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Bucking hell... you weren't kidding when you said grimdark... :rainbowderp:

Extra points for making me laugh! :rainbowlaugh:

It was better then I expected. :pinkiehappy:

Alt. Title: Rarity Plays The RENT: What You Owe

your insane like me:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

1811245 lol Glad you liked it!

1811533 lol, it was a challenge, and I got extra points for making it as abusive as possible!

come on,:pinkiecrazy: spanish inquisition anybody?

1811725 Actually, a friend told me that the anal post was a common implement of torture during the Inquisition.

1812256 Bad image link I am guessing. You might wish to try again.

So, a retribution for a crime is an identical one?

How dull and pointless. Is this really a revenge worth having, if in the end you end up doing exactly same thing?

1812478 To some, the belief in An Eye For An Eye holds true. And maybe Dash and Braeburn will pay as well, someday down the road. To the two of them, it must have been worth having.


Seriously? Ten years in waiting, and some physical pain is the most revenge that can be had? How naive.

For crying out loud, it`s not revenge, nor retribution. It`s barely a tantrum. So the perpetrator dies. So she gets to suffer a little. Big deal. Does that really make up for ten years in waiting?


Nah. As noted in story, original victim was the husband. Then, when it turned out there were witnesses, they were removed as well. So the husband is the core of problem. Why he was murdered? For money and unrestricted fame.

With this in mind... the proper revenge should`ve taken away that much first. Strip away the fame, expose the rotten core, let the money trickle away, have it squandered on trying to buy off the inevitable. Orchestrate the fall from grace, make the original crime pointless. And only once that much is done, reveal the reason for this downfall.

Physical pain is fleeting and short - any body is wired with certain threshold past which it simply ceases to register. The pain of failure, however? The pain of shame and disappointment? Those pains tend to last for long. Months ,years, decades...

Truly masterful revenge would`ve coerced the perpetrator to commit all of the physical abuse to oneself of their own free will. To bring oneself to the ruin, physically now that mental ruination is complete. It does not matter if it`s an atonement or delusion, in the end.

1812764 So, why didn't you write the story the way you want it written? Or are you just going to sit there and complain about the story, on how it does not fit your personal tastes of what a story should be?

This comment could have been considered constructive, but the bitterness within just moves it into the destructive column.

Now, do you have a story that you could point to as being a much better example? Mind you, if someone else wrote it, then it does not count. Give me an example of YOUR work that would be better than what I have written.


You`re welcome to check my userpage and read any of the stories I`ve penned.

I doubt you`ll find something akin to your story though - I tend to have all of my characters have logical reasons for doing something.

For example, if I happened to write about Rarity desiring to marry Fancypants, she wouldn`t be interested in killing him off soon after. Why? Because there are much easier targets around, like Jet Set and Upper Crust. Stallions who are ostensibly just as rich as Fancy Pants, while NOT being quite as gifted with common sense and sharp wit, and therefore much much easier both to charm into marriage and dupe into death.

Conversely, Rarity also would not do anything that could`ve clued Sweetie Belle in - Sweetie is not the sharpest tool in the barn, and it would be pretty easy to either conceal something from her, or play it off as something quite harmless.


Ostensibly, the stories where I have anything even resembling the general tone would be "Faithless" (Jilted Twilight takes revenge on Celestia, sort of) and "Overgrown Rainbow" (Though in this one, revenge is still in the making).

1812897 As I said, GIVE examples, as in links. because I have better things to do than chase down stories from someone with an holier-than-thou attitude who is (maybe) attempting to give constructive criticism, but is coming across more spiteful than anything else.


Dude, what the hell? I think you`re perfectly capable of clicking on my name and selecting "Stories" tab.

If there`s anyone with holier then thou attitude here, it would be you, I`d say.

1812974 Since all that is going on now is your getting butthurt in this conversation, and I am getting bored, I say, "move along now" so I can go and do other things, and you can go find a story to read that is more to your liking.


I have half a mind to go all :trollestia: on you just to see what other pearls you will post.

Seriously enough though... Don`t provoke people like that. Even the most good-natured commenter will start trolling you after a few comments like those.

1813022 you started out with a near trollish comment. I replied with a polite and simple explanation to the point you made, you replied with something that could easily be thought of as blatantly trollish. I reply rationally, you get angrier with your replies...

Now, who would be the troll here?
Especially with your implied threat. (Which, by-the-way, was childish enough to almost be humorous.)

And I quote:

I have half a mind to go all :trollestia: on you just to see what other pearls you will post.


Aw. I guess there`s no question about who`s rear is in pain, now.


Look, it`s really simple. The tone of comments you receive depends, first and foremost, on how you respond to them. If you elect to assume you`re being trolled, everything will come across as trolling to you, regardless of what commenter really meant. Then, you respond as if you were trolled... And blammo. You get trolled for real, because at this point, you`re pretty much asking for it.

Do not provoke people if you don`t want to be trolled, it`s as simple as that. There`s only so many times you can insinuate someone`s a jerk before they take a clue and start being jerks to you for real.

1813099 Ah... I like how you assume I was butthurt. That, or maybe you're just trying to redirect, so as to make yourself look better.

I think I know who the winner is in this convo. That would be all those who read the comments section for arguments which they may find entertaining. Maybe you might have won as well, depending if you have wasted enough time to your satisfaction. I don't know really, and frankly, it doesn't matter one way or another.

Now, are you going to continue stalking me all night like its the plot to some badly written Princess Molestia clopfic?


Well....where was I in all this? I seem to have missed the party.:rainbowdetermined2:

1837009 It was an interesting evening lol


I see....I'm jealous now.:fluttercry:

1837046 Question, What would you think of someone doin a reading of Gam3rs?

1837070 Because I was thinking of doin that.
I would have considered doin the Dark Descent stories, but I am trying to avoid sex in the readings lol


Well idc if you do.

1837093 Thank you. And it looks like one of mine will be done by someone who does a lot of these.
He kinda was the one that influenced me to do one.


I'm pretty sure Molestia will rape you once she finds out.

1837109 And how is that a bad thing? :rainbowwild:


I'll see you on Skype....:trollestia:

they all will die mwaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:pinkiecrazy:

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2033080 Do you hate Rarity as well?

Comment posted by Sinful Pickle deleted Sep 10th, 2015

2033100 Secret fantasies or erotic torture?

Comment posted by Sinful Pickle deleted Sep 10th, 2015

2033128 LMAO!!! I love the way you think!

Comment posted by Sinful Pickle deleted Sep 10th, 2015

Offends me? BUCK NO! I LOVED every single second of it, I HATE Rarity so I'm so glad to see something so dark and cruel be done to her, you sire are a genuis, I love you so much right now (no homo) Shit....this made my day and I was having a bit of a bad one, thank you, thank you so much....I...I'm going to cry now from happiess just....thank you:twilightsmile::yay:

2033292 *hugs*

2033321 Glad to see you enjoyed this! And I can so very much see Rarity as a murderer.

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