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The Return of Harmony- Alternate Ending - Matthais Unidostres

The Return of Harmony Part 1 made no sense! Here's what should have happened. . .

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The Return of Harmony- Part 1

The Return of Harmony- Alternate Ending
The Return of Harmony- Part 1

We pick up where the Mane Six have entered the palace labyrinth in search of the Elements of Harmony, which were stolen by the Spirit of chaos himself, Discord. . .

As Applejack walked through the labyrinth, she saw a bizarre sight. Three apples rolled along in front of her. Curious, Applejack followed them into what appeared to be an apple orchard. More apples joined the three rolling apples forming three large piles than moved around her.

"What in tarnation? Where am I?" Applejack asked nervously, seriously freaked out now.

The apple piles rose up, revealing gruesome faces. The piles laughed, possessing the voices of ugly old witches straight out of fairy tales.

Applejack jumped back in fear. "Who are y'all?" she gasped.

"The keepers of the grove of truth," one pile said.

"You may ask us one question past, future or present," another said.

"But be warned, that the truth may not always be pleasant," the last one cackled.

Applejack began to back up slowly, "Well, ah don't trust this place worth a hill of beans! Ah'm outta here!"

Applejack spun around and tried to run, only to get blocked by the apple piles and pushed back into the grove.

"Quiet your voice. You don't have a choice!" the piles all said as one.

Applejack was too freaked to do anything but back up away from the piles, cringing whenever they touched her. Soon, she was standing next to a small pond.

"To see what will happen next week," one pile said.

"Go ahead," said the second.

"Take a peak!" the final one concluded.

Applejack gulped, and she turned to face the lake. The water swirled, revealing a vision of a twisted version of Ponyville. She and her friends were standing in the middle of the freaky scene.

Rainbow Dash shouted, "I hope I never see you again!

Fluttershy shot back, " Me too!"

Pinkie Pie yelled, "Fine!"

Rarity shouted, "Fine!" as well.

Twilight Sparkle nodded and said with finality, 'It's settled, then."

The six ponies then went their separate ways.

Applejack backed up in shock, "What the hay did I just watch?"

"When all the truth does is make your heart ache," one pile said.

"Sometimes a lie is easier to take," another pile added.

"What's that supposed ta mean?" Applejack said defiantly, "You trying to say that what I just saw in that over-sized puddle is gonna happen? What do ya'll take me for? A dummy?!"

"This is the grove of truth-," a pile began.

"Grove of truth, my hoof!" Applejack shouted, stomping on the ground in frustration, "Why should I just stand here and be lied to by a bunch of talking apples! Ah gotta help mah friends get those Elements and defeat Discord, so get outta mah way!"

Applejack jumped over the apple piles and ran for the exit. However, the apples reappeared in front of here and merged together int o an even bigger when. Applejack started to sweat like one of her farm's prized pigs as the giant pile began to for itself into a giant apple sculpture of Discord.

"You will not leave this grove alive!" it boomed.

It raised its red delicious claw and swatted at Applejack. She only barely dodged it, and ran for her life out of the grove.

"Twilight!" Applejack shouted with joy as she spotted her friend.

Twilight hugged her friend fondly and asked, "Are you alright? What was that loud voice?"

Applejack shook her head, "Ah don't wanna talk about it. Let's just move! Now!"

Pinkie Pie chuckled as she bounced around the balloon filled garden, laughter coming out of the smiley faced balloons.

"This is the greatest balloon garden I've ever seen!" Pinkie cheered, "It's the first balloon garden I've ever seen, but still- wah!"

One of the balloons caught Pinkie's leg by its string, causing her to trip and fall in the mud.

"Hey, what gives?" she said indignantly as the balloons' laughter intensified.

Suddenly, Discord appeared and said, "What's the matter, Pinkie Pie? I thought you appreciated a good laugh?"

"It's different. They're laughing at me."

"It's hardly different. Your friends laugh at you all the time."

Pinkie Pie shook her head, "No, that's silly! My friends laugh with me, not at me."

Discord leaned behind a balloon, and his head vanished. The balloon's face came to life and began to fly around the muddy pony. "Oh, really?" the balloon said in Discord's voice. The balloon then began to laugh even harder as the spinning caused Pinkie Pie to get dizzy.

"No! Stop it!" she shouted.

Suddenly, balloons with the faces of her friends appeared, and they began to laugh as well.

The Discord balloon floated close to her face, "Oh, poor Pinkie Pie. And here I thought laughter made you happy."

Pinkie began to shake violently as the laughter grew louder. She shook and shook, until finally, she couldn't hold it in any longer. She flipped over onto her back and began to laugh and laugh and laugh. . .

