• Published 16th Dec 2012
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Thirty-Minute Pony Stories - Silvernis

Stuff I wrote for Thirty-Minute Pony Stories.

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267a: Last Letter


This one’s a bit dark. Ye be warned.

Dear Princess Celestia,

How many times have I written that over the years? I don’t know. Actually, strike that—I do know.

Too many.

This has gone on for too long. Far, far too long. I won’t do it anymore. I won’t let you do this to me, to my friends, to your sister, to Equestria. I refuse to be your pawn any longer.

It hurts, you know. I thought you cared about all of your little ponies. I thought you cared about me. You meant so much to me. You were a friend, a mentor, even a mother. Was any of it real, or was it all just part of your plan? I don’t know anymore. I like to think that maybe there was some small part of you that really did love me.

It doesn’t matter now. I’ve made sure you won’t succeed. The Elements are beyond your control now.

They wouldn’t have understood, so I didn’t try to explain. I just did what I had to do. I wish I could have told them, though. Even if they didn’t understand, it would have made it a little less painful. They each died with that look on their faces. I can’t stop seeing them. Even when I shut my eyes, I can see them staring at me, hurt and confused and wondering why I’m doing this to them, why I’m betraying them.

I did it as quickly as I could. They didn’t suffer, at least not much.

I’ll be joining them soon. I can hear the sheriff banging on the door, coming to tell me that something terrible has happened and that my friends have been murdered. He’ll stop talking as his brain slowly realizes that I’m covered in blood—their blood, of course. If he’s not too completely shocked, he might glance inside and see Spike slumped motionless over the crumbs of the gem cake I made him. Spike didn’t bear an Element, of course, but I wasn’t about to abandon my old friend to you.

The sheriff will put two and two together, and he’ll probably arrest me, or at least drag me off for questioning. I don’t care. I don’t care about anything anymore. I know nopony will believe me. They’ll believe you, of course, just like they’ve believed you for centuries. They’ll call me the madpony, the villain. They’ll hate me, and they won’t be upset when you come to destroy me for my crimes.

That’s how it will end, you know. You’re going to kill me yourself. I’ll force your hoof if I have to, and I will have the satisfaction of watching you destroy the tool you spent so much time and effort crafting.

Irony. That’s about all I have left now—savage irony, and a cold pain in my heart that won’t go away.

It’s funny. I used to sign these letters as your faithful student. I was so proud of that. It seems a bit silly to use it here, after all of this, but I think will anyway. I’m not your student anymore, Celestia, but I am a student of the things I once thought you stood for: courage, determination, dedication, devotion, and love.

I love Equestria, even if nopony will ever know it, and I loved my friends. I loved my friends enough to destroy them.

I’ll be waiting.

Your faithful student,

Twilight Sparkle

Author's Note:

This is deliberately vague. I'm not sure how well it works, but at any rate, the idea was to raise questions about Twilight's reliability as a narrator. Did she have a good reason for killing her friends, or did she merely THINK she had a good reason? You decide.

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