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Illuminati - awesomespike

Betrayed by one of his oldest friends, now Spike seeks vengeance by destroying what she helped build

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Illuminati chapter four the Plan

Garble, Horizon, and Rapid entered into the meditation chamber together slowly proceeding to make their way up to Spike who wore a hooded black cloak which only revealed his snout and claws. The room itself was dimly lit by low green flames in each of the cauldrons that sat on top of the pedestals.

“What are you supposed to be a dark lord now?” Garble said as his sat in front of Spike.

“Spike I have some Que….” Both Horizon and Rapid said a the exact same time before turning their heads to look at each other. Rapid’s eyes shifted to Spike who only gestured his snout towards the mare.

“S..sorry Horizon, you can go first and I’ll wait to ask mine.” Rapid said as he tried to hold in his competitive nature.

“That is very uncharacteristic of you Rapid, thank you. Now Spike I’ve been wondering this for a while and your presence here as a well-seasoned dragon and friends of the last known wielders of the Elements of Harmony. Why haven’t they returned; I was under the assumption the wielder’s job was to maintain the balance of harmony, but no new host have arisen and I can’t come up with an answer even with my research. The light purple mare asked as she climbed into Garbles claw who proceeded to hit her on his shoulder.

“I once asked the same question about thirteen hundred years ago, and with the permission of Celestia was allowed to research and locate the next bearers of the Elements. For two hundred years I found nothing and that it is when it clicked to me. Instead of looking forward, why don’t I take a trip to the past and learn how the elements moved. What I learned amazed me; the elements moved the exact same way as the Anuk-Ri; it moved through the bloodlines of the past wielders.” Spike Said as he pulled down the hood.

“Wait through the bloodlines? By that logic in this day and age I would be the Element of Magic much like my ancestor Twilight Sparkle and Rapid Dash would be loyalty.” Horizon said as she started to contemplate on what she was hearing.

“But, I am not the Element and neither is he and I was hoping to know why?”

“That Horizon… is my fault and my greatest shame.” Spike said as his claws dug into the arm rest of the throne he sat in.

“How is….wait are you telling me?” Horizon watched the purple drake closely.

“Yes, I am the single reason why the elements have not returned for over two-thousand years."

“How are you the reason spike, I don’t get it; what did you do?” Rapid Dash flew up into the purple dragon’s face.

“Sit down Rapid and do you not know your history? It was pretty much a big deal when it happened. Two-thousand years ago after Equestria one the second changeling war and Spike gained the title ‘Hero of Ponyville.’ He asked the Element of Generosity for her hove in marriage and she said yes.” Horizon used her magic to pull Rapid dash back and sat him next to her on Garble’s shoulder.

“That is correct, and beyond that the rest is self-explanatory. Our love was one of a fairytale. The beautiful princess falling in love with the hideous beast so to speak; we were always there for one another, and always by each other side. As time went on we slowly came to the realization that I couldn’t give her the one thing she truly desired.” Spike closed his eyes and turned his snout to the ground.

“A family, dragons and ponies are incapable of crossbreeding.” Horizon said as she placed her hoof over her snout.

“I loved her … I desired her and I got her, but I broke the chain in achieving my greatest accomplishment. My love for her stopped the continuation of the Elements of Harmony.”

“Spike, now I know it is too late, but I am about to ask you something extremely personal. When you was with Rarity, did you spiritually interlock with her?” Garble asked out of the blue.
“At that time I knew of no such thing my friend, but what does that have to…”

“I know you haven’t read the Thu’um, but in within it; it speaks on the second wielder of the Anuk-Ri. His name was Deathwing and was born of a pony and dragon union. The Thu’um also speaks on who a dragon could mate with any species as long as they are spiritually interlocked. It also talked about the sixth wielder who was a dragon zealot and commanded a purge of all none pure dragon kin. He even wanted to destroy parts of the Thu’um that spoke on Death wing, but that just caused the dragon species to turn against him finally.”

“W..what!” Spike said shocked.