"What?" the Discord balloon gasped.

Pinkie snorted and wiped her eyes. She looked down at herself and chuckled, "I do look silly! Don't I?"


"Like I always say! You gotta be able to laugh at yourself! It's no big deal!"

"But. ..your friends. . . they laugh at you!"

Pinkie chuckled, "So? They don't mean any harm! They can't help it. I'm funny! And besides, sometimes things happen that are funny!"

"No!" the balloon said angrily, "Listen to me!"

"Like I remember one time, after we got that dragon to move-."

"Stop it!"

"Fluttershy played this joke on Rainbow Dash-."

"Stop it!"

"And Dashie got scared, and I couldn't help but laugh!"

"Stop it!"

"And Dashie didn't mind, cause she knew it was funny-."

"Listen to me!" the balloon shouted, "You're friends don't give a flying feather about what you feel! They just- OW!"

As the balloon was talking, Pinkie Pie took a pin out of nowhere and jabbed it into the balloon, popping it. Discord's head reappeared on his body, and he began rubbing hard at his nose, which now had a pin prick on it.

Discord growled, "Fine! We'll do this the hard way!" He snapped his fingers and vanished. However, the balloons now had angry faces on, and they all flew towards Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie gasped and ran out of the garden as fast as she could. She ran up and down paths, soon loosing the angry balloons. She looked back as she ran to make sure they weren't still following her-


Pinkie had slammed right into Twilight.

Pinkie hugged Twilight tightly. "Oh my gosh! I't good to see you girls. I thouhgt I was a goner."

"Alright! Alright! Relax, Pinkie! You can let go now!" Twilight gasped out.

Pinkie let go of Twilight and said, "Come on! We better find the girls before that big meanie Discord does something to them!"

"I was expecting an audience with the Princess, not outdoor sports," Rarity said as she pranced through the labyrinth. She had her eyes closed and wasn't looking where she was going. She didn't see the wall until it was too late.

"Agh!" she cried as she hit the wall. She opened her eyes and gasped, "Oh my..."

In the stone wall were three beautiful diamonds.

Discord's face suddenly appeared within the gems. He laughed and said, "Welcome to your lucky day, Rarity. You've found the one thing in Equestria that could rival my face for sheer beauty. What do you think? You like?"

"Yes, I like very much," Rarity said, overcome by the sheer beauty of the gems. Suddenly, she shook her head violently and turned away, "No! No, I shan't succumb to such fabulousness."

She strained as she took heavy steps from the wall, as if huge weights were attatched to her hooves. "Must... get to the center... to meet... the others," she groaned out. She then ground to a halt and screamed at the top of her lungs:


"Rarity!" the three ponies shouted. They all quickly ran towards the scream, and soon found Rarity rooted to the spot, as if invisible ropes were pulling her back.

"Rairty! What's wrong?" Twilight asked urgently.

"D-d-d-diamonds!" Rarity stuttered out.

"Beg pardon?' Applejack said.

Rarity gestured behind her to a stone wall, "There! Three, big, beautiful diamonds! I can't resist! But I mustn't succumb to such fabulousness! But it's just too much!" Rarity then fell to the ground in tears, "I can't stand it much longer! Help me!"

The three ponies just stared at the wall in confusion.

"Uh, there ain't nothing there, Rarity," Applejack said.

Rarity blinked, and turned around. She gasped and covered her eyes, "Of course they're there! Just look!"

Twilight thought for a moment, then an idea flew into her head.

"Have any of you ever read 'The Odyssey'?" Twilight asked.

"Is now really the time to talk about books?" Rarity asked incredulously.

"Just listen, you see at one, evil sea ponies try to lure the hero into crashing his ship with their beautiful singing, so what they do is. . ."

A few minutes later, the four ponies are walking through the maze. However, Rarity has been tied up by one of Applejack's lasso's, and is being dragged by the other three.

"We should be far enough away now. We can let her go," Twilight said.

After Rarity was untied, she hung her head in shame, "I am so sorry, dears. But those diamonds were sooooo-."

Twilight put a hoof on Rarity's shoulder, "Don't worry about. Let's forget it and move on. We've go to find Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash!"

"Yeah, let's go-go-go!" Pinkie said, and she shot off into the labyrinth, with the others quickly following behind.

Fluttershy stared up at the three butterflies fluttering over her.

"Fluttershy, looks like you've been left behind by your so-called friends, huh?" one of the butterflies said.

"Oh, no. I'm certain they're doing their best to find me," Fluttershy replied with a smile.

"Well, it must be so upsetting to know how weak and helpless they think you are," the butterfly said.

"Not at all," Fluttershy said happily, "I am weak and helpless and I appreciate their understanding."

