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Illuminati - awesomespike

Betrayed by one of his oldest friends, now Spike seeks vengeance by destroying what she helped build

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Illuminati chapter Seven A Dragons Confession

“Wait, let me get this straight….Discord gave you this letter?” Rapid asked, standing a few feet away from Spike, who sat in his meditation chair, and Garble who stood adjacent to the Rainbow maned stallion.

“Precisely.” The red dragon responded.

“He knew EXACTLY where you were, and when you’d be making your way back here?” The stallion continued.

“I guess so, what do you want, for me to draw you a map?” Garble responded.

“I want the truth dragon! First you go all secret on us, and now you bring back a one on one challenge letter from Discord to Spike!” Rapid yelled as he stomped his hoof on the ground.

“That is enough Rapid!” Horizon said, finally making her presence known as she stepped beside Rapid.

“There is no way you believe this story Horizon?” The cyan stallion asked.

“I can’t deny that the statistics plays far from Garble’s favor here, but Garble has never led us wrong before Spike took his place as leader.” Horizon said as she looked between the pony and the red dragon.

“You can’t be….. Spike, you have been quiet this whole time. Please tell me that you don’t believe this story.” Rapid asked, yet all Spike responded with was the lowering of his eyelids and a simple nod.

“I can’t believe this; no I won’t stand for this! I want the truth Garble, even if I need to beat it out of you!” Rapid said as he took his broad sword’s handle into his mouth and unsheathed it.

“RAPID! What do you think you are doing?” Horizon yelled, as she rushed to step in front of him.

“Move out of the way Horizon, if this is the way Rapid wants it; then I will not deny him.” Garble said as he reduced his physical size to match that of the Cyan pony.

“Spike, stop this!” Horizon called out as she ran over to his side.

“I’m afraid I can’t, while my time here has been brief, I assumed something like this would happen sooner or later. I guess it is appropriate that it is distrust that would cause the two to clash, but I must emit; I believed it would have been me that clashed with Rapid and not Garble.” Spike replied.

“W..why do you say that!” The violet mare questioned.

“Simple, for an organization like ours to survive in this world, we must have trust among each other. Rapid never trusted either of us; he doesn’t trust dragons and was just waiting for a reason to strike. I don’t know Rapids history, but I could tell from the look in his eyes that he is a pony of combat. He is not like you Horizon, your logic and your truths; comes from study and understanding. His truth comes from the battle field and the quickest way to end this is just that.” Spike answered as he watched the two figures that stood before him.

The dragon and pony stood silently, staring into the eyes of the other as seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. After what felt like infinity, Rapid launched himself into the air, spinning, and throwing the blade at the dragon with an incredible amount of force. The blade flew past the dragon, impaling into the ground just a few inches behind Garble. The Pegasus yanked his hoof back, causing a strong highlight to reveal a tiny silver line that connected from his hoof to the hilt of his sword.

Followed by a strange sound, the blade of the sword split in two, each blade fell outward to the sides, yet remained connected at the tip; turning the weapon from a sword into a sword like scythe. With a second powerful yank, Rapid pulled his newly transformed weapon back towards himself with one of the blades coming towards the back of Garble’s neck. The red dragon moved closer to the floor, pulling wings downward just before the blade could connect to him.

“So, that is Retribution….” Horizon mumbled as she started at Rapid fearfully.

“Retribution?” Spike asked.

“An old and powerful relic believed to been magically infused with the power to adapt to any situation needed. When the blade sleeps, it looks like a regular sword, but once awaken, it magical properties can change to even pierce through the toughest of dragon scales. It was the weapon that allowed him to defeat his first dragon and earn his title.” The violet mare replied.

By the time retribution returned the Rapid’s snout, it had reverted back into its natural state, and the shield that sat on his back was now strapped to his left foreleg. He raised his right hand to the hilt of the blade, and hundreds of wires flew from it, completely wrapping around Rapid’s hoof and locking the blade in place allowing him to free his snout. Rapid began to fly in circles around the red dragon like a predator stalking its prey for the final kill.

With a quick turn and Swing of his sword, Rapid creates multiple blades of wind which rained down over the dragon who dodged each blade effortlessly. Each one of Garbles movements was almost as if he was an elegant dancer moving swiftly across a constantly changing stage.

“Interesting, but I’ve seen enough.” Spike said as he closed his eyes once more.

“Really, are you going to stop this before it gets out of hand?” Violet asked with a hopeful expression appearing on her face.

“No, this is something that must be settled between them, but what I know is; this is a fight that Rapid has no chance of winning. If these short demonstrations are any clue to Rapid’s true capabilities then he has a long ways to go before he can take on a Seraph.” Spike replied.

“S…Seraph?” The mare asked before looking back at the scene of action and reaction.

