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I have never liked Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon but i'll give this a read :3 seem as how darf wrote it xD

In before feature box. :pinkiehappy:

I'll add more to this comment after I've read it.

FIRSTly I must say: I'll be reading this later

EDIT: Damnit! not first.


*read later*

... Oh dear.

That's about all I've got to say.


Hm...commence read.

I will be giving this a good read, so expect a really long and thoughtful comment tomorrow.

Uhm... I... Hmmmmm...:applejackunsure:

I could clop to this.... >.>

1727742 You replied to a comment that, for whatever reason, doesn't exist
and your comment doesn't exist either :twilightoops:

i don't see the reason to leave comments with videos posted on them that are along the lines of 'why is this story on this site', or even more inane, 'why are there multiple chapters'
plenty of people have had stuff to say about my stories that has been less than positive, all of which i've left around
the one i deleted was just the opposite of something worth viewing
in addition to that guy apparently looking at my other stories and saying he was going to 'rip them apart' (in what i can only assume is a review)
really, what is the point?
if you want to share videos and say things without value, please do so elsewhere

1728249 Hey, I didn't share any video. So calm down. I believe my friend "Atlas Nebula" was the one who did so.

yeah, hence my explanation of why i deleted his comment
and yours, which was literally just a quote from the lyrics of the song he posted
i'm not 'butthurt', i just don't care for that kind of stuff being posted in the comments to my stories
i learned my lesson after the image macro war on drop the bass
sorry if i seemed upset

1728249 Yeah, he's butthurt.
For a guy who writes the kind of stories that he does, he're surprisingly easy to piss off.
Which will make the MPPT3K crew's criticism of his work all the more satisying. :trollestia:
1728258 I'd give you a watch but internet explorer won't let me. :applecry:

i don't see the part where i seemed upset
for posterity's sake i'll leave these comments here, but if you could refrain from posting similarly inane stuff in the future it would be appreciated

1728271 It's cool man.By the way, this story was awesome! :pinkiehappy:

1728276 I've not been pissed at any point in the conversation :rainbowlaugh:

Calm friend. We are all part of the community here. Let's just move on from this.

First ch. poor snails
The rest: uhhhh wow snails uh you get them dog 0:twilightoops:
Great story and the characters action are exactly like I would have thought :pinkiehappy:
P.s. may be you can read my story it's called my day in ponyville

Well sir i read it all the way through, as with all stories i will make a ttept to leave a comment about this that will interest others to read it as well.

Well, i have been on this site for almost 8 months, i have read stories of ever shape and concept but this one, i dub it the fourth best filly clop on site.

Three reasons:

One: Foalfooling is a hard concept to write about, just for it alone gets a +1 because it is looked down apon
Two: The chaters remained true to there personality, given the situation.
Three: Never in my entire life on this is have i ever been tempted- i really mean this,- to actually clop to a story. (and boy, i was really close to actually clopping, i really was.)

I tip my hat off to you sir.


Great story, but gaaahhhhhhhhh.

Seriously, why did you have to cut it off there! No implication of wtf happened afterwards?! You cruel cruel author you.

Amazing, but cruel.


Ignore the trolls, and if any supposed group comes and gives you grief over it, take it to Knighty and be sure to mention who set them on you.


I demand some sort of epilogue, this was so hilarous, little whores i call them :rainbowlaugh:

Snails is way too good for his own good.

Hmmm... I hate DT & SS... but I like darf's work.... Oh, why does life have to have choices like this dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Sweetie_Belle.png ?

Well, your fics are always excellent and the concept sounds promising, so let's give it a shot.

i planned to only read one chapter but damn was so extraordinary that i couldn't stop reading until the last chapter. are all your stories this addicting? at any rate if i could like this story 10 times over i would, it was so worth tossing away my night plans over.

Who's the artist of your profile pic? Seems really familiar. Or just what's the name of your profile pic?

I now approve of Snails x Nice!Silver Spoon.

it's more beta!silver spoon than anything, but i approve of your approval regardless

Thanks for the correction, and I approve of you approving of my approval.

:pinkiehappy:well written but needs more if you have the time an epilogue or another short chapter would be amazing

meh, i dont like snails but i'll read this anyway


I came so unbelievably.

wow it so descriptiv
it olmost lost my etenshin
6 out 10
k33p i7 up

That... Was entertaining. Too bad the fact they were kids made the reading awkward. :S will there be more?

...How is that pedo? They're the same age.

1733788 I'm referring to writing underage sex isn't helping the fandom's image

I just picture them High school age and the awkward goes away. I do, however, see your point.

Wow... This is hot! There is just something about this that really stands out above quite a few clopfics.

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