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I love MLP, and I love writing. Hoping to read some awesome stuff here. :)

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Is there any more backstory to this?

Thank you kindly for the link.
I might even read it.


I haven't read the preceding story to this (because the description never mentioned it being a sequel to anything), and I don't really see anything I could be missing.
Rainbow has a coltfriend, they go out on a date, come home and have extremely quick sex.
The only thing I feel could possibly need clarifying is why they're wearing clothes, I guess. Doesn't seem that important of a detail though.

It looks like I probably will actually read it.


See, I tried looking for the prequel before reading this, but all I had to go on was that it involved Twilight getting raped, and this is the only story by the author that was marked mature.
So I had nothing to work with, basically.


True, I added The Sorceress to my read later list now.
Once I get done with that, I may come back and reread this story. I'll probably be able to enjoy it if I've gained an investment in the characters and their relationship by then.

Wow, a lot of comments. Lol.

Ok everypony, be honest. Is this a good or bad fic? It's my very first clop, so I'm not sure if I did a good job.


I am here representing A MLP-Sharpshooter, who formally requests that you rename your OC. He has reportedly been using that OC name for several years now, and he wishes for you to simply rename or alter the OC's name.

I am sorry for any inconvince, and may you have a pleasant day. :twilightsmile:

1776216 Huh, really? Didn't know that. I'll think about it, though there's no reason there can't be two ponies somewhere in the world who happen to share a name.


Alright. Well, he just messaged me, and he decided to simply drop all complaints. Anyway, I hope you have a great day!

nice. its cute:heart::pinkiehappy:

For some reason (green eyes) I suspect him of being a lovestruck changeling.

1779055 Nope, just green eyes. Is it that odd? Lol

1779152 not really. I just find stories that say changelings disguised as a unicorn should have green eyes. (Yes I know he's a pegasus) And I have been reading a little too much of changelings lately:derpytongue2:

that went a little too fast for me, but it was pretty good.

.....................Well then.

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