“Yea, if we had become friends just two hundred years sooner I could have told you that, but at this time the dragon populace was at war with itself because territory was overlapping and many families of dragons were going to war with each other. It took me three hundred years to unite the dragon clans and even longer to try and build peaceful relations with the rest of the world… I’m sorry I’m getting off subject, my point is Spike it was not your fault.

“Yea commander, you were still young by dragon standards and were only beginning to learn.” Horizon added onto what Garble said.

“That is something to keep in mind, thank you Garble and thanks for your support Horizon. Now Rapid what is your question?”

“What the hell happened yesterday, what were those things, and what is everything you can do exactly?” Rapid responded.

“Those are some interesting questions, but firstly. Those creatures were known as Ri-Akali; or translated ‘Fire Construct’. The Anuk-Ri can do many things from being gateways to becoming physical objects tied to my will. The ones you saw were just me creating cannon fodder so you could get the supplies and get out with minimal loses.”

“Well how many can you….”

“No I cannot create a never ending army of them they longer they are out, and the more there are, the more they drain me. I could only create those first few hundred because I had time to meditate before the battle. In larger battles I may have to focus my flame onto other purposes or I many even be out there fighting myself. When I was at my prime a thousand years ago the most I could create was about five-thousand, and that’s counting the fact I had my conscious split up into several different places at once controlling them. As far as what else I can do…well you are all about to find out.”

“What do you mean?” Rapid responded.

“As I went over more and more of past battle report and information brought in by our informants. I came to the conclusion even if we got the diamond dog clans, the griffin rebels, and the Crystal pony resistance to join us; it would still take about five hundred years of guerrilla warfare tactics of hitting supply deposits before we could catch up to just one of the leaders in military strength; let alone all five.”

“Yes we know this already, and we are all ready to fight until we die! Change doesn’t happen overnight; it takes years of dedication and hard work.” Rapid Dash said as he lifted into the air while raising his blade.

“Yea well I have a plan that will cut that time down by half increasing our power greatly, but this plan is also a double edge sword. Even if it succeeds… it could still fail and increase our enemy’s power astronomically, but I do believe it is something worth the risk.” Spike said.

“And what is this plan?” Garble asked.

Discord in a throne room full of molten lava, the room had only one entrance and no windows. There was a singular path to him made of stones that barely pierced out of the lava. His through itself was crafted out of volcanic rock which seemed to float there in the air just above the bubbling lava. The only light in the whole room came from the lava itself which didn’t reach beyond discord himself leaving the whole ceiling in darkness.

“Interesting, no ingenious in fact; interesting doesn’t pay enough respect my draconic friend. Crystalizing the Anuk-Ri, giving them to your soldiers and using them as bacons for your clairvoyance.” In discord’s claw was a crystal which was revealing images of Spike, Horizon, Garble, and Rapid dash sitting in the meditation chamber talking amongst each other.

“Anuk-Ri bearer, may I speak with you?” dark brown drake said as he entered the chamber stepping on the stones,

“Make it quick!”

“We have heard the call of the Anuk-Ri from elsewhere; this means unmistakably there is another who would it. By law of the Thu’um you must challenge him to combat, our law states there can only be one wielder and that wielder is he who leads us.” The drake said in a proudly tone.

“Why do you tell me what I already know? Did you forget I was the one who wrote the Thu’um in the first place? I was the one who gave you the Anuk-Ri back when I was the Ancient one!” The lava began to chemically change into ice, then rock, then gas which floated up into the air, and finally Rocks and bricks that crashed back down to the ground while hitting the drake. “I wrote we must fight to the death, but I never said it had to be done immediately! The other will come to me when he is ready and when he does; none of you are to interfere! Simply lead him to me!” With that Discord’s body begin to swirl together until nothing was left.


Dusk Sparkle entered princess Celestia private quarters after hearing a noise from outside. The noise got louder as he came closer to a mirror the stood as tall as the princess herself. Dusk placed one hoof around his blade as he walked in front of it and stared at the glass.

“Oh, it is only you! The princess is not here at the moment and will not return until later on tonight.” Dusk said as he lowered his hoof from the hilt of his blade.

“Where is she?” Within the mirror a dark blur with two eerie green eyes stared at the dark brown earth pony.

