• Published 7th Dec 2012
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Illuminati - awesomespike

Betrayed by one of his oldest friends, now Spike seeks vengeance by destroying what she helped build

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Illuminati chapter 2 The world is ours

Luna’s moon illuminated an eerie red color that reflected over all the land. The moon was the symbol of her strength and power, and the color represented the blood spilled by her loyal followers of the Luna Republic or so the princess of the Moon tells her loyal follower.

“Your highness, are you heading out for the night? If you give me a second then I will summon….” A toned Ultramarine Pegasus walked up to Princess Luna before she could take flight into the night’s dark sky.

“No my dear follower, this is something your princess must partake alone and none must know that I am gone.” The guard simply watches as his princess took flight before returning to his patrol of the lunar headquarters. It didn’t take long for the princess of the moon to reach her destination, Nightmare moon’s castle deep within the Everfree forest. The forest was a dark abysmal place where even the strongest of ponies would never dare to tread without good reason or good reward.

Over the centuries the forest became more….chaotic. Storms would form over the forest at magnitudes that no Pegasus would have dared to generate in fear of the destruction that would pursue. Lucky for Luna the forest took petty on her that night by giving her clear skies to fly through. Inside the throne room waited the princess of the Sun, Celestia

“My dear sister, you have finally made it! Everyone is down stairs waiting on our presence to begin the meeting. Celestia greeted Luna with a loving smile and nuzzle against her cheek.

“Then thy’ shall not make them wait any longer my dear sister, and it is good to see you again.” Luna replied as she nuzzled her sister in return.

“Well you two come on, we do not have all night you know! It is much harder for some of us to get through this forest unnoticed then others!” Chrysalis said as she walked out of a secret passage from behind the worn down throne. The two princesses only glared at the changeling queen before proceeding to follow her back into the secret passage way which led into a medium sized room with a large stone table in the middle of it.

“So we are all finally here, and my dear Celestia I must say your plot gets bigger each time I see you, are you doing that on purpose? Discord said while playing with his goatee.

“Why Discord in fact I am, just for you, but it is too bad your dragon will never get a chance to explore my Den.” Celestia replied as she took her seat next to Chrysalis and Luna right next to her.

“And before this conversation starts to get really weird, Celestia and Luna how is the ‘Civil war’ coming along after 200 years of fighting I am sure your ponies must be at their breaking point.” King Sombra said with an agitated voice.

“Actually their spirits are stronger then every, unlike you we have to maintain the appearance of purity and love. We are the beacons of hope ponies run to after the evil King Sombra retook the Crystal Empire and enslaved them all. Your Crystal pony rebels continue to contact our organizations believing we are their hope for freedom.” Luna gently giggled at the thought of the rebels blinded by their guise.

“ Oh and just some friendly advise King Sombra, they have a planned assassination attempt in one month, but they have not told us the exact date.” Celestia said adding onto what Luna had said.

“That is great and all, but really I am more interested in that little pet you let escape from out of your hooves.” Discord vanished into a blot of smoke which made its way across the table, and engulfed Celestia.

“Discord for the last thousand years, that purple nuisance has been your main concern, but you haven’t given us any real reason why we should care about him.” Chrysalis released a sigh of annoyance before Discord reformed between her and Celestia with arm around each ruler.


“I don’t get it, we know where they are, and we know they are unprotected. So why are we not taking advantage of this opportunity to strike?” Rapid dash paced back and forth frustrated.

“Unprotected? Discord, the strongest of the five is the spirit of disharmony! His power alone could destroy our whole operation, and we forget can’t King Sombra true power is still unknown to us all! Luna and Celestia are masters of the highest arcane magicks, and Chrysalis is both the eyes and ears of the five; her changeling can become much more than just equine creatures.” Horizon Sparkle said without even glancing away from her book.

“I know that, her little web of changeling is the reason why our operations have never been successful in her territories. She always seems to know when, where, and how we are going to move against her.” Rapid dash ascended into the air crossing his fore-legs.

“Then she needs to be the first we take out, don’t you think? From the mission reports I spent reading since I got here yesterday after know tells me most operations have been guerilla hits against supply depots and specific locations that could be used as a back door. The flow of information is key when it comes to warfare, and is how Ponies was the war against Griffins. We cut off any and all means of communication between the Griffin army and their home land before we…. I’m sorry I’m starting to ramble now.” Spike sat the reports down and gave Rapid Dash his attention.

“That may be true and all, but Chrysalis also has the largest army of the Five, and we are barely a Militia. We kill a few thousands, but she has hundreds of thousands changelings all ready to sacrifice their lives at her command. If we must target someone first then I vote for King Sombra! He already has rebels moving against him, and once the Crystal ponies are free from his Tyranny and the rebels are in control of the Crystal Empire…” Horizon sat her book to the side while stepping closer to Rapid.

