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At the start of S2. I still haven't forgiven him :P


Silent Knight is currently undergoing a massive overhaul, and there will be no updates for some time. It's not dead, just sleeping, so no need to despair. Many thanks to everypony for being so patient with me, and let me assure you your kindness will not go unrewarded.


Nearly a year since Nightmare Night has passed, and just about everypony in Equestria has come to accept Luna as their loving co-ruler.
Regardless, the Princess of the Moon wishes to give something back to her people.
Tonight, she shall give them Equestria's first ever Night Show, a stunning display of nocturnal and astral wonders!
But then the mystery begins.
There is something troubling both the Royal sisters, and Twilight is determined to find out what.
But what she may find may not be what she expects...

An original fiction, with some inspiration drawn from JasonTheHuman's work.

Now with it's own page on tvtropes.org

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 35 )

Hmm... interesting. I don't usually go for comedies, but I think I might enjoy this one. At some points the wording is a little strange, but I'm willing to overlook that. All in all, good story. Can't wait for chapter 2.

Yay! Woona put on fireworks for everypony! Wondering what that weird shooting star thing is though. Or, for that matter, what's sitting on da books!

*spoiler* Big Mac says 'eeyup'.

“Please, there’s no need for formalities. This is simply a casual, if impromptu visit.” You messed up a bit on a word, other wise very good, tried to give it five stars but the rating system wouldn't work, looking foward to seeing more. :twilightsmile:

... a dark, random, adventure comedy...
ah hell, now I'm curious...

I am quite interested to see where this goes. There are a few minor errors as Science Brony has pointed out. Your description of the night show was pretty good, please continue on with the same level of skill and we shall get along fine.

Fascinating... This shall require more reading! :twilightsmile:

:twilightsmile: I enjoyed it and hope to see more.

The plot thickens!:trollestia:

I'm looking forward to this, but I'm just curious by what you mean of "cliche".

Why do I get the feeling that there's something Matrix-y going on here? Very curious as to where your taking this.

Chirp reminds me of David Bowie in the movie The Man Who Fell to Earth.


153630 I wonder if that's what the author is going for.

It looked like an interesting movie, but I fear I haven't seen it myself. David Bowie is still awesome, nonetheless.:rainbowwild:
I can't say much without giving a whole lot away, Chirp was actually inspired by many of the great silent characters.
Harpo Marx
Teller (of Penn and Teller)
Silent Bob
He's basically a large, human chibi.
But fear not. I have more planned. For him.:trollestia:

A large human chibi? :pinkiegasp: That I like.

So, is Chirp actually speaking Hungarian? or is he speaking in bird like Fluttershy said? Good story, definatly tracking.

It's hard to explain without giving much away. It's hinted early on that Chirp can't actually speak. Basically, he communicates in his own language of whistles and... well, chirps, but it's similar enough to actual bird language for Fluttershy to recognize it.
As for the whole "Hungry" thing... Well, it's Spike. I'll let you draw your own conclusions on that.:moustache:

I'd just like to apologize to everypony for how long Chapter 3 is taking. I have a good excuse, though.
It was so long, it's actually become TWO chapters :twilightsheepish:
That, and I'm adding some images that I've hand drawn, but my scanner's being a real, big ol' pain in the.... neck.
Shouldn't be too long, but, still, apologies all around.

Okay, let's see... 'Bacchus' power armor? Is that right? His ship is the Darwin, and it got here by using something called the Rift Cannon, which harnesses the power of a singularity somehow. Also, he mixes feet and meters in his notes, which is Bad Form.

... And that, fillies and gentlecolts, is why you never, never use a MicrosoftWord font as an "obscure language.":twilightblush:
Was thinking of putting in some random gibberish, with some easter eggs, but I guess it wasn't gibberishy enough.
Lesson learned.:moustache:

and thanks for the feet vs meters note. Totally missed that.

:fluttercry: it happens with every story I try reading, all pics in the comments work, but not ones in a chapter.
O_O, I really enjoy this story, and is one of the few I actively track.

hmmm... y'know, you should probably censor yourself, so people can discover the Easter eggs for themselves.

cliffhanger... very nice writing, excellent diction, almost impeccable syntax, very well writin story you have hear! yours is the very first story i've commented on fimfiction my good brony! 5 mostaches for you :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Really, Really good story. Sad to here that it won't be updated for awhile. The interaction between Luna and Ash Coat was great. This fic deserves alot more recognition then it gets. Can't wait for more!

Love this fic!
I must say, making the human not able to speak is a VERY nice touch, puts a nice new angle on the "human in equestria" fics.

Thank you, everypony, for your patience. Expect more frequent updates in the future.

Man, I can't believe you finally updated this story! This was excellent stuff, that bit with Shining and the pie eating contest was hilarious! I really hope you can update this story more frequently in the future.

Found this on TvTropes. I'm surprised that this isn't more popular. It's well written, has an interesting plot, and so far isn't a re-hash of multiple other HIE fics for the most part.

The TvTropes :raritystarry:

You sir, have just made my day.

1135831 Here's the link where I found it.

Ah, that bit.
So not an actual page, but it's nice someone noticed.

Thanks for the comments! It's good to get back on the writer's bandwagon.:pinkiehappy:

Dart appears to resist magical influence

Damn. It,:facehoof::twilightangry2::ajbemused: Just when I thought this would be a good one...

Sorry it's not to your liking.
Lousy grammar, or other?
Help me out here, this story feels wrinklier than a raisin at times.

Well, not to be a dick, but since there wasn't an update for a few months I'd already figured that out.

No dickishness taken.
It was more for politeness' sake than information. Apologies anything came across as rude.
With any luck the revision will be a touch more tasteful.

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