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21 year old Steve Richards is an airman in the United States Air Force as a maintainer rank Airman First Class. He planned on going on deployment soon to Iraq until he met the one thing that he really wanted to see, and at the same time, didn't want to say. Derpy Hooves. Refusing to have to give up something so special, he decides to buy his own house immediately on base. Now he must hide her from anyone sight, or it could mean the end of his career and a gateway to a shitty life for the remainder of it.
(Image by MapleSunrise on DeviantArt)
http://2tailedd3rpy.deviantart.com/#/d5nvv1v Link to deviantart version

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Of course.

I'm liken it. I want to hear more of this story. It has me interested. How exactly do you hide a wall eyed Pegasus on an air force base?

Sorry everyone, just added a comedy tag since you'll get to see some of Derpy's antics :derpytongue2:

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