• Published 18th Feb 2013
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I Am Not the Actor - cleverpun

After one of Pinkie's clones wins the paint-watching test, she slowly finds that "being yourself" is never as simple as it sounds. Especially when everypony has a different idea about who you are, and who you should be.

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2. I Can See That This Is Me

2. I Can See That This Is Me

Pinkie surveyed the bakery. It was intrinsically unfamiliar. They said the bedroom was upstairs. They hadn’t said “your bedroom” or “her bedroom.” Just “the bedroom.” It must be hers now, though.

All her friends had talked about stuff like that for a long time. They had asked her questions, examined her cutie mark, whispered to each other. Her friends were so smart and careful. They wanted to make sure there were no cheaters, that she had really won the contest fair and square.

Finally, after a long, boring examination, they said everypony should get some rest, that it had been a long day. They were right, of course.

“Where’s my house?” Pinkie had asked. She needed to start learning how to be herself, after all.

Her friends hadn’t answered right away. Eventually the blue one, Rainbow, had led her here. “The bedroom is upstairs, on the left,” she had said. They must need to finish up everything. Maybe they needed to fill out paperwork, or something like that.

Pinkie examined the room carefully. It was hers, after all. She loved the décor. Lots of pastel colors, with party paraphernalia scattered everywhere. There were some paper cutouts of snowflakes and ponies on a desk; the previous Pinkie Pie must’ve been working on them before she lost the game. Sure looked like fun. There was also a large whiteboard covered with recipes and sticky notes in one corner. The closet was open; a few outfits were spilling out of it, but otherwise it was well-organized.

Pinkie liked the bed most of all. The covers had a big embroidered picture of her cutie mark on them. Three balloons, because she loved fun. There was a large chest at the foot of it. When she opened it, various toys greeted her. She grabbed the nearest one: a yellow box with a red disc on one side and a red strip poking out of the other.

She examined the toy for a moment, unsure what it was. On a whim she grabbed the red strip with her mouth and tugged on it, sending the disc spinning off to the other side of her room.

Pinkie laughed. She had good taste in toys. She dug through the box some more, and eventually pulled out a dull pink rubber sack. It appeared quite bland.

“What’s this boring thing doing in here?” she asked aloud. She gave it a tentative poke, and felt a small rush of air squeak out of it. Intrigued, she pushed harder and was rewarded with a loud facsimile of a fart.

Pinkie burst out laughing, and continued exploring the room with renewed curiosity.

There was a hamper next to the chest, but when she opened that it was empty. On the nightstand was a big journal, no doubt full of recipes and schedules and other fun things. She’d read it later. It was hers; she’d be able to read it any time she liked.

She was tired, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep. She was too excited. She had a whole new life waiting for her. A whole lifetime of friends and fun and parties and music and who knows what else. She had earned it. It was hers. Shouldn’t she get started right away?

She walked over to the desk with the paper cutouts on it. There was a big stack of construction paper off to one side, and a cup with dozens of different scissors in it on the other. Pinkie picked up a folded sheet of paper, and as it fell open she saw that there were designs cut into it.

“Oh, I get it. You cut the folded paper, and it multiples! I mean, multiplies. What fun!”

She would go to sleep soon. There was no harm in trying the paper cutouts now, though. What was life for if not for fun?

She picked up the scissors. It took her a few tries to figure out how to hold them correctly. She tried using one hoof, then both hooves, and then just one and her mouth. Once she was confident they wouldn’t slip off her hoof, she took the paper and made a few haphazard slices into it. When she finally unfolded the stack of paper it didn’t look anything like the others on the table. That was okay, it was still really fun!

She grabbed another sheet of paper and folded it. The creases didn’t line up at all, but her cut was a little straighter this time. She grabbed a third sheet of paper, and a fourth. By the sixth sheet she had forgotten there was a clock in the room at all, let alone what time it was.

Author's Note:

Trivia: the Pinkie who won is the very first Pinkie that was summoned from the mirror pool.