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The Goal... 200+ mph in the Standing Mile. To Tartarus with academy records, I want to hold a Land Speed Record.


It's that day of the year when Berry Punch goes to visit Mayor Mare. As she makes her trip, she recalls the memories of the time they spent together, and the love which they shared.

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Good job on this. Normally, I would've liked to have looked over the entry for quality control, but the quality of this one was fine, so no biggie.
So, any idea which you want to do next?

1817601 The Big Mac x Cadance one you approved. Already have the rough outline worked out.
Animorphic (or however the word is) is ok?

And I will send you the link before publishing next time, so you can look it over first.

Much better. Plausibility, it adds so much to story, don`t you think?

Really good. I especially like the ending. :twilightsmile: I may actually take some inspiration from this. :rainbowwild:

1819394 1820152
Glad you enjoyed this

Outside of a few typos, very nice.

Well,I cried badly.:fluttershysad:

Finally got around to reading this one. Very moving and quite beautiful at the end. Could use some editing for little things, and I felt that Berry asking Mayor out was a little rushed. Other than that, great story. :twilightsmile:

3546913 That was something I have hopes of doing, having that one edited for broadcast...

I'm pleased that you enjoyed it.:twilightsmile:


Ahh, gotcha. :twilightsmile: Well, if you do need it edited down the line and can't find somebody, let me know. :twilightsmile:

3547681 Will do, and thank you.

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