“They will focus their attentions and efforts on rebuilding their empire for their ponies, and not fighting someone else’s war. I have to say I agree with Spike on this one Rapid, remember while many here are fighting under our banner. They are fighting for the liberation of their homeland whether or not the five major world powers have some sort of organization together is either unimportant or implausible to many of them”. The light purple mare had turned her head towards Spike hoping that he would expend more on the subject.

“So, how long have you two been married?” The purple dragon was looking over the success rates in the last five military raids.

“Excuse me? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, and again no! Now is the time I return to the medical facility” Horizon shook her as she disappeared down the corridor that was nearest to her.

“She wants you!” Spike said, no longer capable of holding in a soft laughter he had within him.

“No she doesn’t… she hates me and I can tell and you saw the way she just acted. She wouldn’t even give me the chance of day if I asked.” The cyan Pegasus crossed his forelegs while looking in a random direction.

“Wait, you actually have an interest in her don’t you?” Spike redirected his attention to Rapid as the door behind him open allowing Garble to enter.

“Spike, the ponies are ready for the raid tomorrow, it will be a band of twenty-five. Also, I didn’t get time to tell you this yesterday, but your meditation chamber is also complete and ready for you to use for the raid. With your assistance we will be able to hit harder and faster, and one last thing. It has been over a millennium since we last did it and we have time now.” Garble stopped right next to Spike grinning suspiciously before looking back and forth between the Pegasus and Dragon.”

“D…did what exactly, or do I want to know?” Rapid Dash returned Garbles look with a scared expression.

Spike and Garble simply grinned as they started to walk away together. “Go easy on me Garble, because my back can’t take much pounding.” Spike eye’s gleamed sinisterly as they shifted from Garble to Rapid dash.

“I make no promises and the meditation chamber is big enough for us to do it in. Also, you are also welcome to us watch if you wish Rapid dash.” Garble never looked towards the armored Pegasus in fear that the expression of withheld laughter would give away their ruse


Celestia stood inside the old castle of the elements looking out the window down at King Sombra and Princess Luna nuzzling each other. Her face expressed more and more disgust the longer she watched the couple. The longer she watched the princess of the Moon give into the mare inside of herself and expresses emotional attachment to another.

“Does their relationship really disgust you this much?” A voice echoed through the room, but was soon followed by a physical form. The air around Celestia’s body twisted into cylindrical funnels which coiled around her body and constricted her movement. The Funnels slowly solidified into scales, and fur revealing it to be who she already knew it to be, Discord.

“My dearest Celestia, why does your sister’s happiness displease you so?” The Draconequus shifted his body causing the princess of the sun to fall into the stone floor.

“Release me this instant Discord!” Her voice had an eerie calm to it. One that would send shivers down the spines of not only ponies, but even lesser dragons. Discord on the other found it beautiful and seductive even.

“Even if I released, you would still be bound be me. We are tied together and you know it my dearest Celestia.” He shifted again until they were face to face and staring into each other’s eyes. “The only difference between you and your sister is you let me in once and grew afraid of the feelings you felt. “

As Celestia opened her mouth to speak, out the corner of her she saw a dark form lying smugly on the ground watching the show. It was the changeling queen enjoying her front seat show to what she would believe to be a lover’s quarrel. Celestia closed her mouth and eyes while turning her face away from Discord, and her horn glowing bright enough to illuminate the whole second for of the castle as well as the surrounded forest for at least two miles. I will not give Chrysalis the fuel she desires so much!

As single beam was fired directly into Discord’s face causing his body to explode into large mass of smoke which slowly faded away.

“Was that really necessary, that hurt my eyes!” The Formless Queen shouted as she did her best to clear her blurry vision, but Celestia said nothing.

The princess of the sun simply took off into the night sky without saying a single word or looking back at the others who watched her fly away. Luna and King Sombra watched from afar, the princess of the night’s head resting against Sombra.

“I wish… we could stay like this a while longer, but I fear I must be taking my leave soon as well.” Luna pulled away from King Sombra and opened her wings.

“When this is all over Luna, I will make you my queen.”

“If… this ever ends my love. But I feel this game that we are playing will never end, but it will only get worse.” Luna’s expression changed from one of bliss to one of sadness that she would only show to him. She leaned in planting a gentle kiss onto his lips before taking off into the air and quickly vanishing into the night’s sky.

Author's Note:

I was on the wall about this chapter, it felt like I was writing some filler, but I am trying to not rush into all the battles and fight I have planned for this story. Also while it is a Spike fic, I am not trying to super focus Spike like I am doing with Persona. Anways, I hope you all enjoy chapter two of Illuminati, now to start on the next chapter of Persona....maybe... or just play DCUO....