• Published 12th Jan 2012
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Silent Knight - Brony 2-Ma-Ro

Interdimensional Travelers, Equicidal Robots, Whistling. Your typical Wednsday in Ponyville

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Interlude I: Voices in the Air

Interlude I: Voices in the Air

[Begin Transmission Encryption: 8-1-1-6-5]

"Hey, Tani"
"Gavin? Where are you?"
"Not important. Can't stay on long, but you have to hear this."
"What is it?"
"I'm sending the info to you now. Stand by..."

Covert Surveillance Device: WIRE-09
Transmission: Ship-To-Ship
Intercept Timecode: 07:06:15:12
Priority: BETA
Begin Playback>


<< Trasmission Code[**************0715, Sigma]
Harbinger's Fate to The Darwin
General Cadmun Bale, hailing Captain Celia Vanice.
Status: Accepted>>

>>This is Captain Vanice of The Darwin."
<< "Greetings, Captain Vanice."
>>"And to you as well, General Bale. To what do we owe this honor?"
<<"A simple query, Captain. In regards to the message I received."
>>"Is something wrong, General?"
<<"I'm not sure. It appears to be incomplete."
>>"I assure you, it is the same report I gave to the others."
<<"I am not concerned with favoritism, Miss Vanice.
<<"The transmission is rather...succinct: 'Unknown craft shot down. Whereabouts of pilot unknown.' The lack of any concrete detail leaves a bit too much to the imagination for my liking."
>>"The summons I gave clearly stated that you will be briefed in full when you arrive."
<<"Is that really necessary? To send an incomplete report, then request the entire Inner Circle to come personally?"
>>"My apologies, General, but I judged the complete fact to be somewhat... delicate, as you'd put it. I felt it too great of a risk to be given in any form other than person."
<<"Then you admit to withholding information from a General. Several, in fact, if what you say of the others is true."
<<"Captain Vanice?"
>>"That is correct, General Bale."
<<"This is highly irregular, Vanice. You are aware of the consequences for such negligence, are you not?"
>>"I am."
<<"Then on whose authority do you withhold this information?"
>>"That would be His authority, General."
<<"Indeed? I didn't think this incident merited his notice."
[Comm Override] "In circumstances such as this, Bale, I tend to make it my business."
<<"...M-my Lord?"
"Yes, General?
<<"I... I humbly apologize. I did not know you were present."
"Think nothing of it, Bale. You were performing your duty, nothing more. You are in transit?
<<"Yes, My Lord. I will be aboard The Darwin within the hour."
"Very good. May the Pilgrims guide your steps.
<<"And may your path remain ever clear. Within the hour, My Lord. General Cadmund Bale, signing off."
"Captain Vanice?"
>>"My Regent?"
"What is your current status, if you please?"
>>"Of course. One moment... Drive rings are stable, impulse engines on idle. I have taken the Rift Drive offline, just for good measure."
"Anything else to report?"
>>"Nothing sir."
"Then engage the scramble beacons, and set the engines to silent. My shuttle is on final approach, and I will be with you shortly."
>>"Yes, My Lord. May the Pirgrims guide your steps."
"And may your path remain ever clear."


Signal Lost. WIRE-09 Terminated.

"...When was this intercepted?"
"I grabbed it a couple minutes ago."
"Do they know if it was him?"
"I only heard what you did."
"What are you thinking about?"
"Could it have really been him?"
"Hey, if it was, at least now we know they don't have him. They'd blare it all over the propaganda net."
"But they shot him down! This isn't some book, Gavin. Just because the body's missing, doesn't mean he's secretly alive!"
"I'm sure he's fine! He's gotten into worse jams than this."
"You're really worried about him, aren't you."
"Gavin, he's like a little brother to me."
"He is to all of us, Tani. And don't worry, I haven't give up yet. If we find him, you'll be the first to know."
"...Thank you. Just be back for the Autumn Feast, all right?"
"Wouldn't miss it for the world... Aw crud, the big guy's coming down. Gotta sign off. Love ya, Tani."
"...Love you back."

[End Transmission]

Silent Knight will return summer 2012

No, really. I'm serious.

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