• Published 9th Dec 2012
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In the Hooves of an Angel - JaydexTheShadowKnight

An injury from a fire at work lands you in the hospital, and Redheart nurses you back to health.

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I need to ask you stop. That... Kinky or I came... is making people nervous

1767690 I changed to to a video, also I could care less.

Time to commence read.

It's finally out!


Poor Redheart. :raritycry::fluttercry::fluttershysad::raritydespair:

You, man. You.

You're just too damned good at this :raritydespair:

passionate romance with a zesty kick of kinky overtones....then the painful stab of loss...with tender care and love as the only panacea...well played and well situated....tis a pity not many know this kind of passion, and care but tis neither time nor place for such lamentations...good story sir well worth it's weight and stock in depth and character..

So many feels. So many. And all are good.

THERE WILL BE ANOTHER?!?!?!:rainbowkiss::pinkiesad2::yay::raritywink:

Very nice. If anything, Jaydex, I think you've improved. There's not as much filler compared to your Celestia fic, and everything flows smoothly, with rarely any errors. Aside from that, you write lovey-dovey romantic mushy-gushy stuff that makes you feel warm on the inside that's just so incredibly cheesy with all the lovin's you can't help but like it. Keep it up. :trollestia:

Ah, yet another amazing story my friend. I really enjoyed the tenderness of the story and all the special moments there was spent with Redheart herself. I first when the fire scene started I thought the "Tragedy" tag foreshadowed something more heartbreaking because I forgot about something you said a while back. Luckily I was wrong. lol And the delicate sex scenes really helped with the overall flow of the story itself. All in all this was an incredible read and I enjoyed every second of it. even staying up past my normal hours to read it was completely worth it! I cannot wait or your future ideas and fics, my friend.:twilightsmile::heart::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::yay://dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Redheart_smile.png

Oh my Celestia....So many feelings....I need a few minutes. I will post a more detailed post a little later. Also....FEATURED!!!!!!!!

Ahh man, dis gon be gewd!

shall read zis later which reminds me why is there a red heart tag for stories


Oh my God,
oh my God,
if only he knew,
if only he knew,
if only he knew about the world
without the bullshit and the lies.

We could've saved him,
they could've saved me.
But instead I'm here drowning
in my own fucking mind,
and I'll be damned if you're the death of me.

Blood and ink stain the walls,
silently with bloodied knuckles, carry on,
hoping it's not too wrong.
You said the nights were far too long.
Honey, it's just the start of it.

Oh my God,
if he only knew.
Oh my God,
if only he knew,
if only he knew,
if only he knew.
Just stand up and scream,
the tainted clock is counting down.
You gave in to me,
would you say the nights are far too long now?

Oh my God,
(oh my fucking God)
The tears that stain my cheek
must me look weak,
I wear them proudly, I wear them proud.

Just stand up and scream,
the tainted clock is counting down.
You gave in to me,
would you say the nights are far too long now?

Your knife,
my back.
My gun,
your head.

Your knife,
my back.
My gun,
your head.

You need a doctor baby,
you scared?
You need a doctor baby,
you scared?

You need a doctor baby,
you scared?
You need a doctor baby,
you scared, you scared,
you scared, you?

You need a doctor baby,
you scared?

You need a doctor baby,
you scared?
You need a doctor baby,
you need a doctor baby,
you scared?

Looking forward to reading this my good sir!

Just red the story and wow, this is an amazing story and I await more.

I know what you mean, but don't worry, Redheart is a trooper! She'll be back in the next story! :twilightsmile:

You flatter me my friend. I'm just glad my skills are improving. While giving this one last looking over, I was hoping it would be an enjoyable story! :yay:

Thank you for the comments. I like your take on the story, and how you eloquently worded "Love being the only panacea"! I love it! :raritystarry:

Glad they were all good feels! :pinkiehappy:

Oh yes, there will be another! In fact, I've got ideas for at four more of these Redheart fics! :raritywink:

I'll do my best my friend! Glad to see you comment! :yay:

Glad you really liked it Reaper! :twilightsmile: I've got plenty of other stories to come! Oh and after reading it, did you see what I meant, about thinking it best to leave out that scene we discussed? :twilightsheepish:

Amazing story as always my friend.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :yay:

Alt. Title: Like A Surgeon (Angel Hooves Version)

I chatted with one of my fellow bronies about this story. He said it would be something if Nurse Redheart sang a lullaby for the "you" is this story. After hearing that song, I had a great idea for a very beautiful scene. What you read was the result! :twilightsmile:

This story almost had me at tears. You might actually be the first one to have me cry to a fic. My Little Dashie barely nudged me.

