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Subsolar Drift

There is beauty in the way of things.

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You know, I really like the ending. :ajsmug:

1736917 Soo much what he said .___.' FEELS EVERYWHERE! :fluttershysad:

On the other hoof, well written :)

THE FEELS!!! although i kinda want to know what happened to Twilight. too bad this was a one shot, i see alot of potential for another story describing the year between the memory and the present.

1738132 Subsolar's other story is about what happened to Twilight, check it out. :twilightsmile:

:rainbowderp: what the hay happened i feel so much i liked how you made us feel all happy for them but then like a digger in the back you took it away with sadness but well done sir not many make me feel this way l was :twilightsmile: for them but now im like :fluttercry:

Maybe it's a part of the story What We Lose

:fluttercry: no... First what we lose ending made me sad, and now this just about killed me.

Ooh, a good prelude. I'll get right on to What We Lose later today. :twilightsmile:

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