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Illuminati - awesomespike

Betrayed by one of his oldest friends, now Spike seeks vengeance by destroying what she helped build

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Illuminati chapter six Making Peace pt 2

“Ooh… Right there, yes…that feels so good!” Chrysalis moaned as she laid on her back with a draconic tongue moving from one end of her underbelly to the other.

“Slower….slower…yes!” Her legs kicked the air wildly as the sounds she made echoed throughout the chamber, and even reached the guards standing outside the door; making them turn completely crimson red.

Garble took hold of one of the mare’s hind legs, and gently held it in place as his tongue started to lick the her inner thigh and leg. At this, Chrysalis started thrashing even more wildly with her eyes rolling back. Her body shivered with ecstasy at his tongues very touch until she could no longer take the pleasure.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop!” She cried out to Garble who only looked at her before continuing his licks.

“Y..y…you are forgiven! N..now stop before… you make my tell and pillows even wetter!.” The mare panted.

“You mean, YOU wet your tail and pillows! You are still as sensitive as ever my queen and still the mare of my heart.” Garble responded as he climbed on top of her and nuzzled your snout.

“That one element…..sure knew what she was doing when she had taken a dragon as a love…… Your tongues are unbelievable! Anyways if….I am the mare of you heart…. Then why don’t you tell me what Spike is planning?” She responded after finally regaining herself and looking up at him with bedroom eyes.

“You know I won’t, nor can’t betray Spike’s trust in me. The same way I can’t nor won’t betray my love for you and tell them anything about your kingdom.” Garbe placed a kiss onto Chrysalis lips.

“Would you let him kill me?” Chrysalis asked staring into Garbles eyes.

“I would do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen…that doesn’t need to happen; even if it costs me my life, my love!” He stared back into her harlequin colored eyes.

“My Red Knight!” Chrysalis said with a giggle as she pulled him down into a deep kiss.


Spike sat alone in the meditation chamber letting his thoughts flow freely about.

“Now Spike, I think this is the first time we have been alone since we got here!” His baby form materialized in front of him as the room itself started to fade into obscurity.

“Yes it is Spike, but we had to wait! Much needed and still needs to be done.” Adult spike replied.

“Anyways, what is important right now is how are you feeling Spike?” Baby Spike asked as he crossed his arms.

“The same way any other creature would be feeling after recently escaping a dungeon.” The larger dragon answered.

“Don’t try that with me, you know what I mean; if you continue with this plan of yours… You will see Rarity again, so I ask again. How are you feeling Spike, and remember you can lie to all the creatures of the world, but you can’t lie to me.” The baby dragon said as he tapped a single talon against his scaly arm.

“Haha, you got me…honestly I am scared out of my mind. What if all six side with Celestia? The Elements of Harmony will be back, but the power could become corrupted if tainted by her lies. What if….” The larger dragon stared off into nothingness.

“Bull shit!” The baby dragon simply replied.


“You can fool all of Equestria, but you can’t fool yourself Spike. You are afraid, because you think she will hate you. You made her a promise, but couldn’t keep it. Sweetie Belle died in your claws, her blood soaks each one of your talons and you can never un-see it. “The smaller dragon’s eye started to glow a eerie yellow as the world of nothing start to feel with matter.

There the purple drake stood in a back alley at the darkest hour. Blood stains the wall as five mutilated bodies; two ponies, two griffins and one diamond dog, lay torn to pieces. He looked down in his arms to see a beaten and raped Sweetie Belle trying to hold onto what little life she had left. Spike stared into her eyes, as one last tear swelled up and flowed over the top of her snout the very edge of her nose. Her eyes closed for the last time as the tear fell down onto the ground.

“Spike, you continue to hold on to such memories… and yet you let others go…” Again the world around Spike shifted and changed until only he and Rarity stood alone at the Cemetery.

“S..spike, I knew you would be here. You couldn’t save her Spike… You can’t…save everypony pony Spikey Wikey.” Rarity looked away trying hold in her tears.

“I promised….I promised you in our wedding vows; I would love and protect .. not just you but your family as well. Your mother, father, and little sister; I will let nothing hurt any of you and be there when I am needed. She needed me and I knew she needed me, but I just let her go….I let them all go.” Spike said as the sky turned dark and rain started to pour down on top of the two.

“You had no choice… you couldn’t have stopped Sweetie Belle from going with them, she is….was a teenager after all.” Rarity’s voice slowly started to crack up making it more apparent that she was about to burst into tears.

“I could have….II should have followed… If it wasn’t for Snips and Snails telling me what they had overheard…The fucker might have gotten away with it! If only I was faster…if only….” Spike put his head into his claws.

“If only this and if only that….it has be more than two-thousand years and you still let this hunt you. She forgave you many years ago… She never held you responsible in the first place; only you did! You placed yourself in the protector’s seat after their parents passed away!” The little dragon said as the world slowly started to fade away again.

