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Apple Bloom's party is coming up soon, and Diamond Tiara is making fun of Apple Bloom always having baby parties. In annoyance Apple Bloom blurts out that she is going to have DJ Pon-3 at her party, the only trouble is that this is a lie! With hardly any time before her party, Apple Bloom and her friends have to try and find a way of not only getting DJ Pon-3 to the party, but also getting everything ready for her arrival. If she arrives.

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(Joke) Alt. Title: Party Cloudy: Cutie Mark Crusader DJ Getters YAY!!!

I really liked reading this. Good job! :pinkiehappy:

lol, need moar likes

The way this story is written leaves much to be desired, but is still a story you get past some of the unusually wording.

Ugh! Celestia, you and your weakness for cake!:facehoof:

Remember, Celestia: The Cake is a Lie...

:facehoof: :twilightblush:

Is there huh applebloom?!? XD

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