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Just a guy with some words. I love and tolerate all. Really don't understand hate but whatever.


Spike is different. Derpy is.....well different. But love is there all the same. Will they break under the prussure and negativity or will they handle things Differently.

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I'm nothing special, so what should I do?
I'm on a plane!
I can't complain!

Wow looking now I see a crap load of spelling mistakes. It was 3 in the morn when i wrote this so i wasn't exactly at my peak. Still i'm glad to see you all like it.It makes me smile a smile that rivals any and all smiles. Chapter two is on it's way so hold on and get the chesse.

Poor Spike... I know that feel bro.
Perhaps I missed this, but how tall is Spike now? I didn't see any mention of it and it'd be much easier to picture him if I knew his height.

Both your stories are awesome man.

Thank you soon much. I know I haven't posted in a while but it is coming. Look out for it

Can't wait for this next chapter!:pinkiehappy: spike and derpy is best shipping and the details were:rainbowkiss:!!! Love the story and I'll keep on look out for next chapter!:moustache:<B:derpyderp2:

2220111 Thank you. I'm glad to hear you like it. I always end up writing at night and so i never realize my mistakes. I need an editor. Anyway it will continue and stay sweet. Pinkie promise. Now i sleep.

Please, moar. This is a great story.

i fakking loved this story, and this may just be my huge ego talking, but thats alot coming from me seeing as how i dont enjoy many stories on this site, it would be a shame to see this uncontinued

I am liking it so far. You have me hooked already. I've always liked stories about these pair and yours seem to have really caught my eye. Can't wait to see where you are going with this. I'll be waiting eagerly for your next chapter.

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