“I….i….” Before he could say anything, his meditation was broken by the sound of the door opening.

“C..commander Spike? M…may I have a word with you?” A light yellow Pegasus stepped into the chamber which was completely empty of light.

“Yes, and you are?” He replied as the door slammed shut behind the mare. His eyes started to glow green in the darkness giving her a direction to look in.

“I…I…I…I…I…” She stuttered, unable to formulate a single thought out of fear.

“Speak chil…..ahahaha.” Spike slowly started to laugh as the chamber filled with light from the green flames that appeared on top of the columns.

“Calm yourself, I am not going to eat you. I was simply meditating when you entered..” Spike said as he removed the cloak’s hood from on top of his head.

“B…but, the glowing green eyes…” The yellow Pegasus tried to swallow a lump that was caught in her throat.

“Sorry, when I heard the hesitation in your voice… I kind of wanted to mess with you.” Spike replied as he scratched his snout.

“….” She simply stares at the gigantic creature that sat before her still scared to speak freely.

“It is ok, are you here about my recent plan, to resurrect the Elements?” Spike asked, as he stood onto his hind legs and removed the robes completely.

“Well, yes… Allow me to introduce myself. I am Silky Langue, the diplomate who has been working to create an alliance with the northern Diamond Dogs tribe to create an alliance.” Silky stated as she held her head hi, her curly main gently bounced with each of her movements.

“Well Miss Silky, what seems to be your concern?” He asked as his body grew smaller until her was eye level to the yellow Pegasus.

“Well…my ancestor is the one known as Fluttershy, and I must say…. We should allow the dead to remain…well dead.” Silky said with a frown.

“I understand your concern fully Miss Silky, and please rest assured if there was another way then I would not resort to such a tactic as this. Please note that I am well aware of what I am doing and when this all ends; I will be ready to accept the consequences in full.” Spike responded as they both walked to the chambers entrance.

“As you say commander, I can only make my complaint on this idea known.” She stated disappointedly.


As Garbel made his way out of the changling capitol and into the deserts waste land of the badlands; the red dragon could never shake the feeling of being watched. He chose to walk over flying in hopes to avoid bringing even more unnecessary attention to himself. As he got deeper into the deserts, the sand’s started shifting unnaturally and within seconds he found himself trapped in a large claw made of sand.

“Well, hello there Mr. Red Dragon…what was the rest, might?” A voice came from out of nowhere.

“It is Red Dragon of Might, Garbel, but we seem to have a problem. You know and see me, but I can’t see you.” Garbel said as he struggled to free himself.

“Oh, you know me well.” The air swirled in front of garble, taking the shape of discord’s head.

“Damn, you never get any less uglier…” Garbel said as he laughed.

“That is why I always liked you Garbel. Even in the face of something you stood no chance against, you would laugh your fear away. That is why I chose you to lead my army, but instead you turn your back on your own kind…” Discord said as the air solidified into his head with no body.

“Well you know, dragons are supposed to know no fear, but hey… every creature knows fear….even you Discord.” The red dragon felt the grip get even harder.

“Oh? Tell what is it I have to fear Mr. Red!” Discord said as his head spun in a wheel.

“Spike! Whether you believe it or not he has read the Thu’um…. He knows your secrets Discord. How and what you use to be. It is such a shame when a god falls… the destruction you brought to the Sea and Flutter ponies… How you created Dream Valley, a place of eternal bliss for all, and then damned all creatures to live on this god forsaken rock! And how you granted Tarek…..”

“Do you have a point to any of this, or do you just enjoy stalling” Discord said yawning.

“Oh, no I just enjoy hearing myself talk!” Garbel tried to laugh again, but the sand made it hard to breath.

“Well, as much as I do enjoy your voice, I have reason for being here today. I wish for you to deliver a message to Spike. I could do it myself, but I figure it would be more fun this way. It helps raise questions like; how did I know you were here and did are you still trust worthy. No, knowing Spike, he will still blindly trust you even if you hand him this letter from me.” The winds twirled forming a scroll as big as Garbel.

“So….how did you know I was here anyways? Come on now one likes secret keepers!” The sand around Garbel started to break apart and fall to the ground.

The red dragon caught the letter while opening his wings so he would gently glide to the ground instead of tasting a face full of sand. Once on the ground, he did his best to open the scroll, but it wouldn’t budge.

“You could at least wait for me to leave before trying to read it you know, but either way it is magically sealed and only a true wielder of the flame can open it.” Discard said as he rolled his eyes.

“You know, you still haven’t told me how you found me!” Garbel repeated as he looked up at the sky to see that Discord’s head had vanished.

“How indeed?” Discords voice carried on the wind.

Author's Note:

Well here is chapter six....is it just me or is everyone else getting more screen time then Spike?