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A Pegasus pony wakes to find himself in a stable testing room with few memories and only a letter from his sister to remind him of his past, and some un-natural abilities. As he makes new friends and reunites with old friends the true nature of the Forgotten Wasteland gets revealed, as well as signs of other survivors of The Vault's Experiment. Starting with almost less magic than a baby unicorn Silver Aura can only barely use telekinesis and must learn how to use the abilities granted to him by The Vault.

Ask Silver Aura(from the story):http://asksilveraura.tumblr.com/

Fallout 3 mods:

Dash's Lightning:

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Comments ( 95 )

me again, im at chapter 2 and im rly liking the story so far, you should get an editor to help you with all the small grammar and writing mistakes in it tho, ill comment more when i read it all the way to chapter 4

You never told me you had finished chapter 4 or 5


I only finished Chapter 5 last night.


thank you, I plan to. Sometimes i hit writers block so it may take a while to get a chapter out but I don't plan on stopping until i finish the story.

Great work i wish i would have noticed the story had updated sooner :rainbowkiss: anyways keep up the great work your story was one of the first fallout side ficts and im happy to say you do Kkat's story justice:rainbowdetermined2:

I try to stay as close to canon as possible, I'm glad to see people like my story.

15356 :rainbowkiss: im looking forward to another chapter :rainbowdetermined2: also great looking mod i might just use it :twilightblush:

16225 Thanks, I'm still planning some of chapter 6 but I do hope you like the Dash's Lightning.

So far, I only read a little of the beginning, and my only thought is that you could use an editor.

21361 It get's better, I received a comment over steam that one of my friends thought they were reading something by KKat.

Ya know i got to ask how goes the work on chapter six :ajsmug:

^------The wait for this and all the other fallout ficts are driving me crazy.......ಥ_ಥ.................................................................No........ಠ_ಠ....No tears yet i have to wait for the next chapter six and not a single manly tear was shed that day :derpyderp2:

21683 work on it has been put on hold till things in rl slow down a bit, I got homework and a convention I'm working at this week. Chapter 6 might be as long or longer than chapter 4, my aim is for longer. so it might be a while still.

College homework takes longer than normal homework.

I've begun adding Forgotten Light to the Fallout Equestria wiki. I have only completed through Chapter 3 at this point, but I hope to have the information current by Friday. Please stop by and see how we are doing!

22789 cool, I think you did make a mistake with Cloudy Melody's Race though. She's a unicorn not a Pegasus.

Erm... You should really get an editor. I've seen multiple counts of run-on sentences and capitalization errors throughout the chapters, and if you leave too many in, they can really ruin the quality of a good fic. Otherwise, I like your writing. First person feels so awkward when I try to write in it, but you pull it off.

23928 I do have someone reading the story for me, but they might be missing those. First person comes naturally to me, I'm used to doing rp in second life and other games which might make it a bit easier.

26675 Don't mean to be rude, but when's the next update scheduled for?

I stated earlier about having to deal with rl mostly right now, possibly expect it to be delayed till around Christmas when this term of college ends.

An interesting story so far.

Their ghoul ponies, should be "They're ghoul ponies, "

3102 When can we expect an update?

32315 Awww....


:twilightangry2: damn u, college! Y U No let Silver Aurora Write moar?!?!

THING! :raritycry:

(Not Really)

:yay:<now I haz 2 things to look forward to! Forgotten Light, and the chance that I might get enough moneiz to buy this '95 GT! Not minty, but the guy wants sumwere b/t 1500 and 2500 $$$ for it. :raritydespair: HOW will I ever get enough of teh moniez?!?!?!?!?

:twilightsmile: Enuff 'bout me. Let's get back to how awesome it is that you will update soon!


.... :pinkiecrazy: Don't disappoint! :trollestia:


Thank you for the compliment:rainbowkiss:

I'll certainly try not to disappoint. I've also had some writers block durring the final 2 weeks of this term:rainbowderp:(this week is the last one for the term:rainbowdetermined2:) I still aim to get chapter 6 out by christmas though.

Is there more planned? This looks like it's improving and getting more interesting...:rainbowderp:

I have bits and pieces of later chapters planned, including a piece of the final battle already in my head, just gotta come up with the connecting bits. that's part of why a chapter will take a while to get out is because I get the key bits worked out quickly then making the connecting parts becomes slower.

Quite honestly, I like the idea, and you have an about average writing ability, but that's about it. The grammar and spelling can be quite bad at times, you run on with sentences, you repeat things needlessly, some of your characters attributes don't quite fit their positions/roles, more description could be given, and the story on a whole gives off a quite juvenile impression.

Do NOT get me wrong, I REALLY like the idea of the story, and I think it has potential, but it needs quite bit of work to be done on it if you want to bring it to the next level, and I REALLY hope it does 'cuz I'd love to see you kick it up a notch. So keep going and Imma watch you, don't be demotivated and try your best to improve ('cuz no-one's perfect, right?)

(And if you really don't believe me that I think you have potential, I made this account just so I could attempt to help you improve =P)

if people have suggestions to improve chapter 6 I would welcome them, but please be specific, I ran into writers block a few times while writing it.

Great chapter i really am enjoying your story so far :rainbowdetermined2:



I'm more likely to read a comment that is using proper capital usage than one that looks like you are shouting at me. I only started having the feelings get revealed at the end of one of the more recent chapters. Silver Aura shrugged it off because he figured it was loyalty to him as her CO, he didn't read further into it.

ha, but you see, even though the capitol letters looked like shouting, you still read them. :pinkiecrazy:
the point was to annoy you and by doing so you wonderd what was so important, and read the post.
Also, I didnt read the last chapter becouse the charger of my lap top broke, and it was out of charge after I posted my caps post. needless to say I have very bad karma.