:pinkiegasp: Wow, and I know that to be a very moving tale with plenty of sad parts. Thanks for commenting! :twilightsmile:

Okay...so in the first part,all the action kept me on edge with the fire and all..but then came the hospital scene and how Redheart was right there when we wake up...My eyes started to water up. Next came the much awaited lullaby scene...how you painted it...oh sweet Luna! I was gritting my teeth and holding back,while muttering "I will not cry,i will NOT cry" and then when Redheart confessed where she knew the song from...i knew it was over,and i started to sob like a man! I had to force myself to read chapter 2 while sobbing. So much tenderness and love in the beginning! Where you TRYING to keep me sobbing? Because you did! Until Nurse Health Care made her entrance and as expected LOLZ where had,you did a great job just as you promised :raritywink: And then came the love scene :heart::pinkiehappy: so much love!!! And then came the second "Code Blue" for me...The cuddling during a stormy night!!! I can't belive you added it! I really didn't expect it but you did! Soooo awesome :rainbowkiss:. And then...the sadness :fluttercry::pinkiesad2::fluttershyouch: And the you come around and uppercut me with a second love scene! I've got to say Jay,this was beyond anything i could ever imagine,your not a great writer....you are a MAGNIFICENT writer! Labelisa will make an account later so she can thank and congratulate you a little later,right after i give her a little scolding for her little act of treason :rainbowlaugh:.

I would say keep on being awesome...but that would be pointless considering your level,so keep on being yourself! -your faithful fan and friend Vexus Nightwish

1769632 Did Failure cover them, or the other way around?

1769632>>1769808 Hi Poodicus! Hi Regidar!
*swims in a bucket of popcorn*
Oh god this is delicious. :yay:
And just like every great romance that I read I must put this song on the record.

Because Doctor Who. :pinkiehappy:

Finally! I can make my own posts because now i have an account,how do you like me now Fangy? :rainbowkiss: Well mister Dex, i enjoyed your little story for allot of reasons,mostly because of Health Care hehe,and that you used my coltfriend's song in your story. You should have heard him how exited he was while reading it,i swear he acts like a kid sometime,the hunky stud :rainbowlaugh: . Anyway, I'd like to have a little chat with you later on if that's okay.

Hey good to see you have an account now! :pinkiehappy: Glad you enjoyed the story. And sure, we can have a chat later. You can send me a PM or comment in one of my blogs. I'll be on this evening after dinner. I'm about to lay down for a nap, I work night shift. :twilightsheepish: BTW, I like your avatar! Nurse Heath Care, gotta love her! :raritywink:

After your first comment, I didn't expect one like this, but I should have known better! :yay: After you mentioned that story of yours and shared that lullaby with me, and said it'd be sweet if Redheart were to sing a lullaby, I pictured that very scene. I'm so glad it turned out so well. And I originally was going to axe the second love scene, but the more got thinking about the disaster, the more I thought, I can make the 2nd love scene so much more than just a clop scene. :raritystarry: Oh and after the way you described cuddling with Redheart during a storm, it fit my mindset to a 'T' and I thought how awesome would it be to work such a scene into my story! And wow! It turned out so well!

You think it's a great romance! Thank you! :pinkiehappy: And I enjoyed the song too! :twilightsmile:

Uh-oh, I should have put a note in the summary to have a crash cart handy! :twilightsheepish:

Does anyone know a good song I could listen to while I read this. I've been busy Jay that's why I haven't read this yet. I will edit this after then give you my thoughts.

1770457 Edit: I loved it. I'm sad considering Downburst died he seemed so nice. But of course I still enjoyed the story and will look forward to your future stories. Also I completely forgot what happened to your novel "Enchanted Destiny" ?

You want a good song for this. Listen to this! This is the song I think would make a great theme song for the "you" and Nurse Redheart in this story. I was going to work it into this story, but couldn't find quite the right spot. But the lyrics fit the mood of this story, so well! Hope you like it! :twilightsmile:


Stand back,i'm a nurse,i know what i'm doing! Wait...how do you work this thing again...:rainbowlaugh:

Well,my crazy coltfriend payed for it,so of course it's my avi :rainbowkiss: .Glad to hear it,i will send you a pm a little later,but since you are going to set for a nap i got a little something for you. A few songs Vexy was going to post,but since i have access to both his photobucket and YouTube accounts i will just go ahead and post them for him,you know...to help you sleep :raritywink:



Did ya know he plans to make a story of the second song?:yay:

I'll look forward to the PM. And he mentioned several of his ideas. True Colors being one of them. All of his ideas sounded great, to me! :eeyup: Thank you for the songs! :twilightsmile: After all the excitement of today, I could use something calming to listen to! :rainbowlaugh:

Great story, buddy. I liked it how Nurese Redheart was taking care of (you).

Now I'm excited for the next one. You just had to put in a little teaser at the end. Haha!


Well then,your in luck! Cause most of his collection is songs like these,i love him and all but they always put me to sleep while we listen to them! :raritydespair: And no,i am not winning i am complaining there's a difference ya know! Well since his still offline,i'll just go ahead and post some of his recent pictures as well,it's easy to tell the new ones because they are freshly uploaded. Don't tell on me k? :pinkiehappy:





Looky!!! it's me!!! Aren't I awesome and cute? :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowkiss:

1769185 Yes it was splendid And I noticed where and when I believe. I think leaving it out was the best Idea. the overall fic even without that scene was just beautiful and tender. Also, that song you put into the fic was also beautiful. I couldn't stop listening to it. It actually almost put me to sleep. Lol Congratulations on the feature again! It deserved it.

