• Published 2nd Jan 2013
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Homecoming - seeker9709

Twilight Sparkle returns to Canterlot after she was thought dead as a filly, as the Alicorn Sisters try to end the trail of blood and bodies she has left behind.

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Know my name


For miles, only white.

It's a cold, hard environment. A place where you must fight to survive. A place where the outcasts go. I looked out, scanning the snow for anything. I continued walking, trying to find anything. A cave, a house, even a tavern would do. I continued walking listening to the cold wind, and signs of anything.

I tightened the straps of my bags and adjusted my scarf so it was covering my muzzle. I pushed forward, never succumbing to the cold or the bitter wind. If you allow the cold to take you, you will die. It is the harsh world of an outcast. Never trusting anyone else, never staying in the same place, never leaving a trail.

An earth pony would have it easier. They are naturally born with more strength and endurance than other. A pegasus would even have it easier. 'Since they can control weather and fly'.

But as a unicorn, we have it the most difficult. We can't fly, or control weather, or run for an entire day. We only have magic and trickery. Luckily, trickery is my game. But that's not even the hardest part. The hardest part is being a mare. To everything else out here, you're a special kind of weak. You have to really show who you are to stay alive.

I continued listening for the sounds of danger. A regular pony wouldn't be able to find a boulder if it was 5 feet in front of them, but for outcasts like me. Well, lets just say that you learn to see everything, and if you don't, you wont live long.

The baying of wolves could be faintly heard behind me. I turned and saw dark shadows with glowing red eyes behind me. I turned and ran. The snow was deep and powdery, making it difficult for a pony with heavy gear to run, ‘but wolves are smaller and lighter, and able to move much more freely.’

I quickly realized I would not be able to escape. I stopped running and turned to face the pack. They began circling me. The grunts and the smaller ones going around to my side and back, while the leader of the pack faced me.

Rule 1 of the wild: Intimidation. If you're going to run with the wild animals you need to show them just how powerful you are. Not many know, but the look in some ponies eyes can tell you a lot about a them. Direct eye contact is considered a challenge. A mental battle that can decide whether or not you live.

I met the eyes of the pack leader, it's eyes were glowing red and showed no mercy, but mine. Mine were something different. What it saw in my eyes was something it had never seen before in somethings soul.

What it saw, Was nothing. It saw nothing, like I had no soul, that I was just an empty shell, the funniest thing about it though.

It was right.

The wolf let out a low moan, like it was being hurt. Just not physically. It began backing away. The other wolves around me grew uneasy and upset. Like they could feel the despair coming from their leader. One wolf from behind me began growling. The leader barked and snapped at it but it didn't stop.

The pack respects strength. Those who are not strong do not survive. The leader regarded me with one last look. A look of respect, before calling to the other to move on.

I turned and walked past the other members of the pack. They shrunk back and some even seemed to bow, as I walked past.

I continued my journey through the perilous storm. It had grown dark before I came across a small town. Most likely a town full of thieves and murderers seeking refuge from the law, who would never come this far north.

As I walked into town, I noticed the streets were empty. But not just empty. Deserted. The only place in town with the lights still on was the local tavern.

I walked the short distance before throwing open the doors and walking in.

The blizzards wind were forming ripples and my cloak as I walked in. Every eye turned on me. I was right. This place was full of murderers and thieves. It was the epitome of filth. Every stallion's eye was on me. Searching me. Looking for a weakness. Finding any way to take advantage of me, and than defeat me.

I walked past the horrendous crowd and over to the bar looking to get a drink. As I walked, they all watched me. Their eyes never leaving me. I took a seat at the bar, still under the evil gaze of all those in the tavern.

The bar tender came over and looked me over for a few moments. He was a large earth pony with a grey coat and a black mane. He had a smirk etched onto his face as he looked at me. “Well well, what have we here? What's tha matter little girl, did you get lost?”

All of the filth roared in laughter.

“And what will you be having tonight?” He asked with an evil twinkle in his eye.

“Hard Cider.” I replied with disgust in my mouth.

He smiled evilly “That seems a little to strong for someone like you. Sure you wouldn't like an apple juice.”

They all laughed again. He joined in to this time. He chuckled along with his joke for a few moments before freezing. His smile disappearing in an instant.

I smirked underneath my hood. “What's the matter?” I asked him “Cat got your tongue?”

He stood their frozen, barely moving. He gulped before one of the other stood up.

“Hey.” He shouted “What are you doing?”

“Tisk, tisk, tisk.” I clicked my tongue in reply “You colts need to show some respect. Don't you know how to treat a lady?”

Another stood, yelling “Crazy bitch. What are you doing.” before throwing his mug.

It flew through the air but just a few feet before hitting my head it split in half. Flying harmlessly passed my head.

I giggled “You aren’t very good at this are you. I suggest you stop before you get hurt.”

He froze to. “H-hey, I don't want no t-trouble.” He replied. “You better leave. Or y-you w-will have some.”

The others drew their weapons. Some holding them with magic, some in their mouth, and some with their wings.

I giggled again. “Oh don't be so silly.” I dropped all amusement and playfulness from my voice. “I haven’t even had my drink yet.”

They all charged me. They brought their knives and swords down on where I was. There was a small flash and I was gone. They lofted their weapons expecting to find a mangled corpse beneath them, but their was only a destroyed bar stool.

“You know you should try better than that.” I called from the far side of the pub. They all turned to me I sipped from on of the flagons on the table. “Seriously, I could go like this all day.”

“YOU BITCH.” One yelled and charged me. He took exactly three steps before his throat exploded in blood. His head nearly coming off from the wound.

The others looked down in horror at what had just happened to him. “Wha-What did you do to him?” One practically cried.

I finished the drink and stood. “Well. Enough warming up. Now it's my turn.”

My horn lit up and the pub exploded into chaos. Ponies being ripped to shreds by an unseen enemy.

Those who weren't killed ran from the bar. Running as fast as they could into the night. Some only stood in shock.

A few moments later the bar was near empty and quiet. “Well thanks for playing everyone, and thanks for the drink.” I nodded to the bartender who was cowering in fear.

I began walking towards the door, when one voice called out.


I stopped and turned my head to look at who had called me. It was the colt who threw the glass at me earlier.

“Yeeeees?” I asked

He stood there in fear and awe. “Who are you?”

I chuckled “Who am I?”

I turned my back and began walking out the door. “My name is Twilight Sparkle”