• Published 9th Dec 2012
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~Murder is Magic~ Book one: Crimson Bubbles - XxShyShadowxX

Revenge never tasted so sweet, and it comes in the form of crimson bubbles.

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Yes...dark..I know I'm twisted :fluttercry:

Ooh interesting. I just ran out of dark fics to read, so this is going straight to favorites. Looking forward to more.

Next up is Twilight.....

:derpytongue2: muhaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaa

One of the best grim dark's i've ever read.

2700194Muahahah thank you so much! I'm glad you think so XD

Dear Celestia... My god, what have we done!? I heard that it was taken down, but now it's back up...:pinkiegasp:Oh god...

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