“She is out.” Dusk simply repeated. Within a second a eagles claw reached out of the mirror and entrapped Dusk within its talons.

“I will return tonight, when the moon is at its highest. If Celestia is not here then I shall hold you responsible.” The voice said with a eerie laugh before the blur and claw turned dust.

“….How…does a reflection…..turn to dust?” Dusk Sparkle shook his head before looking at the balcony to notice Princess Celestia was watching the whole ordeal. “Princess.” Dusk said as he bowed before her.

“Ah commander, I am glad you are here!” The light pink alicorn used her magic to lift the earth ponies sword. “I was going to wait until tomorrow to do this, but I’ll do it now and make the announcement tomorrow.”

“My princess, you don’t mean?”

“Of course I do this what you and your families have been serving me for since you fell out of my grace.” Celestia placed the edge of the blade up against the earth pony’s shoulder. “I princess Celestia here by restore the honor and title to the Armor family. Dusk Armor, will you take the mantle of commander of the royal guards as your ancestors did before you?”
“Yes my princess. By your command I am no released of my burden. I no longer am held down by the Sparkle family which fell out of your grace and dragged the Armor family with them. As a descendent of the great Shining Armor; I serve you and only you with no question or hesitation, and I will not stop until I erase the burden completely off my family tree that is the Sparkle family. When I find her… it will be my blade that separates Horizon Sparkle’s head from her body!”

“Good, now tell me how you plan to deal with the supply depot we lost yesterday.” Celestia replied as she placed the blade by his side.


“No, absolutely not happen!” Rapid dash said as he flew left and right in Spikes face!

“Rapid dash calm down and sit down!” Horizon shouted!

“Calm down, are you even listening to him? As a practitioner of the healing arts…..how are you not upset about this?” Rapid dash said as he turned towards Horizon!

“Who said I am not upset, this plan doesn’t settle well with me either, but I’m not going to yell in Spikes face about it! Garble, as the only one here who is emotionally unaffected by this plan. What do you think?”

“Well the Thu’um speaks of the Anuk-Ri being the flame of like itself, and in theory it could be used to breathe life or a second life into something. The question is Spike; can you handle a task of this magnitude? You will be stepping beyond the boundaries placed by the old gods and if you succeed then what?”

“I can’t believe are humor this madness! Let the dead remain at peace and buried with the past! We the creatures of this day most been the ones to pave the way for a new future!” Rapid dash shouted.

“If I didn’t know any better Rapid, I would say you are more worried that the past will claim the glory for what you do this day instead of actually let them rest. Also Garble, its more than a theory I have done it a few times to rats and roaches while being chained in Celestia’s dungeon. While I may have been her prisoner, my name and titles still carried some weight and granted me some leniency. I’ve never done it to something as big as ponies though, let alone six.” Spike replied.

“And what if you succeed? Those six knows Celestia from a time where she was kind and loved by all. Bringing them into a world such as ours….”

“I know they may try to find something from the past to cling to and help them fit into this world. That is why this plan is a double edged sword, because if they choose Celestia…. Not only do we have to fight the big bad five, but we will have to deal with the Elements of Harmony as well. If they choose us, we will not only have a strong magic backing us, but an even more power political tool.” Spike Replied.

“Political tool, do you think the element’s names will hold water in this time and even if they did. Do you think people will truly believe they are the real elements that died two thousand years ago?” Horizon asked as she used her magic to pull Rapid dash back by her side again.

“If you can prove they possess the elements then that should be enough; whether or not they are the last known bearers doesn’t matter.” Spike responded.

“Wait, you are talking like it is already been decided and we are going to do this….” Yelled Rapid Dash.

“Operation: Grave robber begins in one week, prepare yourselves; this will be a direct attack on Canterlot itself. Our objective will be to retrieve the remain of the last known element of harmony wielders; Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy!” Spike said with a grin.

Author's Note:

....Actually wrote this faster then I expected, but I lost a second day of no drawing :( and I went out of order as well...Persona was suppose to be updated next, but oh well. I'm all honesty I do feel it might be too early for spike to being showing off this type of ability in the story, but I guess I'll just let it ride.