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I'm a brony with both a youtube and Fimfiction page. I make blind commentaries and fanfictions for mlp.

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1753221 I thank YOU too. Also... do you think I did a good job editing it?

Hoe-lay-shit son. He got 99 problems, but a zombie ain't one!
Sorry. I couldn't help it... Nice story by the way. Is favorited.

1753341 That hurt SOOOOOOOO bad....... But it was SOOOOOOOOOO WORTH IT!

I am intrigued.:duck:
Continue. Please:scootangel:

im insta faving this mother fucker..... when will we see moar?

This is relevant to my interests.


In the description

Three zombie survivalist

should be "survivalists":derpytongue2:

1753877 I should be updating every story I have every 1-2 days! :D

It's a bit rushed, but not bad :ajsmug: I guess I have some more space in my read later thingy... Oh well, you do a good job here and you'll get into my favs :scootangel: Awaiting next chapter eagerly :rainbowdetermined2:

1754072 I do not dissapoint. You should check out my other stories.... I am 40 or so chapters into those


Wait so he went flying out of a windshield from hitting a light post?
That truck was manufactured by rockstar

Interesting, I was eager to see the continuity of that story, and now that you will continue where it stop I will finally see, how it end. I hope the other 2 humans, will awake much sooner now, I still want to see their reaction to talking ponys.

P.S: Pinkie and Slayer, is not, for complaining or anything the story is great…but, if you can, can you…eh…erase the part of the human killing another and then discover he is Celestia and Luna father?, I think from that point the story start derailing into another one. It is a VERY good concept, and I will like to see it, only…you now, in a different story…eh…if it is not much to ask…please?…same goes to the whole manticora thing…it was a good idea…but on its own…there…well derail the story too…so…eh…if it is not to much to ask…well…don't put those parts…that if…is not to much to ask.

Thanks for the chapter, Pinkie

Hey there, just look what i found?:ajsmug:

I wanna see where is this going!:pinkiehappy:

1754283 good, I am updating this and my main fic... a shadows grave, almost every day, check it out, it is a sequel to another HiE fic of mine and the sequel is around 40 chapters

hmmm. you have my attention.


Woops looks like I replied to the wrong person:derpytongue2:. Sorry for the confusiondl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Derpy_Hooves_lolface.png



1754084Zombies For The Win, bro /). :yay:

I like it, however I do have some minor gripes with it. The main being, that Twilight's narrative is first person. This doesn't really fit for an established character we all know, and you're already using first person for Deck. Alternating between two characters in first person narrative is very jarring, in fact I've never seen anyone do that before. It would flow better to make Twilight's narrative third person. Apart from that I would say the pacing needs a bit of work. I feel like we went from point A to point C completely skipping out on B.

Also do a bit more showing then telling. After he went through the window, he pretty much just talked about being in pain. So we get he's injured however we don't see that. Tell us about the gashes and bruises he would have sustained. This maybe all clear in your mind, but we as readers need to be shown that.

Well that's all I have to say, I look forward to the next chapter.

i liked how you ended it a good end cant wait:twilightsmile:

cool saert i woder what the ponies will think if they see what hell that they gone thoge before being there

I am going to use my amazing powers of clayvoiarence and say that our team retard (my nickname for the main characters when there are more than 2)
will be scared for the first few (1-2) chapters and then immideatly trust everyone, sing songs about friendship and will act so cheesy that they will be copyrighted by the Marin French Cheese Company.

Also Chris will be shipped with Twilight, James with Fluttershy and Deckerd with Rainbow Dash and they will fall in love faster than the Transrapid TH-09.

Oh and give us more detail about the enviroments. Detail the inside of the truck more. How the steering wheel looks like, the seats, the windows and how the destroyed street looks like, how the library looks like.

"I agree with deck on this one… we probably shouldn't waste those."
Deck should be capital D. And remove the brackets when you state that you have a weird nickname.

i think Deckart sounds cool.

I'm liking it. Keep going! :pinkiehappy:

hmmm, this story seems familiar some how

Once again... thank Slayerbroman for the original story.

oh, it's this story again. Well i wish you luck on the future chapters.
i kinda stopped reading the other one during the 'hospital indecent'

1754245 well... true the father thing confused me too. But the manticore thing I thought was kind of cute. I'm definitly keeping that. But I'm editing what is said during the mother dieing and stuff to make it more fitting to whats happening instead of... "you killed my mother... i'm yours now"

Sounds good, I never has seeing a human getting a pet Manticor before and I looks promised, just try you now, that not clash with the rest of the story.

P.S: For slayer, he adopting the manticore, means that the other two humans now are there new uncles?

ya update, oh and i hope his ok.:fluttershysad:

Oh crap Discord, found them too now?, well shit is going to happen.

Well guns all about... Yep kids gotta play with what ever they find.

did spike just fucking shoot himself!?! :flutterrage: :flutterrage:

The voice in his head, for a instant I thought it was Pinkie, but she can't read minds, and even if she can, she will never peek in another pony or person mind, that will be very rude, and she will never do something so mean, that kind of things are things expecting for someone like Gilda. Also, she is more direct approach

Then I remember, that the only being capable of doing something like that will be Discord. the way he refer Derek as a woman still skip me, but he is chaos, is suppose to don't make sense.

1760194 Not really, you DID make the story. I just put a lot of work (Maybe too much effort) into chapters.... I'm kind of a perfectionist.

1760220 I think he was talking about the strange voice

Yeap, I was using a short name

Hey do you mind if I use this idea for a story for my own story? I won't use the characters or anything, just the zombie apocalypse idea as well as going to Equestria. Please? :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

1760235 Sure, if you don't mind could you leave a link leading to this story saying you got the idea from it here? Other than that you can go right ahead.

Awesome thanks!!! Story might not be up for a day or so though. Thanks again!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

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