• Published 12th Jan 2012
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A Son Redeemed - FirstClassBroconut

An exiled son returns to find a burning Ponyville, and a thirst for vengence.

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<<<<I do not care if there is a different way of doing this...this was the fastest>>>>
<<<<Just wanted to tell you all that the first revised chapter is up on FIMFic>>>>
<<<<you can easily find it on my page, you will also immediatly know which story it is.>>>
<<<<Also, i sent the first revised chapter in to EqD, so fingers crossed.>>>>
<<<<Though in the EqD version i gave the story a new name>>>
<<< Cor Anima >>>>

<<<<Just wanted to tell ya'll!>>>>
For the NLR

Comments ( 8 )

I love this chapter.


i have not decided whether to put my full attention into revising the story or splitting my work partways so i can finish this story AND write the new one.

Most likely i will end up finishing this one before any more revised chapters come out.

When will the revise to be done or this story will be done, Im dying to know what happens next.

Found this story last night, read it, then found out this non chapter is 34 weeks old. Not cool bro.:ajbemused:

only 34 weeks? dang i thought it much longer then that! my apologies but i find it hard to write this story and pass highschool.. I've been meaning to get back to it and i will as soon as possible. then again ive promised that before.

I'm sorry to ask but will this story be updated or is this story on the permanent back-burner?

When will you update this?

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