• Published 7th Dec 2012
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Bad endings, awesome beginnings - Pinkies Imagination

3 zombie survivalists get taken to equestria, and with them... a possible disaster?

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5518093 5518180 I couldn't stop laughing just writing the damn thing... :rainbowkiss:

5519186 Sigh... i know this but it had to be in the story because this story wasn't mine at first. I took the story off a friend who couldn't continue it and fixed it up. but I HAD to keep the integrity of the story. If by some chance that didn't turn you away just keep reading, future chapters are written entirely by me and I promise they are much better.

'I'm in heat....'

here we go again!

Outdated and incomplete. I don't even remember what this was. Perhaps finish "part 1"?

I meant a part 2 of the Q/A chapter I made, after a few new chapters of the story. Not a part 2 of the story

I suppose it’s the next Q/A. It’s been four years, I’ve graduated highschool, went to college, joined the military, and got married in those four years. It’s amazing how time flies and things from the past hit you like a brick. So, do you remember me?

Hell ya i remember you. In the time ive been gone ive finished school and college. Got a good job and settled down with a family.

Where did the years go man :rainbowhuh:

How the hell is everyone going from high school to marriage in four years? I feel like I'm lagging behind :(

Nah its okay. Im one of the few who am still together with the highschool sweetheart. Just lucky i guess

I crash about 1 maybe 2 times in an 8 hour binge

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