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The Equestrian emergence was not so simple for the two worlds. When a pony is sent to observe this event and one is sent to guard the other, but sometimes someponies can't observe the fabrics of time and space and expect nothing to happen.
Thank Aegis Exemplar for the epic idea. No seriously go send him a message for the awesome idea.
Also needs cover art, and if you feel up for it PM otherwise deal with my crappy drawings.

Chapters (2)
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Y'know, when I saw this title, I immediately looked for a sex tag. Damn, I've been spending too much time around Regidar. I really need to read some more TCB stories at some point... Still, interesting... work here!
'Her hooves made a clip clop noise'
You are a simply amazing wordsmith.

*looks at the mini synopsis*
Oh this is going to be good.

I did see some formating errors but its too early to judge the story, so I'll just have to wait.

1815306 'Her hooves made a clip clop noise. Then a clop clop noise. Suddenly, mature tag.'

1815398 Suddenly featured box for clop. The Conversion Bureau: Before They Came Everywhere.

1815407 TCB is kinda interesting, although some concepts hurt my brain. For example, the ISS. Why has nobody written about the poor souls aboard the space station! Because humans would live on.

You already wrote that. Now hush while I try and slumber. Its like 4 AM in Australia, I need mah sleep if I am to write.

1815427 I wrote it badly, and jokingly. Also, chuck a shrimp on the barby while a dingo wrestles a wallaby! G'day mate!

1815423 I saw one story where the ISS hit the barrier, turned into confetti, and the crew used emergency potions and were rescued by pegasai? I think it was an aside in one of Chatoyance's.

1815797 Oh, I might have a look at that then. Thanks!

So much thaumababble? But it sounds like something will happen next time. Or, um, finish happening.

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