“Oh, so you don’t know? There are two types of dragons, Seraphim or Seraphs and Acolytes. Seraphim are the higher order of dragons that ascended and unlocked the power left to us by our ancestors; my Anuk Ri being a prime example. An Acolyte is a dragon who is still growing, trying to achieve that next level in their life” Spike said as a puff of smoke escaped his nostrils.

“Ok, but why say Rapid doesn’t stand a chance? Why bring it up no…..wait are you saying that Garble is one of these Seraphs?” Violet quickly turned back to Spike.

“Yes, he is a Seraph of Might, unlike me who is a Seraph of Magic. I made a statement during our first doing that in a serious competition of strength, Garble would over power me in seconds. That was me putting it lightly. Garble’s power is known as Mah Gol Mahlov, or in your tongue; Mother Earth’s Embrace. It is quite an ironic power for a flyer really, as long as he remains connected to the planet. He can adsorb its power into him, making his physical strength limitless, and making his body almost indestructible, but only when he is connected to the earth.” Spike said with a chuckle.

“What?” Violet almost yelled as she quickly turned back to the fight that was at hand.

Rapid was no longer in the air, but was standing barely a few feet away from the red dragon and making a constant barrage of slashes and impalement attempts that just kept getting dodged. One attacked caused the dragon to turn away from Rapid, sending Garble’s tail slamming into the Stallion’s shield with enough force that it sent the well-grounded pony sliding all the way to the other end of the chambers.

“Good thing I enchanted that shield with protection magic or that hit would have destroyed that shield.” Voile mumbled out loud as worry started to cover her face again.

“Oh, so not only can you heal, but you can enchant as well? You are quite the versatile Unicorn, you know that, but for now I think it is time we brought an end to this. Garble, Mah Gol Mahlov!” Spike called out.

“Mah Gol Mahlov!” Garble simply replied before taking deep breaths and closing his eyes.

Rapid paid Spike no mind, his only focus was on Garble who had no changed from a defensive reactive stance to a more passive one. Combat was nothing new to Rapid, he knew his strengths and his limitations even if didn’t show them. He was also a fighter warrior who depended more on his base instincts in battle then a long term strategy, and his instincts were telling him that this was the final moment. Rapid unstrapped the shield from his hood with his snout before slinging it off to the side and then holding his blade out directly in front of him.

Retribution started to change once more; this time the blade grew in length, but flattened out in width. It continued to flatten until the edge was sharp as a diamond. Once the physical appearance was done, sparks slowly started to discharge around the blade, moving from the hilt of the blade to its tip. Rapid looked up from his blade to the red dragon who was staring, and waiting for him with glowing white eyes. Without any hesitation, the two launched at each other, each foot step Garble to caused the entire complex to shake as if it was feeling the aftershock of an earthquake.

Once in distance, Rapid unleashed a power thrust with Retribution, aiming directly for Garble’s head, just to have the blade caught in mid swing by the red dragon, and held completely in plaace. Jolts of electricity jumped from the blade into the dragon that seemed completely immune to it, as the two began to stare each other down until finally, Rapid pulled back.

“I see, so you really didn’t lie to us…” Rapid said as he sheathed Retribution.

“Do you finally understand now?” Garble spoke, his voice roared like thunder.
“Yes, about this anyways….” The cyan pony replied.

“Hold on, does any creature want to explain what just happened here, because I’m lost now.” Violet yelled out.

“Simple, we spoke through combat; instead of words… just pretend I said some deep, proverbial bull crap so we can move onto the next topic at hand.” Garble answered sarcastically.

“Yea, like who is going to fix those cut marks in my chamber floor.” Spike added.

“Really, you to Spike?” Violet asked disappointed a little.

“I’ll tell you when this meeting ends.” Rapid said as he flew over to them.

“Now onto our next order of business, I didn’t mean to keep this from you all, but the reason for my trip to the bad land.” Gatble said as his voice returned to normal.

“Well, wasn’t it to meet with your contact?” Spike questioned.

“That, and to, well re-establish an old relationship with an old flame of mine. You see the contact and flame are one in the shame. She can be an incredible ally and just what we need to fight our enemies, but you guys need to trust me.” Grable said, as he returned to his usual height.

“Of course my friend, do you mind telling us who this mysteries lady of yours is?” Spike asked with anticipation.

“I was hoping to keep it quiet a while longer but there is no denying it. It is Chrystalis the changeling queen herself.” Garble said as everyone in the room just stood there staring for countless minutes.

“I’m sorry Garble, I must have water in my ear, because it sounded like you said that it was Queen Chrysalis.” Violet was the first to respond.

“No, you heard right.” Grable replied,

“Well, it is obvious we stopped this fight too soon, because you need some sense knocked into you,” Rapid said as he reached for retribution once more.

“Garble, I don’t even know where to begin….” Spike replied.

“You don’t need to, you know.. She isn’t so bad if you take your time to get to know her without fear.” Garbe stated.

Author's Note:

Ok, I know its kind of cliche, but I had to do it.

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