• Published 8th Dec 2012
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Six Broken Ponies - BlackRoseRaven

Six friends try and cope with painful inner demons.

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If you ever need cover art, just contact me...

i think i just found the nest story im gonna read

Fuck, your fingers must like shoot letters at like 6000 words a minute

Looks promising, I'll get to reading it as soon as I can! I agree with the other Raven though.... you definitely should get some cover art for your stories, even something simple, it really does add a lot. But anyway, a sadfic about the mane 6, sounds good.

It's a spiritual prequel to his other stories, and it's a damn good one at that.

Glad to see this on FIMFiction at last!

Reading this again sounds oh so tempting. Of course there's still that massive pile of stuff I still need to finish first...

I do absolutely love the characters shown here and their interactions, how Twilight brings them all together and they all grow.

:pinkiegasp: you're not going to belive this, but November 7th is my birthday. and that makes this collection all the more meaningful. :) :pinkiegasp:

This was beautiful... I love comfort fics.


I hope it proves enjoyable. Thanks kindly for the fave of it, too.


Actually, getting into the head of crazy people is pretty easy for me. These came out very fast.
I probably shouldn't admit that.
Uh. Also, yes, thank you. I think... I get the name right in one story. And then go back to pluralizing everywhere. I should probably fix that in the first few stories at least.

I was impressed with this story. I admit I love it when characters grow beyond their weakness into better people. How did you find it to get into the character's heads? Also can you show us the story of Celestia's episode?


Thanks very much, I appreciate that and it's a pleasure to see this story getting such a good reception. Once I kind of... had a groundwork for what I was doing, it actually wasn't too difficult to get things down from their perspective: the trickiest part was presenting it properly. As to the very end, that's actually in the events of Moonrise, one of my other stories, and I think there's a link right up on my profile.

Well the presentation was not a problem... and I think I will check out this other story.


Fluttershy's mother in the set of stories I've written is just about. The worst thing ever, yes. But thanks very kindly. I'm glad the story proved enjoyable.


Fluttershy's mother actually ended up being a character I worked with in several other stories, and here and there Fluttershy reflects on her childhood and her mother, and how it's affected her. Sol Seraph is pretty close to irredeemable, if not there already, and SBP only hints at her real nature.
Thanks very much, though. I'm glad the story's been proving good.


There really are few better comments than these for me. I'm very happy I made an impact, after all. And I'm a little sadistic and all.
But thanks, honestly. I'm glad people still like even this story after all these years, especially with what a weird little experiment this one ended up being. I never imagined it'd end up being so important in its way to the series.

Rose, Rose,Rose. What would I do without you and your stories? They are magnificent. Surely worthy of publishing.

I had a feeling that it was a tie-in story to the 99 Worlds/Natta Eda saga when you first mentioned Shy's mother, it got stronger when you wrote about Rainbow Dude and was confirmed by the last chapters.


Thank you very much. I'm just glad you're enjoying these stories: yes, this one probably. Helps make a lot of things in the Edda make a lot more sense, since it takes place between Moonrise and Lunar Lights and explains a fair bit of backstory. This was... I think I actually wrote it alongside Moonrise, since I started with the Pinkie story, then it evolved from there. Since in Moonrise, well, Dash was still relatively standard Dash and all, but then I think I combined these and that's what ended up forming the basis of the Edda, so to speak.

5279389 Thanks for the speedy reply Rose.

I must admit that I think it was your stories that helped me get a slightly higher grade in my English Literature exams.

I was reading the 99 Saga during the exam period. Took me just over a month to read the entire saga, around all of the preparation and school and such.

Truly a beautiful, heartwarming story. I want to write a better comment, but I'm feeling rather brain dead at the moment. Just know that you did a wonderful job with creating and addressing these character pieces.


