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The Cutie Mark Crusaders find the unexpected when exploring in the Everfree Forest. Something they are morally obligated to help. However, it may be more of a challenge than they think.

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Haven't read it, but you might want to fix the typo in your title.

Scootaloo's reaction to meeting a new pony in a suspicious location: BOOT TO THE HEAD.


This looks interesting. Gonna track and see where it goes.

Aside from an error here and an error there. This seems like it has potential and I would actualy like to see where it might go.
Take my Fav/Track and know this...
I'll be keeping an eye out for slips.

(However, as with the before mentioned errors... Well, here's what I believe I spotted.(And that is a huge 'if' by the way as I may or may not be as blind as a bat when it comes to spotting errors in writing. But hey, what can you do?))

A Solid grey cylinder popped out of the pile with a vigorous force.

That capitalized 'S' shouldn't be there.

"Now look here little sis, I know your curious about things out side’a Ponyville,”

Umm... not to be rude but I believe that out side is actually supposed to be outside.

1736374 Thanks for the assist! I kind of rushed through the proof reading of this so that's on me. :twilightblush:


Trapped for over twenty years with nothing to eat but a flower that could regenerate and would conveniently recycle the air the whole time, allowing her to survive?:trixieshiftright: Ehh, I've heard stranger things. I hope it had a lot of water inside it though or she would have shriveled up long ago. One thing bothers me though. Did she have a place to, ahem, GO or did "Reggie" eliminate that basic need while she was in there eating him?:rainbowhuh: Or is this one of the, "Because, magic" plot-holes that no one cares about.

1741697 I figured the "because magic" clause is the reason there is such a diverse array of fanfics for this show. Reggie is as logical as the poison joke is in this world if you ask me. As for her "expelling of waste", I didn't really find it necessary to delve into that, considering it might actually put people off. And besides, Discord never needed to "do his business" while encased in stone for a thousand years (not like he had much choice). These are only plot-holes if you over analyze the story, rather than approach it for what it really is, a fan fiction about ponies. As for the water thing, I realize now that I should have gone more in depth into Reggies "abbilities", like storing enough water for this pony to just barely evade dehydration, but again, I didn't think it to be a drastic thing to worry about. I appreciate the feed back and all in all hope your at least enjoying the story :pinkiehappy:


Reggie is as logical as the poison joke is in this world

Yeah, that's all I really needed, thanks:pinkiehappy:. Thanks for answering and clearing that up.:twilightblush:

Interesting so far! Can't wait to see what happens.

Oh i knew it :twilightangry2:
that plants EVIL and not the nice evil the bad evil :derpytongue2:

O M Celestia :pinkiehappy:
just imagine Twilight going "it's a bad day for me" :twilightoops:

You know, whenever I read the name "Reggie" I always end up thinking about "Dr. Reginald Bushroot" but that's probably just a coincidence

"Reggie is having a tantrum."

:rainbowderp: Oh boy.

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