• Published 11th Jan 2013
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Party Pooper - NYQUTIE

Just a quick sad story about the perky party pony we all know and love. Even the best get depressed once in a while...

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Bad Things CAN Get Worse

"I just don't understand Gummy; I just don't!"

The thick wooden floors of Pinkie's bedroom groaned beneath her hooves as she paced frantically back and forth in front of her messy bed. She sidestepped a layer of sky blue sheets and whirled around, her hair lightly smacking the tip of her nose.

"How, no why, in Equestria would I ever break a Pinkie Promise? And for the princess, too! Oh, and saying it was no big deal was a big mistake Gummy! I dunno what's wrong with me! I'm not sick...and Opposite Day was a month ago."

Pinkie's sad baby blue eyes swam over to her only toothless companion. Yet Gummy's emotionless blue eyes didn't do Pinkie any good. One of his eyelids slowly sunk down to cover his pupil while his other eye gazed down at the floor. Sometimes Pinkie wondered late at night if she was ever raising a zombie alligator or just a plain alligator.

"Y-you don't think I broke my promise on purpose, do you Gummy?" Pinkie's small face scrunched up into the most adorable, eye-melting pout in Ponyville. As an added effect, her bottom lip quivered nonchalantly and a few "tears" inched their way toward the exit of Pinkie's pupils. Gummy, of course, stared back at her with no emotion. Occasionally his mouth sagged open, producing a hollow dry croak.

"Gee, I can always count on my only pet to cheer me up," Pinkie stated flatly, her depressed face snapping into annoyance. Not wanting to waste any time, Pinkie padded down the stairs, being extra cautious not to disturb the twin Cakes' afternoon nap, and slipped out the bakery door.

The evening sky acted like painting settled on a canvas; hints of gold and red seeped through the crystal blue sky, making what was once a pleasant and sunny afternoon a warm and inviting evening. Yet the ever-growing night wasn't what Pinkie was concerned with. It was the well known fact that her shy and animal-loving Pegasus friend wasn't replying to her frantic yells and screams. And the more the silence caused Pinkie's heart to beat three times faster, the faster and louder Pinkie pounded on light wooded door.

"Fluttershy, this is super-duper horrifyingly important, and you have to come out! It involves one of my Pinkie Promises, and Princess Celestia! Oh, and Twilight too!" Nothing. Not even a single breath.

"Fluttershy, please! You have to come out here right—" Creeaaak...

"Wh-what is it? Can't you see I'm...busy?" Pinkie's head cocked to one side, her eyes trying to adjust to Fluttershy's appearance. Normally, the yellow Pegasus would open the door to show her full body—or her face. A dull subtle darkness cloaked itself around Fluttershy, making her look dark and cold rather than shy and graceful. Her light pink hair, which always looked marshmallow soft, seemed to look like an owl and a snake wrestled over a mouse inside. And her eyes.

"Fl-Fluttershy, what happened to you?" Pinkie's question barely escaped her throat. "Your, your eyes..."

"So I've been crying my eyes out, what's it to you?" The same expression Pinkie had had earlier with Twilight's snarkiness about it just being a Wednesday returned a millisecond later. Now what had she done?

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry for whatever I did or didn't do, and I hope we can still be friends," Pinkie said exasperatedly, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"

"No, I don't think you can! Unless you can bring a certain mocking bird back to life—" At the word life, Fluttershy instantly hunched over, her shoulder blades shaking as a stream of tears trickled from her eyes, creating a tiny pool of water. Now, Pinkie, and any other pony in Ponyville was used to seeing Fluttershy shed a tear or two, but to see her sob her eyes out was far too much for Pinkie to bare. Shooting into Crisis Mode, she immediately knelt down on her knees, wrapping her friend in a comforting hug.

"Fluttershy...what happened today?" It took the Pegasus a great amount of time to utter a few heartbreaking words to Pinkie's ears:

"One of my bird friends...passed away this afternoon." Pinkie could feel her own tears of sadness sliding toward the brink of her eyes. But she didn't realize her mourning friend hadn't finished speaking yet.

"And...and you Pinkie Promised you'd be there to help me aid for him!" Her arms turning into noodles, Pinkie practically flopped toward the concrete ground. Hearing these words in a simple sentence make her stomach churn and her lungs shrivel up into raisins.

"I know he was getting too old to fly or even care for himself, but you...you said you'd be by my side to help him raise his needs," Fluttershy sobbed on. "I was too busy because of my other animal friends that I forgot to feed him! Just before I was going to feed Angel Bunny, I found him lying near a potted plant—but he wasn't...breathing...!" Pinkie could tell it hurt Fluttershy more to say those words than having her earth pony friend hear them escape her mouth.

"But...I'm not mad." Pinkie's ears perked up slightly. Her back slowly arched into a comfortable position until she was standing on all four hooves.

"You're, you're not?" Pinkie hissed, the corners of her mouth stretching into a satisfied smile as Fluttershy shook her head no.

"I'm just really disappointed because I expected better from you, Pinkie. How...could you?" Bam! Those words hit Pinkie like a stone. But those three dreaded words how could you nearly made her topple over. As the small door squeezed between the hinges, Pinkie herself felt like she was being squished in an uncomfortable space. The world around her just didn't seem like Ponyville anymore. The once jolly and colorful home seemed like....a nightmare.