Thank you very much. For the favorite, the watch, and especially for the edits you noted here and there, I really appreciate that. I always tend to miss a few here and there and it's always really helpful when people take the time to do that as well as leave feedback and their thoughts.
I'm glad you were able to enjoy the story. It was definitely a jump down a bit of a strange path for me, and a bit of an experiment, just to see what would happen. This ended up playing into my main series a little, actually, but overall I just wanted to... try something a lot different from my usual writing, and ended up doing this, twisting things around and seeing where I could take it all.
Thanks again. Readership is always very much appreciated.

Wow. That got just intense enough, and then things turned around and ended in a pretty good place.

If Discord predicted the events of Moonrise, didn't most of this actually take place before/during that story (with the epilogue coming just before or during Lunar Lights)?


Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I much appreciate you adding it to your favorites.
And that's right, yeah. I think it happens while Scrivy and Luna are out doing their thing. But originally, SBP and Moonrise were set in completely different universes, so to speak. Actually, if I remember right, neither were supposed to be more than the first chapter. But once both were written and said and done, they sort of jived together, and it just kind of became natural to write the ponies as they became through here.


Thank you very much, and I much appreciate the fave, as well.
And all things in time. Life takes us interesting places at times and we often find what we need when we least expect it.

It's wonderful to get to know these ponies better, you've done such an amazing job!

Poor Pinkie I am glad she has friends to help fight off Pinkamina. It's terrifying when the darkness comes especially when your empty and alone. I'm fortunate mine hasn't named itself yet, once it has a a name it's so much stronger.

Oh, right, THIS is the second story. Dammit.

Beautiful story! Just finished all these, and I loved the amazing character development you built, and how well it provides background information to this AU and ties in so nicely to the next story in the main arc.

The only thing that was really jarring for me at first, was Fluttershy's backstory here, since it's magnitudes different from her canon parents and upbringing, but I realize this was written wayyy before her family was known, so I got over it.


Thank you very much, I'm glad that you were able to enjoy. Even with that big difference, yes, I know that some of the differences in my work from the show can be especially strange. I appreciate you giving it a chance all the same. I hope that if you continue to read, you continue to enjoy the stories and their twists and turns; it gets very strange at some points, and very different, but a lot of the morals end up at the same destination.

Oh, I definitely will be continuing to read through all the stories! I've grown to love the interactions between Luna and Scrivvy, and just reading the first few chapters of Lunar Lights and loving it.

I had been looking for another super long epic story, since I've gotten spoiled with them, and lose interest with a lot of "shorter" fics (shorter being 100k words or less); most of my favourite fics are all some of the longest ones (Diaries of a Madman, The Catch/The Chase, Fallout:Equestria, FOE: Project Horizons [before the last few chapters], FOE: Murky Number Seven, etc), and this series of stories definitely seems like it will be adding to that list :D

You know, I can see Rainbow Telling Scootaloo this and then Scootaloo responding with "So... Does this mean you're not going to feel sorry for me when I tell you that for most of my life ponies have been assuming I'm a colt?" And then Rainbow would say "Wait, you're a filly?! Seriously?" It's also funny, you know, going by what Rainbow and Fluttershy's canon parents are like. Rainbow's parents are super-supportive, and Fluttershy's parents are even more submissive then she is.

Finally finished this, after a hectic couple of weeks.

I quite enjoyed this entry in the series. The character studies on display here are fascinating, especially considering the context of where the show is currently at. Applejack's thing was a bit tough to get through, purely from a content standpoint, but I can appreciate the thought and care that went into developing the stories of all these characters, and how it ties into Moonrise.

I haven't yet read the rest of the series, but I understand that Lunar Lights is next, and I look forward to reading that soon.


Thanks, I appreciate that and I'm glad that you were able to enjoy these little forays into their different difficulties; it's funny for me to look back at these little stories and think about how these explorations really shaped some of where my stories ended up and helped bring about some of my most loved/hated characters. but. No spoilers, no.
And yes. It's always that story in particular that really ruffles people.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy the journey.

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