"Yes... Well, surely it burns you up... I mean, that they're always pointing out your flaws, right?"

"Not really. In fact, I think I'm awfully lucky to have friends who want me to be the best I can be," Fluttershy said with a smile in her voice.

There was a flash, and the butterflies turned into their true form. "Oh, for goodness sake!" Discord shouted in frustration, "You've been kind for far too long, my dear. Time to be cruel!"

Discord reached out a claw to touch her. However, he didn't expect Fluttershy to unleash the full power of The Stare on him.

"Do - not - touch me!" Fluttershy said sternly, glaring right into Discord's demented eyes, "Sure, I'm afraid of you, but that doesn't mean I have to just lay down and let you have your way with me! A dragon tried to hurt my friends once, and I'm terrified of dragons, but I stood up to him anyway and sent him packing, and I'll do the same thing to you! My friends and I are gonna find those Elements, and we're gonna use them to defeat you once and for all, and I'm gonna make you pay for what you did to Angel and the rest of those bunnies! Get it?!"

Discord stood horror struck as his eyes were locked open by The Stare. Discord gulped nervously and replied in a squeaky voice, "Got it!" He then snapped his fingers and vanished in a flash.

Just then, the other ponies ran in. . .just in time to see Fluttershy faint.

"Fluttershy, darling!" Rarity gasped, and she ran over to her fallen friend.

Applejack looked around tentatively, "Huh. Looks pretty quiet round her ta me!"

Pinkie pulled an mad face and said, "That meanie Discord probably snuck up on her and scared her. That sure sounds like the kinda thing he'd do!"

"Little help here!" Rarity called out as she strained to lift Fluttershy onto her back. Twilight hurried over placed one of Fluttershy's front legs over her shoulder, so that the unconscious pegasus was supported between the two unicorns.

"Thanks, Twilight," Rarity said.

"You're welcome," Twilight said with a smile.

High above the labyrinth, Discord emptied a bucket of chocolate milk over his head. Rubbing his face hard, he took a deep breath and let it out. He then spotted Rainbow Dash running through the labyrinth below him.

"Alright, last chance. I better make this one work out!" Discord said, stroking his billy goat gruff in thought. Then he smiled wickedly and said, "How about, instead of trying to get her to betray her Element. . .I get her to use her Element against herself!" Discord laughed, and then vanished in a flash.

Rainbow Dash skidded to a halt as she saw a grey cloud with rainbow colored lightning go by her.

"I've got you now, element!" she said, and she quickly followed the cloud. Soon, she arrived in a clearing where Discord was lying on a cloud hammock.

"Oh, I can see why you like these clouds so much. Very plush," Discord commented nonchalantly.

"Get off there and put 'em up!" Dash shouted as she jumped onto her rear hooves and started throwing punches, "Come on! Let's go!"

"Hey, I'm here to deliver a message," Discord said as he got up.

"I've got a message for you, too!"

Discord suddenly became serious, "Listen closely, this is important."

Discord then began flying around Rainbow Dash, speaking a clever little rhyme:

A weighty choice is yours to make.
The right selection or a big mistake.
If a wrong choice you choose to pursue,
the foundations of home will crumble without you.

Discord snapped his claws, and the thundercloud flew in front of Dash and started to spin. In it, an image of Cloudsdale being destroyed began to take shape.

"Cloudsdale? Crumble... without me? No!" Dash shouted in terror.

A gift wrapped box suddenly appeared in front of her.

"That box contains your wings," Discord said, "You can take them and leave the game, or you can carry on aimlessly wandering this maze. Your choice. . ."

Fluttershy had finally regained consciousness, and now the five ponies were making good progress through the labyrinth.

"Come on, girls. We have to find Rainbow Dash! As a team, we're unstoppable! Rainbow Dash won't let us down!" Twilight said.

Suddenly, Applejack gasped and pointed up, "Ah don't believe it! Rainbow Dash is flying away! She's abandonin' us!"

Everypony looked up and gasped and Dash flew up and out of sight.

"How can it be?" Twilight said breathlessly.

And with that, there was a loud rumbling all around them as the entire labyrinth collapsed and disappeared into the ground in a cloud of dust. As the dust settled, Discord himself made his entrance.

"Well, well, well. Somepony broke the 'no wings, no magic' rule," Discord said. He snapped his fingers, and Fluttershy's wings and Twilight's and Rarity's horns reappeared.

"Game's over, my little ponies. You didn't find your precious elements!" he said. An umbrella appeared in his hands. He opened it so that it came out upside down, and "meowed" as it opened.

"Looks like we might be due for a big old storm of chaos! Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!"

To Be Continued. . .

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