proof-read/edit/doeverything, thanks a bunch.* and ohoho. I got more fanfictions that that, son. We're talking BIG TIME ERRORS! Oh yes... Get Hype. :yay:

1849208 where's the options for those? (I am not a versed pony in this business) and all right, time to quest for extra reviewers in Ponychan!

Someone need to write a sequel, I absolutely adore this story ^^

*Cracks knuckles*

from home town

from her home town

really really

really, really

s little?

a little

Se tipped her hat

She tipped her hat

kermit life

Lol. No.

hermit life



"Trixie's going to stay with us for a while.

"Trixie's going to stay with us for a while."

A bit confusing at the beginning. Might wanna work on that. Still. Good. Thumbs up from me.

2120288 well played. And here I thought no one could see them. :twilightsheepish: I'm going to go with these story: Woops, Autocorrect. Darn computer... Why do you make me look bad? Thanks for that, man. I still need to brush up on the re-editing. And yes, reading it again. I guess some people that are not me will probably have a hard time. I'll have to get cracking. But that will wait, A new fic is in the works, and this time, I will make sure there is no (or at least minimal) mistakes.

Hmm, stumbled upon this story. And it was marked as read... Strange. I think I read it long ago and forgot about it.

Anyway - the story is nice and you deserve a well-meaning comment.
So, here goes: Thanks for this nice story. Always a fan of Trixie and Trixie-redemption-stories. It was a nice read, heartwarming and cute.

So, have my like.

My duuude, I like it a loooot! :heart: It's hard to believe you typed this much in your iPad while in the states :pinkiegasp: Heck, I bet you didn't have that keyboard accessory for it so it must be really tiring for your fifteen-year-old self HAHAHA !!! So even if it's kind of cringe-y for you now, give your fetus self a pat on the shoulder. Also!! Thank you for sharing it to me in all its glory before posting the new one HAHAHAHA I feel so honored :heart: :heart: Can't wait to read more fics with you!!

anytmei ya weeb sowwy for grammer

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