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Dearest Billy,

It is with a heavy hand that I must relay: He is dead, and passed away among his bees only some hours ago. I, too, am not long of this earth, thus it falls to you to publish my final wish. The attached parcel is my tin box--you have ferried it hither and thither before--and it is where notes from all our adventures, spanning two centuries, as many wars and three monarchs had been safely kept. The remaining bundles within, however, we agreed some time ago to never publish, lest our reputations be shredded. However, with his passing heavy on my mind, I cannot forget such cases, so singular and impressive that they prove, without a doubt, that Sherlock Holmes was the greatest detective London, Britannia, and Worlds beyond our farthest imaginations could ever have known.These cases will confuse you--perhaps even tarnish your memories of us--but mark my words: they are as true and real as the paper upon which you read this letter.

Most Faithfully,
Dr John. H. Watson MD

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That is extremely well written! (Not sure if it is based off of a story that was already published or not) But if it wasn't... then good show! :moustache:
--Just needs more ponies
I will watch and see where this goes.


Well, I'm glad to have impressed!
What did you like about it, if you don't mind me asking?

I will be reading this as soon as I have time.
Bad Horse has been notified...

Omahgerd... Following this. A little too high continuity winks quotient, the Rosa-Morrison numbers are flashing, but very good pastische of the original writing, and nice to see crossovers with the classics!

Its classic feel, witticism, choice wording and all-around flow. :scootangel:

I saw this and I came. You earn my like and favorite good sir.

Sherlock Holmes: like a boss...scratch that; is the boss.

A very entertaining read, I'm interested in seeing where this story goes.
Keep up the good work :D

Glad! Mind if I ask why it was so entertaining? Or could improve on, rather :moustache:

Sherlock Holmes and Watson in Equestria...
Watson in Equestria...
WELL WRITTEN Watson in Equestria...



Actually, I gave your comment a thought, and are you thinking of writer's The Casebook of Sherclop Pones? Because that is rather a sound piece.

This is excellently written. You forget halfway through you're actually reading an MLP fanfic!
Can't wait to read the next chapter! :raritystarry:
Sherlock Holmes meets Discord... Oh the possibilities...

This ranks up there with...well, a lot of things I can't remember at the moment. Despite my lack of sleep, however, I can tell you with some confidence that you are brilliant. Simply brilliant.

I like this. It is definitely written in the style of Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle.

Okay, let's take it from the top:

1) Discord is running around mid-Victorian England. This is not a good thing;

2) Holmes and Watson are now in Equestria. Given the urban location Watson describes, they are most likely in Canterlot;

3) Have they stumbled across a human who is enslaving Equestrians for some reason? Or is Discord trying to crossbreed Terran equines with Equestrian ones?

4) Rainbow Dash has again proved that there is no situation so bad that she cannot make it worse with her short temper and lack of forethought.

Just to add, I loved Watson's description of crossing what I presume was some magical portal similar to a wormhole or Einstein-Rosen bridge. Fifty years before Einstein, it would be hard for a writer to find the words to describe the experience but he did well.

I'll be following this unique crossover. Well done on this start! :pinkiehappy:

This is an amazingly well told story. I don't think many can pull of this style of writing but you do an amazing job of it. Take my faves and my likes, do you have anything to add Rarity?:raritystarry::raritystarry:

Things I liked
1) The pacing: You have remarkably achieved a style that presents the breadth of details one would expect from a Holmes story, without sacrificing your readers attention spans. Not an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination.

2) Maturity: Currently you have not insulted my intelligence as a reader. Its clear from your writing style that you have put a lot of effort into your work. Additionally your story seem to have been well thought out and planned from a development stand point, which is always a plus.

Areas for improvement / Caution
1) Characters with purpose: Currently you are not guilty of this writing pitfall. The Holmes and MLP universes are stock full with interesting characters. Often times in these types of stories many writers attempt to include the "whole gang" as it were. Characters with purpose and meaning in the events of a story are infinitely more engaging then pure fan service. But if your current work is anything to judge, then I don't foresee this being an issue in your story.

