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My house is a library, my mind is a mess, and my imagination is boundless. I love writing and reading, love ponies, and now I'm doing both; I hope you enjoy my stories.


Luna adjusts to her life back home, and with the help of her sister, daughter, and cousin, battle her inner demons and nightmares that threaten more than just the safety of Equestria. Before your duties, family comes first, and family for the royal sisters is a precious thing indeed.

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I always knew that the 'friendly rivalry' between Applejack and Carrot Top would turn nasty one day. Knowing Celestia through Twilight and thus sort of learning the same love and respect for her that Twilight has will keep Applejack in line but it's a shame that it is likely only fear of having a stellar core fragment dropped on her farm that will keep Carrot Top honest.

I know they'd never say it outright, but I think the carrot/apple feud is pretty nasty. Why do you think they keep raising that stupid barn? Carrot sabotage, I say!

Also, vaguely terrifying Celestia is best Celestia. :trollestia:
They need Luna emotes already...

Gonna like, and comment, because this story deserves it. :trollestia:

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