>I'm more likely to read a comment that is using proper capital usage
No offense, dude, but I don't think you have enough of a grammatical high-ground to call his shenannigans - you've got some serious edit-work on your cards, and that's just the spell-checking.

I'm not going to pull punches here - I don't do that, as I expect the same to be done to me.

* Grammar Secret-Police - I'm seeing a LOT of missed capital letters, absent punctuation and typos - I strongly reccommend going through your chapters with Microsoft Word or something, and just getting the obvious grammatical errors, at least.
As a side-note to this point, I also suggest going back, and reading through the sentences out loud, as they are written. Flow is important - if a sentence (or paragraph) doesn't flow, it may need a bit of work.
And watch out for the odd case of "word which is spelt right, it's just completely wrong" (E.g. Ch5, you've used "Cheep" instead of "Cheap".)

* Tense - I think the tense of writing is a bit wobbly in the earlier chapters - I think I saw some slips from past-tense to present-tense, and then back to past-tense. (Argh - you slipped up in Ch6 - "I turn and begin to walk out the door on my way to the factory." The next paragraph begins, "As soon as I got outside" <- this is what I'm talking about, the slips of tense)

* Showing and Telling - I've seen it crop a lot in writing guides, "Show, don't tell". Rather than outright say, for example, "Oleg's axe cut my leg off", try dallying about the point a little, "Oleg's axe swung a silver arc as I watched my leg go flying into the air".
It's more interesting if you have to join some dots every now and again - you haven't said your leg was cut off, but people would read that setence, and go, "Oh shazbot, his leg got cut off."
What does this have to do with anything? The PoV transitions - it's a bit jarring to be told whose PoV we're looking from. On the other hand, if you drop those markers in (sans the text) and leave hints as to the specifics of the PoV character, it might be a bit smoother as you show us that, "hey, we're not following Character A any more, we're following somepony who might be Character B"

* Self-Insert - I'll be (brutally) honest here, I am cringing a lot as I read about the main character. (Who coincidentally has the same name as yours.) Why? It's filling a good deal of "Gary Stu" cliches - Katanas, shares a name with the author, (close) relations to Mane Six characters, "Snowflake" abilities, rugged-handsome charisma.
There is no quick fix for this, not without needing to re-write a huge amount of the plot, I suspect, so I'm not going to penalize you too harshly on this one. But bear it in mind for future stories.

* Canon/Fanon compliance - While you are remaining feasible for the Fo:E universe, I do wonder if you're stepping on the toes of Kkat just a little bit. Soul Jars are some serious-ass black magic; while Rarity had the Black Book in vanilla Fo:E, and Goldblood was said to have one in Fo:E-Project Horizons, just think - how does Blue Bolt (A common grunt) get his hooves on the magic to tear his soul asunder and seal himself in mannequins? If we stick to the established fa/canon, the odds of that happening are very small.

Now, I'm no Kkat, and sure as heck don't have a Doctorate in creative writing; so I may be wrong about the above points, misinformed, inadvertantly voicing an opinion of mine as fact, or putting on the biggest goddamned show of hypocrisy this side of Mars; but I would urge you to at least go back, and consider some of these points. Some will be half an hour's work with a word processor, others might take a week of agonizing and stewing to change.

That said, I am also (perhaps painfully) aware this is a labor of love, and so the choice is up to you; listen to me, or don't, I'm going to keep an eye on this story nonetheless, and see where it goes. Regardless of what you do, if it improves, I'll come back and revise my rating and review.
I sincerely hope that you make me eat my words, and turn around to give this story the 5/5 I so dearly want to give it.


With the self insert thing, this is more like an alternate version of my ponysona, who under normal circumstances would not join the military. As for the katana, I wanted to make the RD themed weapon be something worthy of RD's cutiemark, a katana was the logical choice, not to mention it was the easiest sword to mod into Fallout 3 and New Vegas(New Vegas version in the works).

And for the way Blue Bolt find out, that will be revealed with what magical ability he was to be given in The Vault's Experiment, also if the mannequins were the soul jars then they wouldn't be so easy to defeat.

for the point of view changes, they are done as they are so that it is blatantly obvious even to oblivious readers(no offense to any out there) that someone else took over telling the story for a time. if you noticed I did make it more vague that Silver Aura was badly injured from the hit in the side up until he collapsed.

Hey Silver
I'm DarcySupremest and I run this is little Indie Fan Fiction review site http://www.youtube.com/user/JackleApp#p/u/4/tKBw1lxS4zE
I'm hosting a little Fallout Equestria week and I was wondering If you would be up for an interview on the site?
If you want any more info email me at nicholasdarcy@live.com.au
Have a good one

I started a Ask Silver Aura tumblr account for people to ask Silver Aura from the story questions, I would be answering the questions as the character in the story.

Reads much better than it's original run. Still a few spelling mistakes, but I can point them out later.

Yes! Thank you for writing this an posting it here! This story is what got me interested in fanfics and got me writin my own only after about two weeks of watching the show. Then I lost the story and couldn't find it, till today!


Thank you so much for this comment, these kinds of comments really help to inspire my writing.:rainbowkiss::rainbowdetermined2:

Stealth armor is sexy, Littlewings going to be getting all the mares, just like this guy [img]

Eh i noticed a few errors did you have anyone go over this for you also great chapter man

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