I hope that answers some of your questions :)

Unfortune twists of fate, I suppose. There are no dislikes, and the comments are exclusively positive, so I'm pretty pleased all the same!

Oh the possibilities indeed :rainbowderp:
Well I do hope you read the second as well! :pinkiehappy:

This chapter actully had me bouncing up and down in my seat the entire chase scene as well at the ending!
Oooooh! i can't wait for the next chapter! THE Sherlock Holmes telling of Rainbow Dash and Twillight!!! This is just to good!!!

*Phew* Now that i got that out of my system all i can say is that i applaude your EXELLENT writing, you are so very faithful to theh way the original SHerlock Holmes stories were written, and i just love how much detail you put into describing the characters as well as their surroundings and landscapes.

Also, i really like how true you are to Sherlock and Watsons character, you write them just like they are in the books, i can't wait to see how Sherlocks rather uniqe personality and with all his quirks will react to the rather colorful bunch of the main six personalities.

This is by far one of the most exiting MLP fics i have read, and me being a massive Sherlock Holmes fan makes it just all so more wonderful!

I've, regretfully, never read any of the Sherlock Holmes novels... but if they're anywhere near as spectacularly done as this is, my friend, then i'll have no choice but to pick them up some time soon. :rainbowwild:

I too haven't read any Sherlock books, but I have watched the Granada Television series. It was so easy to insert Holmes and Watson from the series into the scenes painted here. In fact I'm going to go so far to acuse you off using that as inspiration in your descriptions off their expressions!

Anyway what I want to say is Jolly Good Show so far, and godspeed for the rest your endeavor.


Been waiting for this; I look forward to reading its final form! :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow lost the instance she tried to match Holmes's glare, it's the original Glare which batman somehow inherited.

Old habits die hard apparently.

Did Watson use Holmes' hit as a kind of resuscitator to restart his heart or something? I've never heard of anyone suffering from DTs go down like that so it can't have been him missing his time.

Meanwhile... I suspect that Dash has decided that she's going to give Rarity a run for her bits when it comes to vanity.

The sundial issue interests me considerably, as it should. Holmes is too practised an observer to get that wrong. The fact that the university has a similar feature to a square in Canterlot suggests that this is a journey that has been made before and not just recently either.

I'm gonna try the Holmesian approach to breaking up a squabble, the next time my friends are over.

Only Sherlock Holmes could react in such an awsome way of seeing mini unicorns and Pegasi for the first time. :pinkiehappy:

It works, always. And you saw it here first. :moustache:
Close. Very close. Don't stop what you're doing, by the way. I love this running commentary :twilightsheepish:
They are the hardest to kill.
Thank you, old boy!
Lets hope that it is the first of many! :ajsmug:

Sherlock Holmes and My Little Pony? AND done in the proper Doyle (or should that be Watsonian?) style?
I will be following this story, sir, and vastly enjoying it.

I feel somewhat obligated to read this... for whatever reason.

Air Robert was so close.

Ummm.... I don't generally do this but this one stuck out, and I thought it was funny, but shouldn't that be Sir Robert?

This is brilliant. You are matching Doyle's style perfectly, and writing Holmes like no one else. I greatly look forward to future chapters.

This certainly got my attention.

I daresay that these particular events in this piece of ficion facinate me so. Quite amusing, if I may say. I'll be eagerly awaiting further updates with restless patience.

Wonderful, wonderful! :eeyup:

1884085 Also,

I must be clear of mind, while Watson here, well, his small penchant for the drink has turned somewhat .”

There's a space before the dot, which makes it break into the next line on some settings.
No other spelling errors noticed, though.

Can I preserve you? For SCIENCE? I need more of this in my life, though I did notice the good doctor had made a minimum of 2 typos this chapter. Onwards I go, and may the rest of this be at the same quality.:pinkiehappy:

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