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I'm Zyr1987 (Rhymes with sir) and I'm currently the only person to write stories about Fleur de Lis to any great extent. I also ship extensively and have been taking to combining the two in my stories


So how did Fluttershy discover that she could use The Stare? After much wondering on the part of Princess Luna and Twilight, she finally tells the story.

The story she tells involves a small lunch, a trip to the Everfree Forest, and one of the Fluttershy's close friends becoming a statue.

This story uses "Luna's Power and Rainbow's Love" as a framing device, but it's not necessary to have read that story to understand this one, aside from unrelated details mentioned at the beginning and end.

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Comments ( 2 )

hahaha :twilightsmile: said: "Like the time you kicked that full grown dragon in the nose?”
:rainbowhuh: said::Yeah,Yeah."

:fluttershysad: Fluttershy
:pinkiehappy: Pinkie pie (Pinkie)
:rainbowlaugh:Rainbow dash (Dashie)

Did a little funny reaction/reading! Great story! :3

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