• Published 11th Jan 2013
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Party Pooper - NYQUTIE

Just a quick sad story about the perky party pony we all know and love. Even the best get depressed once in a while...

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Just a Wednesday?

The vast land seemed to swallow Pinkie as she trotted alongside the lush green grass. The wind seemed to beckon her to quicken her pace and accomplished its request. The pink party pony went from trotting to bouncing until she seemed to be tickling the clouds with her poufy hair.

"Pinkie...!" Pinkie skidded to an abrupt stop and whipped her head in all directions. There was no clue on who could've called her. Shrugging it off, Pinkie continued her merry way, passing tall trees and prickly bushes.

"Pinkie...!" There it was again!

"Hello? Anyone there?" The silence seemed to tease her as Pinkie's eyes wandered in every possible direction. Teeny tiny beads of sweat trickled down her forehead, making her shiver like crazy even though you needed a microscope to prove the sweat was there.

Against her own will, Pinkie shuffled through leaves and looked behind stumps for the mysterious voice. But the more she searched, the softer the voice called her name. After a rough ten minutes, the voice seemed to vanish, leaving a confused yet satisfied Pinkie to continue her walk. Yet the certain cliche was born once more as the same voice called Pinkie's name for the twelfth time. Though it wasn't soft and sweet like it had been earlier. Oh no. This time the voice sounded upset and demanding, as if Pinkie herself had done something offensive.

"Pinkie, get out here! I know you're in there!" the voice screamed angrily. "Don't make me come up there!"

"Wait, what...?" Pinkie didn't even have time to complete her sentence. Her eyelids grew heavy as the land before her dissolved into dust. Watching it dance away, Pinkie settled her hooves to her temples as the world grew dimmer. Before she blacked out, a silhouette that resembled a sturdy figure stalked over to her, uttering three simple syllables:

"How could you?"

Pinkie's body lurched forward at the sound of a hoof pounding on a wooden door. It took her exactly two seconds to realize she wasn't in Dream Land anymore. And the pony screaming her name over and over again wasn't a mysterious stranger like the one in her dream. It was Twilight. And by the sound of her voice and the volume of her hoof banging against the bakery door, Pinkie definitely knew her friend meant all business and no play.

Sighing and groaning, Pinkie slithered out from under her comforters, gently pushed Gummy out of the way, and trudged down the stairs. The dry sunlight wasn't the real disadvantage, Pinkie realized, once she opened the door; it was seeing her unicorn friend's expression when her eyes adjusted to the light.

Twilight's face was drenched in sweat, and her face was tomato red in anger. Or she could be really tired, Pinkie thought as she gently pulled her friend inside.

"Twilight, what's wrong?" Pinkie questioned carefully. "And how come you came so early in the morning? It must be eight or something."

"Eight? Eight in the morning?" Twilight screamed. "Pinkie, do you even own an alarm clock? It's five o'clock in the afternoon!" Pinkie stepped back in alarm at the shrillness of her friend's voice, but what really threw her off was how late it was.

"But I've never overslept in my whole life!" Pinkie objected.

"Well you sure picked today to do just that, didn't you?" Twilight snapped. "On this day!"

"What's the big deal?" Pinkie argued. "It's just a Wednesday!"

"Just a Wednesday? Just a—" Twilight paused, a long groan escaping from her lips. But really, what was the big deal about a Wednesday? It's not like there was some special occasion. Pinkie sure would've remembered that.

"Pinkie, today was Princess Celestia's birthday!" Or...maybe not.

"W-what?" Pinkie sputtered. "N-no! It can't be!" A puff of pink smoke took her place as she zoomed back upstairs to her room. Rummaging through her dresser full of emergency party supplies, she fished out her calendar and flipped to the correct date.

"Wednesday...Wednesday...aha! Twilight was—" Instantly, the pink smoke from downstairs vanished as Pinkie ran back downstairs, filling its place.

"Twilight, you were wrong! See? It's not the princess's birthday!" Pinkie smiled triumphantly as she handed her friend the mini calendar. Twilight snatched the calendar out of Pinkie's hoof with her magic. Pinkie's smile stretched further across. She could just visualize the calendar flopping onto the floor as Twilight got down on her hooves, begging for forgiveness. Pinkie would then feign anger, but only for a split second once she gave her friend a forgiving hug and tell her everything would be alr—

"Pinkie, you were on the wrong month," Twilight stated flatly, tearing off the expired page to a fresh one. "See? Right there! You even circled it in marker and wrote 'Princess Celestia's birthday; MUST NOT FORGET!'"

Pinkie's heart dropped. "Oops."

"That's all you can say? Oops?" Twilight asked. "A mandatory apology is better than a little oops!" An unknown amount of anger toppled to the brink of Pinkie's calm meter. It wasn't her fault she overslept! Due to the Cakes' unexpected vacation, having to take care of the twins and Gummy, and trying to schedule some quality time with her friends, Pinkie hardly ever slept a wink at night!

"So I missed one lousy—no offense princess!—birthday party. I'm sure she had lots of presents and cake there. I mean really, what's the big deal?" Without thinking, Pinkie erupted into her contagious laughter, nearly striking Twilight in the face as she rolled around on the polished bakery floor.

"Yes, very funny indeed." Pinkie's eyes widened in horror as the laughter that had just escaped her mouth got lodged in the back of her throat. Just like the figure in her dream before she woke up, Princess Celestia herself stood before the pink pony, her facial expression holding enough strictness.

"Um...I, uh..." It wasn't like Pinkie to sputter, but the princess had caught her off guard so badly that she couldn't hide her sudden embarrassment. She gazed at Twilight for help, but the look on the unicorn's face dared Pinkie to say something else.

"Princess Celestia, I...I'm so sorry! I didn't mean any of those things you heard me say! I didn't think you were listening and..." Pinkie's voice trailed off when she noticed the princess's strict expression change into a frown.

Well, a frown's better than a glare, so at least I'm getting somewhere, Pinkie thought happily. Argh, this is no time for rhymes Pinkie! Focus!

"Sooo...just to be clear, you're not upset that I completely forgot the one day of the year where you celebrate the miracle of you coming to life in Equestria and saying it was no big deal eight seconds ago?" The princess blinked at the wordy question, and Pinkie silently prayed to herself that her gift of speed talking made the princess forget why she was at Sugarcube Corners in the first place. For five minutes, at least.

"No, I'm not upset dear," Celestia spoke at once. "Being upset would be irrational. I'm actually quite disappointed because, as I recall a few days ago, you personally made one of your Pinkie Promises that you'd show up a little bit early to set up preparations for the party. Is this or is this not true?"

Pinkie's insides went dead cold as if she'd swallowed a ten gallons of water shipped from Antarctica. Never, ever, ever in her life had she broken a Pinkie Promise, and she could not (with a capital NOT) believe her ears.

"Well, I think I've made my point clearer than it needs to be," Princess Celestia finished. "I should go now. I have a lot of work to do. That's a promise I can make. And keep." Pinkie could hardly reply as the alicorn goddess spread her wings and took off towards the sky. After that, Twilight began retracing her path back to the library, but not before leaving three single syllables that stung Pinkie's ears:

"How could you?"