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Patches and Bill, Private Investigators (License Pending) are asked to use their snooping skills for the good of pony-kind when a murder (something almost unheard of in Equestria) threatens to upset the peaceful town of Ponyville. Since a gig is a gig, the duo agree to solve the crime. But they do things their way, no matter what the locals think of their methods.
Twilight Sparkle will learn no lessons of friendship from these two.

A little background: Patches and Bill are two detective characters who first appeared in one of my earliest written "works", a screenplay I co-wrote in high school with a friend. I've grown quite fond of them, and whenever I find myself in a new location or situation, I try to write a related Patches and Bill story as a sort of right of passage.

Patches and Bill stories tend to be dark and irreverent. They also usually feature innocent or hapless characters getting harshly alienated by the detectives. For this reason, I don't expect an overwhelmingly positive reaction to this fiction. But I feel I have to start somewhere, and this project is one I can get off the ground easily. I guess I shall make it my goal to ensure that my next project is one that will earn general approval from the community.

The one thing I can try to justify this story with is that I have seen relatively few fics where multiple human characters arrive in Equestria together. I am confident that this situation would be radically different from a "lone human" story.

I wish to achieve the following with this fanfiction:
Keep a reasonable amount of focus on the established characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Write something that is funny.

Sources of Inspiration:
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes
The works of Buster Keaton and the Marx Brothers
Twin Peaks
My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic

Please criticize before you praise

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Took the words right out of my mouth.
Seriously are you on here 24/7?:rainbowderp:


*eye twitch*
'Just regidar being regidar axel come on!':facehoof:

Hmm... interesting. Keep it up. I'd like to see more. =)

Actually, I've realized that there isn't any sex. Just innuendo. I was just being safe. I think I'll take that flag off.

patches and bill used vitriolic best buds!

its super effective!

twilight sparkle flees from battle!

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