*nods happily* Once again, you have written an amazing story. The warmth and the smile I had on me the whole time I read this, hardly any other author has caused that to happen to me. I can't wait to see what other Redheart stories you come up with!

Comment posted by Gribbit deleted May 27th, 2019

Whoops, I knew I'd miss at least one typo, if not more! :twilightsheepish: It's all fixed. Thank you for pointing that out! :twilightsmile: I'm glad you loved it! I'm looking forward to my future works as well. I'm glad I can entertain all of you! :yay: And to reply to you question about my novel, "Enchanted Destiny", from your other comment, I'm still waiting to hear back from my project coordinator. They said they would contact the right individual to see that it's added to the online bookstore. I guess the holiday season has them busy. Hopefully I'll have an answer for all of you soon.

I know that most Redheart fics on here, have her taking care of someone or somepony in the hospital, so I figured it would be a good premise for the sequel. But, I wanted mine to be notably different than most. I found that pic of Redheart crying, titled "Nurse Redheart: I'm Too Late". That got me thinking about adding a tragedy to the story. Originally the story was going to start in the hospital, but I thought, why not do a better job setting things up, by doing some scenes outside the hospital!:twilightsmile: And yes, I had to put up that little teaser at the end, and why not? I have four more ideas for Nurse Redheart fics! In fact the next one (the 3rd story) has events that will tie directly into the fourth story, I have in mind. :raritywink:

I won't tell on you, but if he reads the comments, he may recognized the pics you posted. And I see that pic of your OC. He shared that with me before. I have it with his OC pic and your OC foal in my OC folder on my computer! :raritywink: As for the pics, very nice! They showcase the awesomeness he usually shares with me. Loved the two Rainbow Dash pics and then Fluttershy knitting, and of course the pic of your OC all tied up again! :pinkiehappy: BTW, glad to have you aboard as one of my followers!

Yeah, I saw two possible places to put in that scene, but the scene itself just seemed like an afterthought. I could add such content much more easily to the next few ideas I have, and make them work with the story, rather than seem tacked on. Anyway, that song has become a personal favorite of mine. Vex shared it with me. I liked it so well, I got Secret Garden's entire album that "Prayer" is from. :raritystarry: Most of it is instrumental music, but that's fine with me! I did put nearly a month into this story, not counting the time I spent planning it before I started writing it. I'm glad it turned out so well!

I've got plenty of Redheart stories in planning. The next one was originally going to be my Hearth's Warming Day story, because of the idea I have for it, but I liked my Vinyl Scratch story and though of setting it during Hearth's Warming, but in light of this story's success, maybe I should change my approach. I'm not sure. I can always bring it up in my next blog! :twilightsmile: Also glad my stories make you smile!

You and me both my friend. I shed many a manly tears while writing this latest Redheart story. :eeyup:

1772854 Hmm, I see. I definitely would write the idea down so you can add it to a sequel. (Or maybe a prequel:raritywink:) of a future Nurse Redheart fiction. I will have to look at their full album later on when I get a chance. A month of writing definitely payed off for you I think. It shows well in the story.

:fluttershysad:I am sad that a young soul passed, but I'm happy that he brought others happiness before his passing. I liked this very much. :unsuresweetie: BTW, do I smell a threequal with that ending?

Oh yes, I have another sequel in mind, and in truth, I have total of four more Redheart stories in mind. The last is based on a very moving pic and will be a rather involved story between "you" and Redheart. But that's all I'm going to say for right now. :twilightsmile:

Well at least you guys can't say I rushed this. I know you all remind me to take my time and make sure I rest in between! :raritywink:

It's easier than you think! Music that stirs the feels, the right type of scene. There's a reason why "My Little Dashie" is one of the all-time number one fics on this site. I can only hope to one day write as grand a fic! :raritystarry:

1772948 Lol Yes that's true! :rainbowlaugh: If anything people will now say you took to long. But hey, that's just how the water flows sometimes. I bet your are really happy to take a small break from all the writing though. after a month of it.:rainbowwild:

1767690 Don't worry about it, he see the sex tag and builds a comment on the description he doesn't actually read the stories.

I see, I think this might have been the first Nurese Redheart story/series I've read so for. So I can't really compare, but I bet yours tops them all.

Third and a forth?! You're full of surprises.


Hey Jay! Well i just needed time to get my thoughts together :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you enjoyed my comment and WHAT THE HEY!!! First my music the my pictures?!?! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage: Labelisa you are in so much trouble!!! If i didn't need to get up in a few hours you would get an earful from me missy! Geez if you steal all my pics what am i supposed to post? Well at lest one picture survived your pillaging,please keep out of my Photobucket in the future...Okay just one lousy picture and off to bed.


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